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The Delaware Indians

Associated with the early history of the Delawares are thoughts of William Penn, and of his peaceful intercourse with, and powerful influence over, the wild natives with whom he treated. At the first settlement of the country by Europeans, the tribes of this nation occupied no small portion of the present state of Pennsylvania, but their principal settlements lay between the Potomac and the Hudson. Situated between the great northern and southern confederacies, they were in turn at enmity and engaged in wars with either party; but, at an early day, they were in a measure subdued and reduced to a state of inferiority by the Six Nations. The conduct of Penn towards the Indians has ever been spoken of with high admiration; and we are assured that his care for their interests, and anxiety to secure their rights, and to protect them from wrongs and aggression, caused his name to be idolized among the Delawares. Upon obtaining the immense grant from the crown, named Pennsylvania at the time of its bestowment, his first thought was to draw up a table of “conditions and concessions,” for the government of those who should adventure with him in the settlement of the wilderness. He expressly stipulated, in behalf of the Indians, that their persons and property should be protected by the same laws and penalties as those of the whites; that overreaching in trade should be avoided by the conduct of all sales in market overt; that a jury of six whites and six Indians should pass upon matters in dispute between individuals of the different races; and that the interest...

Personal Names of Indians of New Jersey

In the following pages about six hundred and fifty personal names are given, not counting repetitions. These are practically all additions to the vocabularies above mentioned, and so form a very material extension of our knowledge of the Lenni-Lenape language. Moreover, Indian personal names were usually combinations of nominal, pronominal and adjectival themes, so that this list is calculated to throw much light on the habits of thought, the mental characteristics, the structure of their language and the environments of the aborigines. The student of the origin of language will be interested to notice that certain sounds are almost never used in beginning personal names. The frequency of the letters of the English alphabet in beginning the names hereinafter given appears by the following table. The third column shows the frequency of the several letters, taken from a list of 15,800 names of white inhabitants of New Jersey, 1670-1730. Dividing this number by 26 we have 600 such persons, the same number as of the aborigines named. The comparison is therefore based on an equal number of names of Indians and whites, and approximately the same period. State Listings of Vital Records New Jersey Indians – A Surnames New Jersey Indians – B Surnames New Jersey Indians – C Surnames New Jersey Indians – E Surnames New Jersey Indians – F-G Surnames New Jersey Indians – H Surnames New Jersey Indians – I Surnames New Jersey Indians – K Surnames New Jersey Indians – L Surnames New Jersey Indians – M Surnames New Jersey Indians – N Surnames New Jersey Indians – O Surnames New Jersey Indians – P...

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