Upper Otorara Presbyterian Church Records, Chester County PA

Upper Octorara Church, Erected in 1840

List of Surnames of the Earliest Members of Upper Octorara Persons bearing these names, were members prior to the middle of the 18th century. Alison, Blelock, Boggs, Boyd, Boyle, Clingan, Cochran, Cowan, Dickey, Filson, Fleming, Gardner, Glendenning, Hamill, Henderson, Heslep, Hope, Kerr, Kyle, Liggett, Lockhart, Luckey, McAllister, McNeil, McPherson, Mitchell, Moody, Park, Richmond, Robb, Rowan,

Illinois Methodist Church Records

Record of Baptisms

The following collection of material reflects 250 churches of the Methodist faith which have closed their doors since 1824 in southern and central Illinois. This region makes up the Illinois Great Rivers United Methodist Conference. While the vast majority of the information relates to membership rolls and registers of officials, many of the churches also kept vital records of their members. Ancestry claims that “Baptism records are available until 1914, and Marriage records are available until 1970.” In fact I found baptism records which occurred after 1914, however, they’re not indexed. They appear in the records on the images only.

Registers of the Parish of Michilimackinac

Entry in Mackinac Registry 28 July 1768

The records from the register at Michilimackinac are here provided as they were translated by Edward O. Brown back in 1889. His translation came from a transcript of the original, which latter is kept in the parish church of Ste. Anne, at Mackinac. Annotated throughout are Mr. Brown’s biographical knowledge of the events of Michilimackinac and the people within. Don’t pass over the footnotes for the record, you may find a biographical reference hidden there!

Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records

736 Byfield Massachusetts parish records recorded by a Rev. Hale from 1709-1743. These baptisms may include residents from Newbury, Rowley and Georgetown. The first pastor of the church in the parish was Rev. Moses Hale, who died Jan.16, 1743-4. The following are all the records of baptisms in the parish from the founding of the church to the time of Mr. Hale’s decease.

1710-11 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Hannah, dau. of John Homes, Jan. 21. Samuell, son of Isaac Adams, Feb. 18. Mehitabel, dau. of John Haseltyne, Feb. 25, 1710-1. Sarah, dau. of Samuel Goodridge, Mar. 4, 1711. Mary and Jemima Boynton, daughters of Joshua Boynton, jr., Apr. 1, 1711. Thomas, son of Jno. Dresser, May 6. Rebecca, dau. of Stephen Thurston, June

Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1777 Burials

The widow Reinier died Jan. 2, 1777, and received Christian burial the next day. John Klein, a husband of about 40 years, died March 29, 1777, and was buried the next day. The widow Glaner died after an illness of 8 days April 7, 1777, and received Christian burial the next day. Tobias Freyermuth, a

Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1776 Burials

Timothy Lemke died in the best bloom of his age in his 24 year, Feb. 9, 1776, and was buried the next day. Funeral text: Is. 45 :15. Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself. Mrs. Catharine Lemke, widow of the former pastor, Rev. Herman Henry Lemke, entered into her rest by a blessed

Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1781 Burials

Anne Margaret died Feb. 12, 1781, and was buried the next day at Zion. Funeral text: 2 Cor. 5: God was in Christ, etc. Christman Zipperer in Goshen died Feb. 15, 1781, and was buried on the 18th. Funeral text : Heb. 9:23: It is appointed unto men once to die. Heb. 4:1, 2, 3.

Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1779 Burials

Hannah Elizabeth Bunz died in the 20th year of her age in childbed Feb. 3, 1779. Ps. 135:8. John Casper Werthsch died June 24, 1779, and received Christian burial the next day. Mrs. Anna Barbara Rabenhorst died July 1, 1779, and was buried the same day at Zion. Hannah, the 6 months old daughter of

Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1778 Burials

Salome Haut died in her 32d year March 10, 1778, and was buried the next day. Ps. 25:17. Miss Catharine Bolzius died in the 36th year of her age March 9, 1778, and was buried on the same day. Funeral text: 2 Pet. 3:15. Christine Rieser died April 14, 1775 in the 8th year of

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