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Combined 1900-1910 Census for Flora, Oregon

The following combined census extraction of Flora, Oregon covers the census years of 1900 and 1910. It was extracted from the manuscript “Carving the North End Wilderness: Flora” and was transcribed for AccessGenealogy by Janine M. Bork. The legend for the census is as follows: F=Flora; LP=Lost Prairie; MC=Mud Creek; P=Paradise; P F= District boundary changes Abel, Frank 1866-sheepherder-Ann F. 1877: Layton-1900, Pearl E. 1904, Rolf 1906, Chester 1908 : 1900-F Abel, John 1846-Ida 1847 : 1910-F Acheson, Hubert 1870-Annie 1872: Percy 1893, Byron 1897, Herbert 1900 : 1900-P Agar, Jane 1860: Horace Powell 1890, Lizzie 1896, Eddie 1899, Margaret 1902 : 1910-MC Akins, Carlton 1840-Martha 1864: James 1874 : 1900-P 1910-P Akins, Chancey 1812, father of Carlton : 1900-P Akins, Clarence 1867: Mary 1882, Mattie 1889 : 1900-P Akins, Frank 1874-Emeline 1874: Ola 1892, Daniel 1896 : 1900-P Akin, James 1870: Lex 1905, Leona 1905, Carlass 1906 : 1910-P Akin, Oscar 1866 mail contractor-Essie 1886: Orval 1903, Roda 1905, Mark 1908 : 1900-P Akin, William 1843-Sarah 1845 parents of Clarence : 1900-P Akin, William 1871-Temperance 1880: Ina 1897, Herman 1899 : 1900-P Alexander, Frank 1869-Luella 1876: Elva 1894, Wardie 1896, Rachel 1898 : 1900-P Alexander, Isaac 1877 : 1900-P Alexander, Sarah 1836 mother Mrs. Willis Straley : 1900-P 1910-P Alexander, George 1857 : 1900-P Allen, Charles 1874-Amanda 1878: Ernest 1896, James 1900, Velma 1908 : 1910-LP Anderson, Cholea A. 1842 laundress : 1900-F Applegate, James 1859-Sarah 1865: Ina 1890 : 1900-P 1910-F (*change in district boundry) Applegate, Elmer 1882 : 1900-P Applegate, Miranda 1852 : 1900-P 1910-F (change in district boundry) Applegate, Walter 1859-Ella 1874: Wm Price 1895,...

1910 Census Guide – Questions & Information

Under the provisions of the census act of July 2, 1909, the thirteenth census was administered. In accordance with the provisions of the act, general population and Indian population schedules were prepared. The schedules used for Hawaii and Puerto Rico, although similar to the general population schedule, differed slightly from those used within the United States. Census enumerators began canvassing the Nation on April 15, 1910. The law gave census takers 2 weeks to complete their work in cities of 5,000 inhabitants or more, while enumerators in smaller and rural areas were allotted 30 days to complete their task. The 1910 census covered the following states: Alabama Alaska (unorganized) Arizona Territory Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico Territory New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Information Found Within the 1910 Census Name of each person. Name of the county, parish, township, town, or city where the family resides Age Sex Color (Race) Birthplace Whether married in the last year Profession, occupation, or trade of each person over 15 years of age Value of Real Estate Whether deaf, blind, dumb, insane, idiotic, pauper, or criminal Whether able to speak or speak English Whether the person attended school within the previous year Birthplace of father and mother Genealogy Strategy for the 1910 Census Location of the Household As in all census, the location of...

1910 Sioux Census

This is the most interesting piece of information, especially for those who have lost Sioux ancestors in 1910. All give South Dakota as their birthplace and the birthplace of both parents.  All say they are full-blooded Sioux.  All give occupation as “Wild West Shoe.” New Jersey, Mercer County, Hamilton Township, North District, Enumeration District #32, Sheet No 18 A. Enumerated on 22 April 1910 by John Magowan. Name Relationship Sex Age Marital Status How Many Years Married Mother of how many Children still living Iron Tail Head M 57 M1 21 Annie Wife F 46 M1 21 2 2 Sam Lone Bear Head M 32 S Andrew Knife M 36 M1 10 Jeff Strikes Plenty M 30 M1 10 Joe Pacer [may be Racer] Head M 48 M1 20 Mary Wife F 46 M1 20 1 1 Lone Elk Son M 6 S Ben American Horse* Head M 34 M1 11 Annie Wife F 32 M1 11 Patrick Bitters [? hard to read] M 39 S Rooms [? hard to read] Close to Lodge M 46 M1 28 Joe Bronze [? could be Brings”] M 39 M1 11 Kills [?] in Lodge Head M 42 M1 7 Nancie Wife F 40 M1 7 1 1 George Son M 6 S Paints Yellow Head M 34 M1 10 Jessie Wife F 33 M1 10 1 1 Thomas Loafer [? Hard to read] Head M 33 M1 11 Adelia [?] Wife F 29 M1 11 1 1 *Ben American Horse indicates that he is a graduate of the Carlisle School, Pennsylvania. Name Relationship Sex Age Marital Status How many years married...

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