1861 Directory of Michigan Bluff California

1861 Directory of Michigan Bluff California Abrams L. miner Adams Samuel, saloon-keeper Addison William, miner Adriano F. miner Albeck Charles, miner Aldrich J. M. miner Alexander Andrew, lumberman Allen ” Old Grizzly,” packer Allen E. miner Amesberry James, miner Amstrong Robert, miner Anderson – miner Andrews B. H. miner Andrews Mathew, miner Appleton Ned, miner

1861 Directory of Iowa Hill California

1861 Directory of Iowa Hill California Able William, miner Abrams Frank, miner Ackerman J. miner Adams Jonathan, miner Alex C. miner Allen Easten, miner Allen L. T. butcher Amisk Peter, miner Anderson Andrew, miner Anderson Nat, miner Andrews N. P. miner Angle J. D. livery stable keeper Archie E. Z. miner Armstrong R. J. miner

1861 Directory of Gold Hill California

1861 Directory of Gold Hill California Anderson Andrew, miner Arnold John, miner, Baluss John, laborer Banvard B. H. mason Bell John, teamster, Main St Berk George, butcher, Main St Black R. miner, bds American Hotel Blane George, miner, bds American Hotel Bond J. A. physician, bds Mason’s Hotel, Main St Bowers D. hotel-keeper, Turnpike Road

1861 Directory of Forest Hill California

1861 Directory of Forest Hill California Acker E. M. carpenter Adams S. S. miner Adams Samuel, butcher Aikins H. D. tinsmith Alers William, miner Alix Joseph, miner Allen John, miner Allen T. miner Allington. John, miner Andrews George W. saloon-keeper Angell A. J. saloon-keeper Armstrong Adam, ranchman Arras Conrad, boot-maker Arthur William, miner Ash H.

1861 Directory of Dutch Flat California

1861 Directory of Dutch Flat California Abeel Henry, miner Abeel Jacob, miner Abeel Jno. miner Allen Crawford, clerk Amburgh R. miner Anderson Jno. miner Anderson Thos. miner Antwerp E. lawyer Armstrong Jno, livery stable Arnstein L. merchant Austin E. miner Austin Jno. miner Austin R. miner Austin Thos. miner Bader C. miner Bailey S. S.

1861 Directory of Auburn California

1861 Directory of Auburn California. Addrian A. baker, Eagle Bakery, Main St Allen B. C. banker, Main St. Ambrose William, steward, American Hotel Anderson Geo. L. attorney-at-law, Commercial St. Andrews M. watch-maker and jew’r, Commercial St. Armitage J. laborer, bds Am. Hotel Atkinson John, laborer, California St. Atwood N. teamster, bds Crescent City Banvard E.

History Gazetteer and Directory of Devonshire 1850

Lynmouth in Devonshire

The History, Gazetteer and Directory of Devonshire 1850 provides a historical look at the county of Devonshire prior to 1850. Devonshire, the largest county in England, except Yorkshire, and the most westerly except Cornwall, ranked among the first in agricultural importance, and the sixth in amount of population. Occupying the whole breadth of the central portion of that great south-western peninsula of the British Island, which juts out between the Bristol and English Channels, and having more than 150 miles of sea coast, and some fine navigable rivers and broad estuaries, Devonshire was one of the most important maritime counties in the kingdom.

1867 Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Adams William H. farmer, Auburn Akins Charles W. machinist, bd Bedford Alden Caleb, laborer, bds High Alden Cromwell, farmer, r High Alden Elijah, fanner, bds Vernon Alden Ezra H. expressman, r School Alden Horatio, farmer, r Conant Alden Isaac F. watchman, r Walnut Alden Isaac K. clerk, bds Bedford Alden James S. painter, v Bedford

1867 Plympton Massachusetts Directory

Atwood Benjamin S. box maker Beaton Henry P. shoemaker Billings James, shoemaker Billings Nathan D. shoemaker Bisbee Elijah, farmer Blanchard Horatio W. shoemaker Blanchard Wm. W. shoemaker Bonney George H. painter Bonney James S. box maker Bonney Wm. L. box maker Bradford Gideon, shoemaker Bradford Henry A. trader Bradford Joseph W. box maker Bradford Samuel

1867 West Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Alger Albert L. farmer, Cochesett Alger Chas. S. boot maker, Cochesett Alger Cyrus, soap manuf. Cochesett Alger Davis, farmer, Cochesett Alger James, iron foundry Alger Joseph, farmer, Cochesett Alger Joseph A. stage driver Alger Joseph W. farmer Alger Leonard W. carpenter Alger Martin, farmer, Cochesett Alger Otis farmer, Cochesett Alger Sanford, farmer, Cochesett Alger Ward,

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