Terry Rangers, Company C

M. L. Evans, Captain, Gonzales: County, died of wounds at Perryville, Ky., October 18th, 1862; acting Major at the time.
A. M. Shannon, 1st Lieutenant, Karnes County, promoted to Captain October 18th, 1862; afterwards commanded efficient scouts; promoted to Colonel, commanding special scouts and secret service February 8th, 1865.
James M. Dunn, 2nd Lieutenant, Karnes County, resigned and died at Decatur, Alabama, February, 1863.
J. W. Baylor, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant, Karnes County, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, in 1863, now dead.
B. F. Batchelor, 1st Sergeant, Gonzales County, promoted to 1st Lieutenant, and killed at Tome, Ga., October 13th, 1862.
Daniel L. Fussell, 2nd Sergeant, Payette County, prisoner.
T. J. Oliver, 3rd Sergeant, Limestone County, present.
L. H. Barlow, 4th Sergeant, Dallas County.
A. D. Walker, 1st Corporal, Gonzales County, present.
S. M. Lowery, 2nd Corporal, Karnes County, dead.
0. Kibbe, 3rd Corporal, Bee County, dead.
H. C. Evans, 4th Corporal, Gonzales County, present.
B. F. Burris, 5th Corporal, Karnes County, present.

John Aycock, Falls County, discharged at Woodburn, Ky.
W. S. J. Adams, Dallas County.
Geo. W. Archer, Limestone County, secret service, valuable scout, captured.
E. S. Alley, Fayette County, discharged August, 1.862.
V. A. Bond, Limestone County, discharged April, 1862.
J. E. Bartlett, Gonzales County, wounded and fell into the hands of the enemy at Atlanta, Ga.
R. W. Brooks, Limestone County.
Thomas S. Burney, Limestone County, present.
James Baker, Fort Bliss, Texas.
W. R. Brooks, Limestone County, discharged August, 1862.
James A. Baker, Gonzales County, discharged and died at Nashville in, 1862.
John Carlton, Karnes County, discharged and died, at Franklin in, 1862.
A. Dunn, Karnes County, discharged and, died at Corinth in 1862.
W. H. Drumgoole, Karnes County, died of wounds received at Chickamauga in 1863.
J. B. Davis, Williamson County, wounded at Waynesboro, Ga.
Isom Davis, Karnes County, discharged at Corinth in 1862, now dead.
H. V. Dunn, Karnes County, died at Nashville.
A. J. Dunn, Karnes County, discharged November, 1861, at Helena.
G. L. Eslinger, Fayette County.
Dr. A. D. Evans, Gonzales County, discharged November, 1861.
Jacob Chesney. Gonzales County, discharged April, 1862.
W. H. H. Forester, Gonzales County, left in the hands
of the Federals in 1862, and never heard of again.
Samuel Garrett, Fort Bliss, Texas, killed in White County, Tenn., in 1864.
W. F. Glasgow, Fayette County, present.
J. W. Glasgow, Fayette County, present.
N. W. Grant, Limestone County, discharged November 1st, 1892.
N. Holt, Limestone County, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1862.
W. N. Hodge, Fayette County, present.
J. C. Johnson, Fayette County, present.
Phil. Hale, Fayette County, discharged November, 1861.
G. B. Kennedy, Limestone County, wounded at Murfreesboro December, 1863.
F. G. Kennedy, Limestone County, wounded at Murfreesboro, September, 1863.
P. L. Kendall, Limestone County.
J. C. Kirkeir, Fort Bliss, Texas, wounded at Chickamauga.% 9′
Isaac Lane, Gonzales County, discharged at Chattanooga June, 1862.
Michael LomasY, Gonzales County, discharged at Nashville in 1861.
W. A. Lynch, Limestone County, received two wounds same day near Rome, Ga.
C. W. Love, Limestone County, died at Farmington, Tenn., October 6th, 1863.
John Latimer, Gonzales County, discharged at Corinth, rejoined August, 1862, and wounded at Chickamauga.
J. M. Lynch, Limestone County, discharged at Shiloh April 14, 1862.
Charles H. C. Maigne, Colorado County, captured in Kentucky, exchanged and made boss saddler.
J. W. Moore, Karnes County.
James Magill, Washington County.
James McCullum, Bee County, discharged at Corinth, Miss., now dead.
W. F. Moore, Bee County, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky., and, died.
M. McGuyre, Bee County, discharged at Shiloh April 1862.
W. H. Owens, Sr., Limestone County, discharged at Corinth.
W. H. Owens, Jr., Limestone County, present.
H. M. O’Neill, Limestone County, died at Franklin, Tenn., November, 1861.
J. D. Pace, Karnes County, rounded at Murfreesboro in 1862; also at Farmersville, Tenn. captured in Georgia.
E. J. Pitts, Gonzales County, the regimental poet, present.
Bulger Peebles, Limestone County; died at Mexia in 1869.
Uriah Posey, Limestone County.
Wm. M. Perry, Limestone County.
J. C. Pybus, Franklin, Alabama, a. good soldier, wounded twice.
G. W. Posey, Limestone County, discharged and died.
J. M. Rogers, Limestone County, discharged at Shiloh.
Henry Rennick, Fort Bliss, Texas.
R. Scarbora, Gonzales County, killed at Murfreesboro July, 1862, under Forrest.
W. H. Shannon, Karnes County, killed at McMinnville, Tenn., October, 1863.
Sol. K. Scruggs, Limestone County, promoted to Lieutenant in 1863.
W. Al. Slaughter, killed in Tennessee March, 1864.
C. S. Stribbling, Fart Griffin, Texas, promoted to 1st Sergeant, wounded at Stockade near Manchester, Tenn.
J. E. Thornton, Limestone County, wounded at McMinnville in 1862, always on hand.
Ed. Tatum, Bee County, died in Columbia, Tenn., in 1861.% 9
Ed. Taft, Colorado County, discharged in April, 1862.
B. Stanard, Colorado County, discharged April, 1862.
M. V. Wright, Bee County, killed at Chickamauga.
Falter S. Woods, Limestone County, wounded at Shiloh, good soldier, now dead.
Willie Terry, Limestone County, captured and paroled.
John Filson, discharged early.
John G. Wheeler, discharged early; joined Hood’s Brigade and lost an arm.
James Woodley, Lavaca County, discharged and died.
R. A. Byler, Fayette County, discharged in 1862.
J. T. Campbell, Fayette County, discharged in January, 1862.
G. W. Stubblefield, Austin County, discharged in Kentucky in 1861.
Geo. Q. Turner, discharged, rejoined and died; good soldier.
Joseph Mangum, Gonzales County, discharged early.
John McDonald, Gonzales County, discharged early.
F. U. Adams, discharged early.
James Davis, killed while on scouting duty in Georgia.

MLA Source Citation:

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