Record of Connecticut Men in the Mexican War

Record of Connecticut men who served in the Regular Army during the Mexican War

Record of Connecticut men who served in the Regular Army during the Mexican War compiled from rosters on file in Adjutant-General’s Office, Washington D. C. by authority of the general assembly  

Norwich Soldiers in War with Mexico

Names of soldiers from Norwich Vermont in the War with Mexico T. B. Ransom, Colonel 9th United States Infantry. Killed at Chapultepec, September 13, 1847. Henry O. Brigham, Drummer 9th United States Infantry. Died at Detroit, Mich. James Crangle, Hudson Kimball, Oramell Chamberlain, Ezekiel V. Hatch, George Hatch, Rowell, Elijah Hatch. Died at Tunbridge, Vt.

Indian Hostilities in California and New Mexico – Indian Wars

General Kearney

The Indian tribes of California are in a degraded and miserable condition. The most numerous are the Shoshonee, the Blackfeet, and the Crows. Many of them have been brought to a half civilized state, and are employed at the different ranches. But those in the neighborhood of the Sierra Nevada are untamable, treacherous, and ferocious.

Biography of Shiloah Gill

Shiloah Gill, an old Mexican soldier, and one of the pioneer settlers in Bowdre Township, was born at Gill’s Mills, Bath County, Kentucky, September 11, 1827, and is a son of Samuel C. Gill, who was a son of Capt. Thomas Gill, a Revolutionary soldier and a son of the Irish waif (see history of

Georgia Light Infantry – Columbus Muscogee County Georgia

J. S. CALHOUN, Captain. E. R. GOULDING, 1st Lieutenant. H. C. ANDERSON, 2d Lieutenant. W. B. PHILLIPS, 1st Sergeant. ASA B. HOXIE, 2d Sergeant. W. T. SMITH, 3d Sergeant. M. H. BLANDFORD, 4th Sergeant. R. R. HOWARD, 1st Corporal. A. SCOTT, 2d Corporal. TH. REYNOLDS, 3d Corporal. GEO. LINDSAY, 4th Corporal. Privates E. C. Allen

Canton Volunteers – Canton Cherokee County Georgia

K. GRAMLING, Captain. A. KEATH, 1st Lieutenant. W. F. MULLENS, 2d Lieutenant. W. G. GRAMLING, 1st Sergeant. S. J. COOK, 2d Sergeant. D. F. DANIEL, 3d Sergeant. N. F. STRAIN, 4th Sergeant. JOHN G. RHODES, 1st Corporal. ALLEN MOODY, 2d Corporal. ROBT. S. KNOX, 3d Corporal. JOSHUA HUGHES, 4th Corporal. Privates William T. Archer George

Kenesaw Rangers – Marietta Cobb County Georgia

A. NELSON, Captain. JAS. M. DOBBS, 1st Lieutenant. W. J. MANAHAN, 2d Lieutenant J. H. MEHAFFEY, 1St Sergeant. H. TROTTER, 2d Sergeant. ANDREW B. REED, 3d Sergeant. JOSERP H. WINTERS, 4th Sergeant. S. M. ANDERSON, 1st Corporal. WM. D. NEAL, 2d Corporal. WM. D. GRAY, 3d Corporal. WM. H. CRAFT, 4th Corporal. Privates W. A.

Fannin Avengers – Pike County Georgia

H. J. SARGENT Captain. G. D. ALEXANDER, 1st Lieutenant. H. B. HOLLIDAY, 2d Lieutenant. F. M. ISON, 1st Sergeant. G. D. JOHNSON, 2d Sergeant. WILLIAM F. MOORE, 3d Sergeant. ROBT. LATTIMER, 4th Sergeant. ALEX. 0. REED, 1st Corporal. T. D. PERTODY, 2d Corporal JOS. JOHNSON, 3d Corporal BENJ. F. INGRAHAM, 4th Corporal Privates Jonathan Allen

Crawford Guards – Moscogee County Georgia

JOAN JONES, Captain. R. G. MITCHELL, 1st Lieutenant. J. S. DISMUKES, 2d Lieutenant. T. SCHOONMAKER, 1st Sergeant. H. S. TISDALE, 2d Sergeant. A. M. SAULS, 3d Sergeant. D. A. WINN, 4th Sergeant.. JOHN MAY, 1st Corporal. JOHN LOCHABY, 2d Corporal. JAS. B. WELLS, 3d Corporal. N. J. PEABODY, 4th Corporal. Privates Matthew Allen William Barbarce

Sumter County Volunteers – Americus Georgia

J. A. S. TURNER, Captain. 0. C. HORNE, 1st Lieutenant. J. COTTLE, 2d Lieutenant. S. P. WOODWARD, 1st Sergeant. N. N. THOMPSON, 2d Sergeant. L. T. TAYLOR, 3d Sergeant. G. HUGHES, 4th Sergeant. H. EDWARDS, 1st Corporal. C. H. COTTLE, 2d Corporal. M. S. THOMPSON, 3d Corporal. W. A. ELKINS, 4th Corporal. Privates Jeremiah B.

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