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Biography of Hon. Charles C.Kenrick

Hon. Charles C. Kenrick, State Senator, is one of the most prominent citizens of Franklin, N.H. He was born April 8, 1844, fourth son of Stephen and Clarissa A. (Blanchard) Kenrick. His paternal grandfather, John Kenrick, who was born December 17, 1764, was a native of Amesbury, Mass. He married Sarah Colby, of the same place, born January 25, 1771, and had nine children, of whom Stephen, father of Charles C., was the youngest. John Kenrick died in Amesbury in 1806, and his widow married David Marsh. Stephen Kenrick was born June 15, 1806, in Haverhill, Mass., and came to Franklin when a young man. After remaining here a short time, he went to McIndoe’s Falls, Vt., where he was for a few years engaged in business; and from there he went to Bangor, Me. Later, returning to Franklin, he was married December 29, 1833, to Clarissa A. Blanchard. He then went into business in the town, and continued thus engaged for the greater part of his life. He was a very prominent citizen, and held various positions of importance. He was President of the Hillsborough National Bank, and also of the Concord & Portsmouth Railroad. His death took place on August 4, 1884, and that of his wife October 12, 1893. They were the parents of seven children-Ebenezer B., Ebenezer B. (second), Stephen B., Charles C., John Smith, Dr. Timothy Francis, and Clarissa Ann. The first Ebenezer B. was born March 3, 1837, and died August 16, 1838; and Ebenezer B., second, was born November 6, 1838, and died February 9, 1839. Stephen B. was born April 9,...

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