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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Regiment, Company G.


LIEUTENANT: Burnside, A.W., Barksdale, J.A., Watts, J.W.

SERGEANTS: Wright, A.Y., Garlington, J.D., Winn, W.C., Sanford, B.W., Parley, H.L. CORPORALS: Owengs, A.S., Brownlee, D.J.G., McCarley, T.A., Patton, M.P., Thompson, A.G.H., Templeton, D.C.

PRIVATES: Avery, T.M., Avery, F.H., Adams, W.A., Ball, W.H., Ball, H.P., Barksdale, A., Barksdale, T.B., Barksdale, M.S., Branks, C.B., Brooks, L.R., Brooks, W.J., Bendle, R.T., Byrant, R.F., Blackaby J.L., Burns, B.F., Burns, J.H., Brownlee, J.R., Brumlett, C., Childress, D., Childress, W.A., Cook, Geo., Curry, J.A., Curry, T.R., Curry, W.L., Curry, J.P., Crisp. J., Coleman, J.D., Chisney, W., Chisney, J.N., Chisney, N., Chisney, R.J., Chisney, G., Craig, J., Chick, W., Coley, R.B., Dorroh, J.A., Dorroh, J.R., Dorroh, J.W., Dial, J., Edwards, L.L., Edwards, M., Evins, H.C., Fairbairn, E.J., Fairbairn, J.A., Fairbairn, J.D., Franks, B.T., Franks, S., Franklin, W., Fleming, M., Fuller J., Grumbles, R.P., Garrett, H.M., Harris, R.T., Hellams, J.T., Hellams, R.V., Hellams, W.R., Hellams, R.T. Hellams, W.H., Henderson, T.Y., Henry, I.F., Henry, S.P., Hill, D.S., Higgins, R.J., Higgins, R.J., Higgins, J.B., Hunter, J.P., Hobby, J.A., Jones, E., Knight, J., Knight, R.S., Lamb, W., Lanford, J.M., Landford, P., Lindsey, E.E., Lanford, E.L., McNeely, A.Y., Martin, J.A., Martin, B.A., Martin, M.P., Martin, M.G., Martin, J., Martin, J.A., Morgan, W.B., Morris, W.H., McClentock, W.A., Maddox, J., A., Simpson, W.W., Simpson, A., Simpson, S., Stoddard, D.F., Stoddard, J.F., Stoddard, D.C., Stoddard, A.R., Stewart, J.C., Summers, W.W., Smith, R., Shockley, J.W., Stone, E., Shesly, E., Templeton, J.P., Thackston, E.R., Thackston, S.R., Thompson, I.G., Thompson, W., Thompson, A.Y., Thompson, W.F., Townsend, J., Vonodore, J., Wadell, A.J., Wadell, J.T., Wine, A.W., Wilson, T.C., Witte, J.B.H., White, J.K., Workman, J.M., Wofford, B.H.

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