Letter from Dillard Lafayette Love to Franklin D. Love

A letter from Dillard Lafayette Love, son of John Bell Love. Sulva, N.C. Feb. 23rd, 1903. Frank D. Love, Esqr., My dear Cousin: Your letter of the 17th, inst., is before me, I wish I knew more of our Ancestor to write you, but I fear that we have neglected too long to gather the

Letter from John Baxter to Robert Love

Knoxville, Tennessee. My Dear Sir: September 2nd, 1861 Your letter of the 29th July did not reach me before I left for Richmond. What detained it I do not know. But on my return I received and read it with great interest. By it, I see that you had properly appreciated my position. From what

Letter from W.G. Brownlow to Robert Love

Knoxville, February 26th, 1861. Robert Love, Esqr., I desire to purchase a young Negro woman, and to pay down in par funds. Diley would suite me, and I think she would be willing to live with me. I buy, not for speculation, or to trade, but to keep her. What will you take, cash in

Third Letter from Edson Woodman

Dear Comrade: There were some things that I have omitted in the other “write-up” that I feel constrained to mention to you personally, you can use it or not as you choose. I had read of “The Fighting Edge,” “The Firing Line,” “The Danger Zone,” “The Double,” etc. How “Bacon and Hard Tack were Poor

Second Letter from Edson Woodman

Last winter my wife and self visited Cuba and having read and heard so much of the campaigning on the Island of the American troops during the Spanish-American war of 1898, we were greatly interested in learning all we could of the exact facts, by gathering such statistics as we could and personally looking over

Letter From Comrade Edson Woodman

Very Interesting Letter From Comrade Edson Woodman, Of Paw Paw, Mich. In January, 1908, accompanied by Mrs. Woodman, I revisited some of the places once familiar to the old 13th Michigan Infantry, and made historic by deeds of daring, by desperate battles, weary marches and suffering, and an outpouring of young lives upon the altar

Letter from John Chupco, Seminole Chief

Letter from John Chupco, Seminole Chief

Letter to Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Questioning Pensions and Bounty Money

Letter to Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Questioning Pensions and Bounty Money

Letters from Miss Collins

No facts in this field can be of more interest to the readers of the Missionary than those contained in the following thrilling account of the conversion of three young Indians in Miss Collins’ mission field. We give the facts as written by this self-sacrificing missionary. Last Sabbath, Mr. Riggs came up from Oahe and

Letter from an Indian Chief in Dakota

My Dear Sir:—— Will you Please I have got your letter and I was vey glad—and vey Good letter—and I tell My Indian friends all good men and We are vey glad to see your good paper. And, Now, We Mandans Indian We are maken houses this River south sides and We are farmes And

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