1867 Lakeville Massachusetts Directory

Aldrich John E. shoemaker Allen Clothier, farmer Allen John, farmer Allen John F. farmer Andrews Gustavus G. carpenter Andrews Stillman S. carpenter Ashley Abraham, teamer Ashley David, farmer Ashley John C. farmer Ashley John E. farmer Ashley Joseph, farmer Ashley Josiah K. cooper Ashley Luther, mason and farmer Ashley Silas P. farmer Back George, shoemaker

1867 Kingston Massachusetts Directory

Adams Charles, farmer Adams Frederic C. butcher Adams George, butcher Adams George T. butcher Adams Henry L. sea captain Adams William S. sea captain Amos Bern. F. clerk Andrews Samuel M. overseer in Co. Mill Bagwell Frederic, farmer Bagnell John C. shoemaker Baker L. C. pattern maker Baker Levi, sea captain Baker Otis jr., sea

1867 Hull Massachusetts Directory

Anderson James, fisherman Anderson Lewis, mariner Augustus George T. fisherman Augustus John, mariner Augustus John jr., fisherman Bates Marshall fisherman Bates Thomas keeper of Boston Light Carney William B. house carpenter Carter Charles A. fisherman Cleverly John M. pilot Cobb Elisha T. mariner Cobb Joseph, mariner Cobb Orlando D. telegraph operator Dill Davis W. fisherman

1867 Hingham Massachusetts Directory

Adams George, shoe cutter r North Adams George M. shoemaker, r Hull Anderson Miles D, mariner, r Beal Andrews Benjamin, clerk, South Andrews Henry, gentleman r Whiting Andrews John, gentleman r Whiting Bailey Caleb, livery stable, Summer Baker James L. merchant (Boston), bds Main Baker John, gentleman, r Main Ballentine William, rope maker, r Cedar

1867 Hanson Massachusetts Directory

Adams Russell W. farmer Aldridge Stillman, farmer Ames John C. box maker Ames Marcus, farmer Amos Marcus F. peddler Arnold Caleb, shoemaker Banican Patrick, farmer Bailey George C. shoemaker Baldwin C. H. farmer Barker Benjamin, farmer Barker Bowen, physician Barker John, farmer Barker Josiah, farmer Barker Lot P. farmer Barker Philip H. shoemaker Barrows Alfred,

1867 Hanover Massachusetts Directory

Aiken James, clergyman, 2d Cong’l Bailey A. H. laborer Bailey Benjamin, farmer Bailey Benjamin W. shoemaker Bailey Edwin, shoemaker Bailey G. J. shoemaker Bailey J. D. keeps Alms House Bailey J. Q. shoemaker Bailey M. C. house painter Bailey Stephen, shoemaker Bailey S. W. clerk Barker Joshua, iron caster Barstow Daniel, farmer Barstow Edward, master

1867 East Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Adams Bethuel, mechanic, Pearl Adams Rufus, mechanic, Satucket Alden Abner L. shoemaker, Village Alden Bartlett K. carpenter. Village Alden Benjamin K. Village Alden Joseph, mechanic, village Alden Samuel G. lumber dealer, Village Alger Ebenezer, farmer, Beaver Alger Orlando M. farmer, Beaver Allen Bailey, carpenter. Village Allen David, shoemaker, Beaver Allen Galen, shoemaker, Beaver Allen George,

1867 Duxbury Massachusetts Directory

Adams John, farmer Alden Benjamin, auctioneer Alden Henry, laborer Alden Ichabod, laborer Alden James, farmer Alden John, trader Alden John, jr. master mariner Alden Samuel, boat-builder Alden Thomas, farmer Alden William J. deputy sheriff Alden William J. jr. shoemaker Ames Thomas K. shoemaker Armstrong John, shoemaker Arnold Abel C. shoemaker Arnold Gamaliel, shoemaker Arnold Orson

1867 Carver Massachusetts Directory

Atwood Charles H. farmer, Centre Andrews Robert W. moulder, r South Appling Geo. H. moulder, North Atwood Bartlett S. farmer, Centre Atwood Eli, farmer, Centre Atwood George, farmer, South Atwood George W. farmer Centre Atwood Gustavus, farmer, South Atwood Elbridge E. farmer Centre Atwood Jacob, farmer, Centre Atwood John S. shoemaker North Atwood Joseph, moulder

Troup County Georgia Government Officials

Troup County Clerk of Superior Court 1827-1934 1827-34 N. Johnson 1835-42 Robert F. McGehee 1842-48 Moses Lee 1848-50 H. B. Williams 1850-62 William M. Latimer 1862-66 Inhn R Awtrev 1866-75 R. S. McFarlin 1875-81 John W. Sledge 1881-87 John Edward Toole 1887-96 E. T. Winn 1896-14 William L. Cleaveland 1914- G. Thomas Travlor Court of

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