Biography of Erastus H. Bartlett

Bartlett Brothers, comprising Erastus H. and Ai J. Bartlett, are the proprietors of the Excelsior Mills at Warner. The plant was first established by these gentlemen in 1872 as a pail, butter tub, and sap bucket factory. The original mill was destroyed by fire in 1873, entailing a loss of three hundred and fifty dollars

Horace L. Bartlett

8. HORACE L.4 BARTLETT (John3, Nathaniel2, Samuel1,) was b. Sept. 21, 1822; m. May 28, 1845, Cornelia A. Weld of Cornish, dau. of Peleg and Patty (Foster) Weld, b. April 15, 1823; and d. May 12, 1861. Lived in Bridgewater, Vt. He d. April 16, 1860, by accident while logging. Children: i. RODNEY J., b.

Sylvester Nathaniel Bartlett

9. SYLVESTER NATHANIEL4 BARTLETT (Nathaniel3-2, Samuel1) was b. June 3, 1819; m. in Woodstock, Vt., -larch 29, 1847, Emeline R. Hart, b. May 10, 1824, in Pomfret, Vt. In -larch, 1867, he, with his family, left Cornish and settled on a farm in Claremont; where they spent the remainder of their lives. He d. April

Edwin P. Bartlett

10. EDWIN P.4 BARTLETT (Nathaniel3-2, Samuel1) was b. Jan. 13, 1832; m. March 20, 1856, Emeline E. Wood of Cornish, dau. of Aril K. and Emeline (Day) Wood, b. Jan. 23, 1835. A farmer, also a teacher of instrumental music. He d. April 16, 1876. Children, all b. in town: i. JULIA ELLEN, b. Nov.

Henry Franklin Bartlett

11. HENRY FRANKLIN4 BARTLETT (Peletiah3, Nathaniel2, Samuel1) was b. Nov. 9,1820; m. NoV. 26, 1855, Sarah A. Dunham of Mansfield, Conn., b. June 21, 1830, d. Feb. 9, 1887. He d. Feb. 20, 1909. Children: i. SOPHIA A., b. , 1857 (?) : d. Sept. 25, 1863. ii. HERBERT HENRY, b. Sept. 15, 1867; m.

Gilman Miotimer Bartlett

12. GILMAN MIORTIMER4 BARTLETT (Peletiah3, Nathaniel2, Samuel1) was b. Jan. 24, 1822; m. Oct. 20, 1848, Angelina Comings of Cornish, dau. of Uriel and Sarah (Robinson) Comings, b. NoV. 3, 1823, and d. Dec. 19, 1894. -1r. Bartlett lived in Cornish near the mills until after the death of his wife. Afterwards in Brownsville, Vt.

Hiram Bartlett

7. HIRAM D.4 BARTLETT (John3, Nathaniel2, Samuel1) was b. Nov. 12, 1817; m. Feb., 1843, Sarah Ann Fellows of Cornish, dau. of John and Temperance (York) Fellows, b. Feb. 29, 1825, and d. May 9, 1896. Mr. Bartlett was a celebrated tenor drummer. He d. May 7, 1887. Children, all b. in Cornish: i. ELLA

Jesse Johnson Bartlett

13. JESSE JOHNSON4 BARTLETT (Peletiah3, Nathaniel2, Samuel1) was b. Nov. 16, 1823; m. June 4, 1854, Elmina Dunham of Mansfield, Conn. He d. Oct. 21, 1854, leaving one child, Martha J., b. May 28, 1855, who m. Nov. 23, 1886, Henry Clark Kendrick. After Mr. Bartlett’s death, his wid. m. March 23, 1866, Edwin Harvey

Daniel D. Bartlett

15. DANIEL D.5 BARTLETT (Hiram4, John3, Nathaniel2 Samuel1) was b. Aug. 27, 1856. He m. Aug. 16, 1883, Rebecca Bryant of Windsor, Vt. A farmer and resided on the homestead of his father. He d. Jan. 23, 1911. Children, all b. in town: 1. ELMER CLEVELAND, b. Dec. 30, 1884; m. June 28, 1908, in

Plorival Bartlett

PLORIVAL BARTLETT, with Sarah, his wife. was probably of the same stock as the other Bartletts. but his relationship to them is unknown to the genealogist. They lived several years in town, but left it for some place in the West in 1840. Children, all supposed to have been b. in town: i. A child,

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