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Ancestry Of Marie Antoinette Baker 
Wife Of Fellowes Davis

  1. GEORGE, b. Oct. 21st, 1818, M. Frances Augusta Beals. He d. July, 1854.

  2. Sarah, b. July 10th, 1820, d. Feb. 1821.

  3. John, b. May, 1829, lived in Roxbury, m. Elizabeth Brooks, d. 1861.

  4. James, b. June 12th, 1828, d. in New Orleans, early. 

  5. Charles, b. Jan. 13th, 1832, m. Mary Jacobs, Boston, d. in N. Y., 1880.

  6. Mark, b. May 25th, 1836, d. Aug. 1836.

GEORGE BAKER, a merchant of Boston, Mass. Partner of Gardner Colby, senior, and later of William Beals, Jr. b. in Topsham, Maine, Oct. 21st, 1818, d. in Bos ton, Mass., 31st July, 1854, m. 20th May, 1844, Frances Augusta Beals, dau. of William Beals, of Boston, founder of the "Boston Post," b. 29th Sept. 1815, d. 2nd Dec. 1897. Their children were

  1. Ella Frances, b. Nov. 26th, 1846, d. 17th Oct. 1908 (unmarried).

  2. MARIE ANTOINETTE, b. 27th Feb. 1848, d. 28th Dec. 1909, (of whom later).

  3. George Livingston, b. April 29th, 1849, d. 11th June, 1910, m. 1871, Margaret Armistead Appleton, dau. of Wm. Stewart Appleton, of Baltimore. Their children were:

    1. George L. Baker, Jr., m. Magdalen Beyer.

    2. Edith Appleton Baker, m. Dirck Herbert Arnold Kolff.

    3. Caroline Frances Baker, m. Harry Theodore Church. 

    4. Mildred Baker, m. Capt. Brady Greene Ruttencutter, U. S. A.

    5. Appleton Lawrence Baker.

    6. William Beals, b. June 5th, 1851, d. Jan. 26th, 1911, m. Sarah Barrett, of Philadelphia.

MARIE ANTOINETTE BAKER, b. 27th Feb. 1848, d. 28th Dec. 1909, m. 17th Oct. 1871, Fellowes Davis. (See Davis line).


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