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Progressive Men of Western Colorado

This manuscript in it’s basic form is a volume of 948 biographies of prominent men and women, all leading citizens of Western Colorado. Western Colorado in this case covers the counties of: Archuleta, Chaffee, Delta, Eagle, Garfield, Gunnison, Hinsdale, La Plata, Lake, Mesa, Mineral, Moffat, Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt, San Juan, and San Miguel.

Biographies of Western Nebraska

These biographies are of men prominent in the building of western Nebraska. These men settled in Cheyenne, Box Butte, Deuel, Garden, Sioux, Kimball, Morrill, Sheridan, Scotts Bluff, Banner, and Dawes counties. A group of counties often called the panhandle of Nebraska. The History Of Western Nebraska & It’s People is a trustworthy history of the days of exploration and discovery, of the pioneer sacrifices and settlements, of the life and organization of the territory of Nebraska, of the first fifty years of statehood and progress, and of the place Nebraska holds in the scale of character and civilization. In the table below you can find the name of those whom biographies can be found and click on the page number – it will take you directly to their biography. If you wish to access the history portion of the manuscript then it is contained in volumes 1-2, volume 3 being devoted entirely to biographies. Gallery of Western Nebraska’s People 143 full page photographs of families, couples, group photographs, individual people, and homesteads found within the manuscript History of Western Nebraska & It’s People, Volume 3. Volume 1 – History of Western Nebraska Volume 2 – History of Western Nebraska Biographies of Western Nebraska – Volume 3 SurnameGivePageNotes BusheeBerton Kenyon5 GentryBenjamin F.6 DownerAmon R.7 KirkhamValle B.7 LammWilliam H.8 NeeleyRobert G.8 HamptonRodolphus M.9 HardingWilliam Henry11 WesterveltJames P.11 GrimmJoseph L.12 McHenryMatthew H.12 RaymondLewis L.13 LymanWilliam H.14 SimmonsRobert G.14 DenslowLloyd15 PeckhamJohn S.16 PeckhamGeorge B.16 AndersonVictor17M.D. FrenchWilliam F.17 DavisEvan G.18 HanksRobert M.18 LammWilliam19Sr. ProhsOtto J.19 JonesHoward O.20D.D.S. MillerRobert G.20 AtkinsAuburn W.21 BrownWilliam G.22D.D.S. IrelandTed L.22 HamiltonLuther F.23 YoungFrank B.23M. D. ScottFremont24 MaginnisPatrick25 FaughtArthur M.27M....

Descendants of Alexander Bisset Munro of Bristol, Maine

Alexander Bisset Munro was born 25 Dec. 1793 at Inverness, Scotland to Donald and Janet (Bisset) Munro. Alexander left Scotland at the age of 14, and lived in Dimecrana in the West Indies for 18 years. He owned a plantation, raising cotton, coffee and other produce. He brought produce to Boston Massachusetts on the ship of Solomon Dockendorff. To be sure he got his money, Solomon asked his to come home with him, where he met Solomon’s sister, Jane Dockendorff. Alexander went back to the West Indies, sold out, and moved to Round Pond, Maine, and married Jane. They had 14 children: Janet, Alexander, Margaret, Nancy, Jane, Mary, Solomon, Donald, John, William, Bettie, Edmund, Joseph and Lydia.

Business Men of Northern Maine

The Northern Maine, its Points of Interest and its Representative Business Men manuscript provides historical sketches of the nine towns featured within it’s embrace, as well as biographical sketches of the businesses and the men and women who owned and ran those businesses found within the towns of Houlton, Presque Isle, Caribou, Ft. Fairfield, Danforth, Lincoln, Mattawamkeag, Winn, and Kingman.

History of Kossuth, Hancock, and Winnebago Counties, Iowa

History of Kossuth, Hancock, and Winnebago Counties, Iowa together with sketches of their cities, villages and townships, educational, civil, military and political history; portraits of prominent persons, and 641 biographies of representative citizens. Also included is a history of Iowa embracing accounts of the pre-historic races, and a brief review of its civil and military history.

1923 Historical and Pictorial Directory of Angola Indiana

Luedders’ historical and pictorial city directory of Angola, Indiana for the year 1923, containing an historical compilation of items of local interest, a complete canvass of names in the city, which includes every member of the family, college students, families on rural lines, directory of officers of county, city, lodges, churches, societies, a directory of streets, and a classified business directory.

1921 Farmers’ Directory of Sharon Township

Abbreviations: Sec., section; ac., acres; Wf., wife; ch., children; ( ), years in county; O., owner; H., renter.   Andersen, Andrew M. P. O. Elkhorn, Iowa, R. 1. O. 120 ac.,sec. 27.(24.) Anderson, Henry C. Wf. Clara; ch. Floyd K. and Lois L. P. O. Exira, R. 2. O. 80 ac., sec. 35. (8.) Andersen, Kris P. Wf. Johanna; ch. Elmer, Hans, Kris. P. O. Kimballton, R. 1. O. 80 ac., sec. 4;O. 40 ac., sec. 9. (25.) Andersen, Martin P. Wf. Karen; ch. Henry, Nis, Ella, Lydia, Esther, Alma, Arthur. P. O. Kimballton, R. 1. O. 80 ac., sec. 16; O. 80 ac., sec.9; O. 40 ac., sec. 15. (32.) Andersen, Nels. P. O. Kimballton, R. 1. O. 40 ac., sec. 18; O. 40 ac., sec. 7.(40.) Andersen, Nis. Wf. Katie; ch. Selma, Francis. P. O. Kimballton, R. 1. R. 80 ac., sec. 9. (27.) Owner, Martin P. Andersen. Andersen, Peter E. P. O. Kimballton, R. 1. O. 124.64 ac., sec. 19.(15.) Andersen, Thos. Wf. Petra; ch. Martha, Esther, Francis. P. O. Exira, R. 5. O. 80 ac., sec. 25. (15.) Axelson, Lawrence. P. O. Exira, R. 2. R. 200 ac.,sec. 35. (40.) Owner, Sofia Axelson. Axelson, Martin. Wf. Sarah; ch. Nora, Orville, Lillian, Lucile, Kermit. P. O. Exira, R. 5. O. 80 ac., sec. 36. (34.) Axelson, Sofia. Ch. Lawrence, Clara, Emma and Arthur. P. O. Exira, R. 2. O. 200 ac., sec. 35. (42.) Bjornker, Arne. Wf. Maria. P. O. Elkhorn, R. 1. &gr. 300 ac., sec. 31. (5.) Owner, Hans A. Bladt. Bladt, Hans A. Wf. Caroline; ch. Maria, Anna, Ole, Emma. P. O. Elkhorn,...

