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Col. William Wards Register

Colonel William Ward was appointed United States agent to register Choctaw Indians according to Article 14 of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, September 1830. The treaty was ratified February 24, 1831 and the six month time limit for those wishing to remain ended August 24, 1831. The registration procedure resulted in numerous “contingent claims” by members of the Choctaw Nation.

Choctaw Citizenship Litigation

This is a letter from P. J. Hurley, National Attorney for the Choctaw Nation. In this letter he describes in Parts 1-14 the services he performed in Citizenship Cases during the entire term of his employment as attorney for the Choctaw Nation. You will find as you read the different parts of this book there is repetition of some of the work done. For those of you searching for Mississippi Choctaw families denied under Article 14 of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, a better insight as how and why this happened.

Dumas Brief for Applicants

Charles von Weise Attorney at Law Tishomingo (Muskogee is crossed out) Ind. Ter. July 12, 1903 I was Principal Law Clerk of the Mississippi Choctaw Legal Department at the time the case of Scott S. Dumas et al. as MCR 4006 was decided and at that time I directed Charles M. Wrigley, one of the law clerks in my dept. to write a decision in said case, but first to prepare a brief of the evidence offered by the applicants for the purpose of proving an attempted compliance on the part of their ancestors. This brief I submitted to Mr. P(?) B. Hopkins, Chief Law Clerk of the Commission, and suggested that it was the opinion of Mr. Wrigley and myself that the applicants had made a fairly good case on the point of an attempted compliance and in our opinion should be given the benefit of a doubt and a decision written in their favor, but that the records failed to show that any persons bearing the names as borne by their ancestors had ever attempted to comply. My instructions from Mr. Hopkins at that time was to write a decision denying applicants if their ancestors did not appear on the records as having complied or attempted to have complied as the (Dawes) Commission was adverse to identifying parties who could not trace their descent back to someone who had so complied or attempted to comply and had their names of record as having done so. This matter had been submitted just before my leaving for the state of Mississippi on Commission business and I turned the matter...

Society of Mississippi Choctaw 1914

These records came from the National Archives and the list was posted in the newspaper in Biloxi/Gulfport, Mississippi in November of 1935. Attempts have been made to establish just what this Society is, but to date we have not obtained that information. The information for these pages was contributed by Jackie Matte, author of They Say the Wind is Red, Pat Creel-Kendrick, and Dusty. We thank them for allowing us to provide our readers with this valuable Choctaw history. Surname A Member Name Spouse Date of Marriage Address Sarah Young Abbley widow (Fritz Abbley) 1888 Biloxi, Miss. Sarah E. Bosarge Andrews Marion Andrews 1902 Bayou Labatre, Ala. Minnie Lee Bosarge Andrews Emmit Andrews 1895 Bayou Labatre, Ala. William E. Akridge Daisie Daughtery 1905 Bayou Labatre, Ala. Claral Bosarge Akridge Louis B. Akridge 1884 Bayou Labatre, Ala. Armenia Bosarge Andrews John Andrews 1871 Bayou Labatre, Ala. Fannie Andrews Arnett Joe Arnett 1886 Bayou Labatre, Ala. Surname B Member Name Spouse Date of Marriage Address William Franklin Bellais Charlotte King* 1910 Ocean Springs, Miss. Decatur P. Bond Fannie M. Hickman 1870 Powers, Miss. Marion Bond Mariah Crawford 1859 Wisdom, Miss. Seth H. Bond Sarah Johnson 1891 Beatrice, Miss. Jesse H. Bond Mary D. Williams 1903 Saucier, Miss Mills T. Bond Unmarried Saucier, Miss. John Carrol (Hard To Read) Bond Unmarried McHenry, Miss. Russell Bond Amelia Johnson 1892 McHenry, Miss. Bessie Golman Bosarge Hubert Bosarge* 1908 Bayou Labatre, Ala. Amite (Or Amile) Bosarge Amanda Rhodes 1882 Bayou Labatre, Ala. Celestine Gorlott Bosarge widow (Victor Bosarge) no date Bayou Labatre, Ala. Hubert L. Bosarge Bessie Golmon 1908 Bayou Labatre, Ala. Albert Bosarge Artimese Bosarge...

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