Recreations of Slaves

Recreations of slaves: The following is an old fashion ballad that was sung during the period of slavery and which was very common throughout the Purchase Region: “Jeff Davis rode a big white horse, but Lincoln rode a mule-Jeff Davis was a fine, smart man, and Lincoln was a fool. Jeff Davis had a fine

Biographical Sketch of David Force

David Force, immigrant ancestor, was born about 1758 in France, and, being left an orphan during the French revolution, or in the troubles preceding, was cared for and brought to America by a Quaker with whom he was living, a youth of nineteen, at Princeton, New Jersey, at the time of the battle of Princeton,

Biographical Sketch of Benjamin Force

Benjamin, son of David Force, was born in 1793. died in 1873. He spent his youth in his native place in New Jersey and was a pioneer settler at Steuben county, now (1910) Schuyler county, New York, where he followed farming all his active life. In politics he was a Whig and afterward a Republican.

Biography of Chester B. Force

Chester B., son of Benjamin Force, was born at Kendall. in Altay valley. Steuben county, New York, now (1910) in Schuyler county, in 1832, died in 1906. He was educated in the public schools. He was a gifted musician, but his principal business through a long and active life was farming. His home was near

Buying and Selling Slaves

BALLARD CO. (J.R. Wilkerson) [HW: Ky 7] [Tinie Force and Elvira Lewis:] During the period of slavery in the Purchase Region, buying and selling slaves was carried on at irregular intervals. The trading usually took place at the home of the slave owner. The prices paid for slaves was dependent upon certain conditions. In case

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