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1899 Directory for Middleboro and Lakeville Massachusetts

Resident and business directory of Middleboro’ and Lakeville, Massachusetts, for 1899. Containing a complete resident, street and business directory, town officers, schools, societies, churches, post offices, notable events in American history, etc. Compiled and published by A. E. Foss & Co., Needham, Massachusetts. The following is an example of what you will find within the images of the directory: Sheedy John, laborer, bds. J. G. Norris’, 35 West Sheehan John B., grocery and variety store, 38 West, h. do. Sheehan Lizzie O., bds. T. B. Sheehan’s, 16 East Main Sheehan Lucy G. B., bds. T. B. Sheehan’s, 16 East Main Sheehan Mary F., emp. H. S. & H., h. 16 East Main View the Complete Directory Surnames in the Town of Lakeville Massachusetts You will find the directory of Lakeville Massachusetts starts on page 161. Aldrich, Allen, Anderson, Ashley, Audet, Barnes, Barney, Barton, Bassett, Bennett, Benton, Best, Boman, Briggs, Brown, Bullock, Bump, Bumpus, Burgess, Canedy, Card, Carlin, Caswell, Chace, Clark, Clarke, Cole, Collins, Coombs, Cudworth, Cushman, Davis, Dean, DeMoranville, Dexter, Drake, Dushane, Ellers, Elmer, Elwell, Farmer, Farnham, Ford, Frades, Freeman, Frost, Gerrish, Gifford, Gilman, Gilpatrick, Godfrey, Grady, Griffith, Hackett, Hafford, Hale, Hall, Hammond, Harlow, Harrington, Harvey, Haskell, Haskins, Hayes, Haynes, Hinds, Hinkley, Hoard, Hoffman, Holloway, Horr, Horton, Morton, Howland, Johnson, Jones, Keith, Kelley, Kenney, Kinsley, Lang, Leach, Leonard, Letcher, Lincoln, Loner, Luther, Macomber, Mann, Manning, Marrah, McCulby, McDonald, McGowan, Moody, Morgan, Mosher, Murphy, Nelson, Nickerson, Norris, Orrall, Osborne, Parker, Parkhurst, Parris, Parry, Paun, Peirce, Perry, Phinney, Pickens, Pierce, Pittsley, Plummer, porter, Pratt, Quell, Ramsdell, Reed, Reynolds, Robbins, Robinson, Rogers, Russell, Sampson, Sanford, Sawyer, Scott, Seekell, Sharidan, Shaw, Shockley, Shove,...

Biography of Daniel C. Westgate

Daniel C. Westgate, a prominent resident of Plainfield and an ex-member of the New Hampshire legislature, was born in this town, June 4, 1857, son of Earl and Sarah Chase (Cole) Westgate. His great-grandfather, John Westgate, who was the first ancestor of the family to settle in Plainfield, came here in 1778. John married Grace Church, of Tiverton, R.I., a descendant of Colonel Benjamin Church, who commanded the Colonial forces in the war against King Philip. They were the parents of eleven children; namely, Betsey, John, Lydia, Earl, Priscilla, Mary, George, William, Joseph, Benjamin, and Hannah. Earl Westgate, grandfather of Daniel C., accompanied his parents to this town, and spent the active period of his life upon the farm now occupied by his son, Earl Westgate (second). He married Elizabeth Waite, daughter of Nathaniel and Annie (Sweetser) Waite, of Hubbardston, Mass., and was by her the father of six children; namely, Elizabeth, John, Nathaniel W., Anna W., George, and Earl. Earl Westgate, Daniel C. Westgate’s father, was born in Plainfield, December 17, 1808. He assisted in carrying on the farm until his father’s death, when he succeeded to the property. By judicious management he obtained a good income from the estate. Failing health compelled him to retire from active labor some years since, and the farm is now managed by his son. In religious belief he is a Baptist, and he has been a Deacon of that church for fifty years. His first wife, in maidenhood Sarah Chase Cole, who was born in Plainfield, November 24, 1815, daughter of Daniel and Martha (Johnson) Cole, died January 18, 1876. The...

Biography of William E. Westgate

William E. Westgate, a leading farmer and stock-raiser of Cornish, Sullivan County, was born December 9, 1840, at Plainfield, N.H., son of Earl and Sarah Chase (Cole) Westgate. His great-grandfather, John Westgate, married Grace Church, of Tiverton, R.I., who was a descendant of Colonel Benjamin Church, famous in King Philip’s War in Colonial times. They had eleven children-Betsy, John, Lydia, Earl, Priscilla, Mary, George, William, Joseph, Benjamin, and Hannah. Earl Westgate, grandfather of William E., came with his father to Plainfield in 1778, and married Elizabeth Waite, daughter of Nathaniel and Annie Swetzer, of Hubbardston, Mass. Elizabeth, John, Nathaniel, Anna, George, and Earl. Earl Westgate (second) was born at Plainfield, December 17, 1808, and was educated in the town schools. After completing his education, he lived on the home farm with his father until the latter died, when he took entire charge. A very religious man, he has been a member and a Deacon of the Baptist church for more than fifty years. He has never joined any of the secret fraternities, and has never held public office, preferring rather the quiet of his own fireside to the more active life of a public man. The first of his two marriages was contracted with Sarah Chase Cole, of Plainfield, who, born November 24, 1815, died January 18, 1876. She was the mother of William E., Martha E., Edith S., Julia A., Mary E., and Daniel C. Westgate. Earl Westgate’s second wife, in maidenhood Abigail M. Camp, of Hanover, is now deceased. Martha, Mr. Westgate’s eldest daughter, born in Plainfield, January 9, 1842, married Freeman Holt, of Lyme, N.H., a...

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