Indian Wampums

The Indians, having no written language, preserved and handed down their history to future generations through tradition, much of which could have been obtained a century and a half ago, and even a century ago, which was authentic and would have added much to the interest of the history of the continent of which we

The Discovery Of This Continent, it’s Results To The Natives

Columbus Landing on Hispaniola

In the year 1470, there lived in Lisbon, a town in Portugal, a man by the name of Christopher Columbus, who there married Dona Felipa, the daughter of Bartolome Monis De Palestrello, an Italian (then deceased), who had arisen to great celebrity as a navigator. Dona Felipa was the idol of her doting father, and

Narrative of Robert Eastburn – Indian Captivities

A Faithful Narrative of the Many Dangers and Sufferings, as well as wonderful and surprising deliverances, of Robert Eastburn, during his late captivity among the Indians. Written by Himself. Published at the earnest request of many persons, for the benefit of the Public. With a recommendatory Preface by the Rev. Gilbert Tennent. Psalms 24, 6,

Native Americans in the Revolutionary War

Colonel Zebulon Butler

At the commencement of the American struggle for independence, the Native Americans in the Revolutionary War stood in a peculiar position. Their friendship became a matter of importance to both parties. To secure this, the English took particular care, and had many advantages, of which the colonists were deprived. The expulsion of the French from

Origin and History of the Oneidas

Oneida Stone

This canton of the Iroquois nation, deduces its origin in a remote age, from the Onondagas, with the language of which, the Oneida has the closest affinity. According to a tradition which was related to me, and which is believed to be entitled to respect, they are descended from two persons, who, in their obscure

Oneida Vocabulary

224 Alive Loon ha. 225 Dead La wan ha yun. 226 Life Yun ha. 227 Death Ya wu ha yah. 228 Cold Yutholah. 229 Hot Yu ta le han. 230 Sour Ta yo yo gis. 231 Sweet Ya wa gon. 232 Bitter Yutskalot. 233 I Ee. 234 Thou Eesa. He she. 235 He or she

Letter from Mr. Richard U. Shearman to Henry R. Schoolcraft

Letter from Mr. Richard U. Shearman to Henry R. Schoolcraft. Vernon, October 4th, 1845. SIR: I completed the enumeration of the Oneida Indians some days ago, but delayed sending a return to you to ascertain the Indian names. It doubtless contains all the information you require at this particular time. Several families are included in

Exhibit A – First Christian Party of Oneida Indians Report

EXHIBIT A. Second Oneida Purchase of 1829. Lots Acres Per Acre Per Lot Purchasers Consideration Paid 1 80.44 $12 00 $965 28 Harvey Cobb, vendue, 30th March 1830 $1,325 00 $332 00 2 89.29 12 00 1,071 48 Burton H. Dyre, 30th March 1830 1,105 00 277 00 3 89.69 11 00 986 59 Timothy

Exhibit B – First Christian Party of Oneida Indians Report

Oneida Purchase of 1824. (Sold per resolution of Land Office, 27th April, 1826, and act, ch. 49, of 1826.) Lots Acres. Value Per Acre. Value Per Lot. Purchasers (Vendue 25th May, 1825.) Consideration Paid 1 26 6 00 156 00 Samuel Hollister, April 29th, 1826 156 00 20 00 2 91.65 5 00 458 25

First Christian Party of Oneida Indians 1849 Report

State of New York No. 46. IN SENATE, FEB. 27, 1849REPORT Of the Committee on Indian Affairs on the petition of the Chiefs, &c., of the First Christian Party of Oneida Indians. The Committee on Indian Affairs, to whom was referred the petition of the Chiefs and Headmen of the First Christian Party of Oneida.

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