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Claybank Cemetery Ozark Alabama

Margaret Claybank Cemetery is located about two miles from Ozark, Alabama on Ozark – Daleville Highway. This cemetery enumeration was performed in 1948 by Eustus Hayes and as such will provide details on headstones which may no longer be present in the cemetery. Lizzie E. Dowling June 25, 1853 – Oct 31, 1938. Wife of N. B. Dowling. N. B. Dowling Aug 15, 1853 – Mar 28, 1938. Hus of Lizzie E. Dowling. Leila Belle Dowling May 26, 1876 – Jan 14, 1933. Dau of S. L. & Sarah Jane Dowling. Samuel L. Dowling Nov 3, 1841 – Jan 15, 1919. Sarah Jane Windham Feb 22, 1839 – June 15, 1925. Wife of Samuel L. Dowling. Rev. John Dowling July 20, 1818 – Feb 28, 1900. Son of Rev. Dempsey Dowling. Charlotte Dowling Oct 20, 1888 -. Wife of Rev. John Dowling Sr. Erin Elizabeth Dowling Feb 10, 1902 – Sep 11, 1902 Inf. Dau of R.Y. & Melissa Dowling. Pauline Dowling Feb 13, 1897 June 24, 1899 Inf. Dau of RY & Melissa Dowling. Alonzo G. Dowling Dec 26, 1888 June 16, 1922. F. Melissa Prigden July 1, 1866 Apr 18, 1943. Wife of R.Y. Dowling. Robert Y. Dowling June 14, 1865 Aug 30, 1924. J. B. Dowling July 16, 1903 Oct 20, 1928. Sarah E. Thomas Feb 23, 1839 – Sep 10, 1917. Wife of F.M. Prigden. F.M. Prigden Apr 10, 1838 – Feb 21, 1908. Jefferson Dowling May 6, 1848 – Mar 12, 1887. Margaret Dowling Oct 7, 1850 – Aug 16, 1887. Wife of Jefferson Dowling. Nellie Parker July 16, 1855 – Nov 2, 1887....

Biographical Sketch of Thomas R. Akins

One of the leading and well known citizens of Wallowa County is the gentleman whose name is at the head of this article and who is the operator of one of the important business industries of the county, being proprietor of the Enterprise hotel and is one of those who have been enterprising and up to date in the promotion of the welfare and interest of both the county seat and the county, being a man of good capabilities and energy. Mr. Akins was born in Missouri, in 1857, being the son of S. J. and Mary H. (Burns) Akins, natives respectively of Illinois and Iowa. In 1860 they migrated from Missouri to Colorado, remaining there until 18884, whence they came to Union county, this state and then to Wallowa county in 1887, and the parents are living at the present time in Joseph. At the early age of seventeen the subject of this sketch began the battles of life on his own account, taking up farming at the first. Later he was in various states, among them being Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon. About three years ago he came to Enterprise to settle down and for a time operated a retail liquor establishment, and then entered the hotel business. He is today operating one of the leading hotels of the county, and has a good patronage and is a host whose labors for the comfort of his guests are untiring and faithful. As a result of his efforts he is favored with a trade that is constantly increasing. The marriage of Mr. Akins and Miss Ellen Groseclose,...

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