List of Early Montana Farmers

E. S. Banta, born in Missouri, Sept. 2, 1832; brought up a fanner; immigrated to California in 1862, with his own team; remained there one year, and came to Montana, first to the Bitterroot Valley, then to Gallatin City, and finally to Willow Creek in Madison County, where he obtained 196 acres of land, and

Standard Historical Atlas of Mitchell County, Iowa

Topographical Map of Mitchell County Iowa

The third General Assembly convened at Iowa City on the 2d of December, 1850, and adjourned Feb. 45, 1851. At this time about forty new counties in the north and southwestern part of Iowa were created. Mitchell county was among this number. Its boundaries were minutely definied and organization was authorized as soon as the

1884 Ida County Iowa Farmers Directory

Agriculture has always been important to the economic fabric of Ida County and Iowa. Ida County is in the fourth tier of counties from the northern boundary of the state, and is the second east of the Missouri River. It contains 432 square miles or 276,480 acres. The Maple River runs through the county from

1884 Silver Creek Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Anderson, James Anderson, Mary Anspach, Jacob Anspach, Levi Anspach, Milton Armstrong, William Austin, George Barley, James J. Baxter, Robert Bennett, E. A. Bleakley, Chris Bray, August Bresnahan, Daniel Buck, Charles Buck, John Buck, Wm. Burrows, James Carter, J. Carter, John Clapsaddle, George Clouse, Collins, J. Condit, R. B. Cooper, J. B. Corey, Matt Corey, Pa.

1884 Hayes Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Albright, James Anderson, Adolf Anderson, Anders Anderson, Andrew Anderson, Erick Anderson, Henry Anderson, John Ayers, David Baker, John A. Barrett, J. R. Bendixen, Fred Bergman, Olander A. Bilsten, Bill Block, F. H. Blom, Alfred Blonquist, Charles Boyd, J. A. Brockman, Claus Carlson, C. J. Carlson, Carl A. Carlson, Charles Carlson, F. C. Carlson, Nels Carlson,

1884 Logan Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Bashore, Samuel Bell, A. B. Bell, Sabrina E. Bishop, Emma Bishop, Irene Bishop, Leora Bishop, Millburn Bishop, Wm. Blair, Linda Blair, Mearl Blair, Wm. Bliss, W. H. Brown, G. W. Buettner, Emma Buettner, Fred Buettner, Johanna Buettner, John Buettner, Nicholas Buettner, Rudolph Buettner, William Campbell, Leonard Campbell, Mable Campbell, Narcissa Challman, Frank Challman, Josie Challman,

1884 Grant Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Abbe, John Abbe, Theo Adams, S. B. Agar, B. O. Agar, Robert Aiken, Benjamin F. Andrews, N. Armington, W. H. Armington, William P. Barthel, Carl Bielenberg, Jacob Biester, Geo. W. Biester, H. P. Buffington, Benjamin R. Burmeister, Henry Carney, A. A. Caughey, A. Caughey, Slivanus Charles, Geo. W. Christiansen, C. Countryman, Dennis Cox, T. E.

1884 Garfield Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Abell, W. R. Alwart, A. Babcock, H. C. Bean, A. A. Bean, Geo. Beard, Solomon Bell, M. M. Bingham, D. R. Booth, J. H Carathan, John Ceiger, R. M. Condit, J. M. Crawford, A. Crawford, J. Cunningham, D. Curry, E. B. Diimig, H. Dove, F. M. Eatherton, B. O. Elithrop, M. Empey, W. H. Finch,

1884 Galva Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Arnold, George H. Arnold, Grant Arnold, Hugh Arnold, Mary Arnold, Rule Becker, Charlie Becker, Elizabeth Becker, Ernest Becker, Hugo Becker, Nora Becker, Oscar Bishop, T. A. Bossard, Arthur Bossard, Catherine Bossard, Ella Bossard, Fannie Bossard, Giford Bossard, Liander Breitspracher, Albert Breitspracher, Augusta Breitspracher, Carl Breitspracher, Martha Breitspracher, Theresa Bullock, Alice Bullock, Edwin Bullock, Leslie Bullock,

1884 Douglas Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Aarvig, T. S. Allison, S. C. Ashton, H. B. Bartlett, Henry Baxter, Geo. Beasley, J. M. Beasley, Thos. Boardman, H. E. Bondhos, O. T. Bortholson, Brooks, L. W. Brush, J. T. Buck, G. W. Buell, C. S. Bullock, D. P. Bunn, John Burns, G. E. Burns, O. Bush, G. W. Church, J. F. Cobb, C.

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