1757, August 25, Talk given to the Indians at Fort Loudoun

Willm Shorey Linquaster I am Glad to see you Warriours and Beloved Men once more afsembled to sit and talk here with your Brothers. I am now going to talk with you, but first let me afsure you ( as I have been told you hat lyes) that I shall now and at all time,

1757, August 30

This Day Old Hop, the Little Carpenter, and several of the head Men being afsembled at the Fort the Pipe Sent up by the Governour was produced and smoaked out of by everyone present, when Old Hop, after many Speeches, profofsing the Greatest Friendship, and Sincerity to King George, and all his Children, and adding

Treaty of June 22, 1852

Articles of a treaty concluded at Washington, on the 22nd day of June, 1852, between Kenton Harper, commissioner on the part of the United States, and Colonel Edmund Pickens, Benjamin S. Love, and Sampson Folsom, commissioners duly appointed for that purpose, by the Chickasaw tribe of Indians. Article I. The Chickasaw tribe of Indians acknowledge

Treaty of September 20, 1816

To settle all territorial controversies, and to perpetuate that peace and harmony which has long happily subsisted between the United States and Chickasaw nation, the president of the United States of America, by major general Andrew Jackson, general David Meriwether, and Jesse Franklin, esq. on the one part, and the whole Chickasaw nation, in council

Treaty of October 24, 1801

A treaty, of reciprocal advantages and mutual convenience between the United States of America and the Chickasaws. The President of the United States of America, by James Wilkinson brigadier general in the service of the United States, Benjamin Hawkins of North Carolina and Andrew Pickens, of South Carolina, commissioners of the United States, who are

Treaty of January 10, 1786

Articles of a treaty, concluded at Hopewell, on the Keowee, near Seneca Old Town, between Benjamin Hawkins, Andrew Pickens, and Joseph Martin, Commissioners Plenipotentiary of the United States of America, of the one Part; and Piomingo, Head Warrior and First Minister of the Chickasaw Nation; Mingatushka, one of the leading Chiefs; and; Latopoia, first beloved

Treaty of May 24, 1834

Articles of convention and agreement proposed by the Commissioners on the part of the United States, in pursuance of the request made, by the Delegation representing the Chickasaw nation of Indians, and which have been agreed to. Article 1. It is agreed that perpetual amity, peace and friendship, shall exist between the United States, and

Treaty of October 22, 1832

Articles supplementary to, and explanatory of, a treaty which was entered into on the 20th instant (Treaty of October 20, 1832), between General John Coffee on the part of the United States, and the whole Chickasaw nation in General Council assembled. The fourth article of the treaty to which this is a supplement, provides that

Treaty of October 20, 1832 – Chickasaw

Articles of a treaty made and entered into between Genl. John Coffee, being duly authorized thereto, by the President of the United States, and the whole Chickasaw Nation, in General Council assembled, at the council House, on Pontitock Creek on the twentieth day of October, 1832. THE Chickasaw Nation find themselves oppressed in their present

Treaty of August 31, 1830

Articles of a treaty, entered into at Franklin, Tennessee, this 31st day of August, 1830, by John H. Eaton, Secretary of War, and General John Coffee, commissioners appointed by the President, on the part of the United States, and the chiefs and head men of the Chickasaw Nation of Indians, duly authorized, by the whole

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