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Genealogy of the Switzers

This manuscript is an eclectic collection of various Switzer lines that all connect back to Valentine Switzer, the original immigrant to America in 1749. The surnames that follow are those surnames which can be found within the manuscript:

Allen, Backus, Becker, Beckey, Berry, Bing, Bird, Blake, Brewer; Bumgardner, Burkholder, Canaday, Chapelle, Cherrington, Coffman, Copeland, Davis, Day, Dillon, Donaldson, Eppel, Fisher, Fulton, Gilfillen, Griffy, Guthrie, Hamlin, Haner, Hawk, Henderson, Herriman, Hesse, Hicks, Hinkle, Hodge, Hollingshead, Hoober, Hotzenbella, Hutsinpillar, Huver, Ingels, Jones, Kerns, Leonard, Livesay, Lott, Maddy, Mahood, Mauck, Morton, Parrill, Poher, Preston, Reeves, Reynolds, Rhey, Rhyne, Rodgers, Rood, Rothgeb, Schweitzer, Scott, Secrist, Seigler, Shaffer, Sherritt, Snyder, Southall, Stroup, Switzer, Taylor, Wallace, Watson, Wood, Yeager


Notes About the Book:

Source: Genealogy of the Switzers, Descendants of Valentine Switzer Immigrant to America, Oct. 13, 1749.

Online Publication: The manuscript was scanned and then ocr'd. Minimal editing has been done, and readers can and should expect some minor errors in the textual output.