Young Mahaskah, Ioway Chief

Young Mahaskah, An Ioway Chief

This is the son of Mahaskah the elder and Rantchewaime. On the death of his father, young Mahaskah took charge of his family. Inheriting by birth the title and prerogatives of chief, it was supposed he would assume the authority of one; but this he refused to do, saying, he would not occupy the place of his father unless called to that station by a majority of his people.

Watchemonne, Ioway Chief

Watchemonne, The Orator, Third Ioway Chief

Watchemonne, or, The Orator, the third chief of the Ioway, was born at the old Ioway village, on Des Moines River, at this time occupied by Keokuk, and, in 1838, was about fifty-two years of age.

Shauhaunapotinia, Ioway Chief

Shauhaunapotinia, Ioway Chief, the Man who killed three Sioux. He is also called Moanahonga, which means Great “Walker.

Rantchewaime, Ioway Indian

Rantchewaime, Female Flying Pigeon, Wife of Mahaskah, Ioway Indian

Rantchewaime means, Female Flying Pigeon. She has been also called, the beautiful Female Eagle that flies in the air. This name was given to her by the chiefs and braves of the nation, on account of her great personal beauty.

Notchimine, Ioway Chief

Notchimine, Ioway Chief

Neomonni, Fifth Ioway Chief

Neomonni, Fifth Ioway Chief, is a warrior of repute. In one of his adventures he accompanied the celebrated Otto chief Ietan, to the river Platte…

Moanahonga, An Ioway Chief

Moanahonga, which signifies Great Walker, was an Iowa brave. This brave was called by another name, Big Neck; and was known by the name of Winaugusconey.

Mahaskah or White Cloud, Ioway Chief


Mahaskah or White Cloud, Ioway Chief

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