1921 Farmers’ Directory of Oakfield Township

Abbreviations: Sec., section; ac., acres; Wf., wife; ch., children; ( ), years in county; O., owner; H., renter.   Andersen, A. P. Wf. Maria; ch. Hilda, Bertha, Christ A. Christiansen. P. O. Atlantic, R. 2. O. 137.37 ac., sec. 19. (24.) Andersen Chris F. Wf. Mary. P. O. Atlantic, R. 6.R. 120 ac., sec. 33. (4.) Owner, John R. Heiken. Andersen, George. Wf. Laura: ch.Rubie. P. O.  Brayton, R. 1. R. 80 ac., sec. 22; R. 80 ac., sec. 23. (3.) Owner, N. P. Hoegh. Andersen, Hans. Wf. Elena; ch. Ellen, Holgar, Ethel, Ambrose, Esther, Dan, Annetta, Ruth and Viola. P. O. Atlantic, R. 2. R. 154 ac., sec. 30. (2.) Owner, John R. Heiken. Andersen, N. C. Wf. Mary; ch. Adolph, Elma, Frank, Edna, Eiler. P. O. Atlantic, R. 6. R. 240 ac., sec. 35. (4.) Owner, Wm. Hoegh. Andersen, Neal. Wf. Nina. P. O. Atlantic, R. 2. R. 135 ac., sec. 29. (3.) Owner, John R. Heiken. Andersen, N. P. Wf. Carrie; ch. Hans C., Matta C., Lydia M. P. O. Brayton, R. 1. O. 120 ac., sec., 11. (21.) Andersen, Robert L. Wf. Anna; ch.Rubiae, Dale, Verle. P. O. Brayton, R. 1. R. 120 ac., sec. 15. (13.) Owner, Mrs. John Johnson. Ashwell, Ralph. Wf. Mae; ch. Edna, Rex. P. O. Exira, R. 2. R. 160 ac., sec. 7. (2.) Owner, Frank Doonan. Beck, F. L. Wf. Anna; ch.Nels, Henry and Marine. P. O. Brayton, R. 1. O. 80 ac., sec. 1. (36.) Beck, L. L. Wf. Elma; ch. Harold and Leonard. P. O. Exira, R. 2. O. 80 ac., sec. 4. (34.) Breeder of Holstein Cattle....

1921 Farmers’ Directory of Melville Township

Abbreviations: Sec., section; ac., acres; Wf., wife; ch., children; ( ), years in county; O., owner; H., renter.   Anderson, L. A. Wf. Mathilda; ch.Emmert and Lucile. P. O. Audubon, R. 3. O. 160 ac., sec. 36. (18.) Breeder of Poland China Hogs. Andresen, Christ. Wf. Hansena; ch. Mary, Nina, Emil, Estra, Hu1ga and Hannah. P. O. Audubon,R. 3. R. 240 ac., sec. 26. (22.) Owner, H. M. McClanahan. Andrews, James. Wf. Allie; ch. Lois and Harvey. P. O. Audubon, R. 3. O. 160 ac., sec. 28. (37.) Breeder of Poland China Hogs and Holstein Cattle. Arts, John N. Wf. Dorothy; ch. Nora L. P. O.Audubon, R. 3. O. 120 ac., sec. 22. (20.) Beurns, James. Wf. Ida; ch. Minnie, John, Albert, Monroe, Bessie, Labelle, Lottie and McKinley. P. O. Audubon, R. 3. R. 80 ac., sec. 24. (45.) Owner, Annis Weighton. Black, Benjamin. Wf. Mattie; ch. Wayne, Everett, Lucile and Therm. P. O. Audubon, R. 3. O. 80 ac., sec. 24. (33.) Blake, J. R. P. O. Guthrie Center. R. 160 ac., sec. 36. (3.) Owner, Almira Blake. Blohm, F. E. Wf. Ruth. P. O. Hamlin, R. 1. R. 120 ac., sec. 32; R. 40 ac., sec. 31. (27.) Owner, E. F. Bilharz. Brown, A. W. Wf. Lennie; ch. Virginia and Dorothy. P. O. Audubon, R. 3. Store in sec. 13. (15.) Buckner, C. E. We. Kathrine; ch. George and Lewis. P. O. Audubon, R. 2. O. 120 ac., sec. 9;O. 40 ac., sec. 4. (35.) Burris, W. M. Wf. Lena. P. O. Audubon, R. 3.R. 80 ac., sec. 14. (25.) Bylund, Axel. Wf. Vendla; ch. Edna and...

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