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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Battalion, Company D.

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CAPTAIN: Gunnels, G.M.

LIEUTENANTS: James, B.S., Kirk, C.E., Allison, R.W.

SERGEANTS: Harris, J., Potter, B.L., Dial, D.T., Armstrong, D.

CORPORALS: Shell, J.H., Allison, J., Ramage, F., Simmons, W.

PRIVATES: Adams, J., Adams, Robert, Armstrong, S., Atwood, M., Abrams, G.W., Babb, William, Babb, Doc, Babb, J., Belle, L.G., Barger, H.M., Boyd, E., Boyd, D.W., Bailey, A.P., Brownley, J.R., Burdette, G.W., Bishop, W., Bishop, J.W., Bailey, M.S., Bishop, J.C., Blalock, R., Chappell, W., Chambers, J.B., Cunningham, M.C., Cunningham, R.A., Curry, L., Cason, M.J., Crisp, A., Duncan, R., Epps, W., Eutrican, W.M., Evans, W.R., Garlington, C., Gunnels, W., Graham, A., Hollingsworth, J.I., Hollingsworth, A.C., Hellams, W., Hellams, Y., Harmond, F.F., Harris, S., Hatton, T.J., Hollingsworth, W., Joyce, J.C., Jones E.P., Jones, H.C., Johnson, Dr. J.P., Kelly, F., Knight, D., Langston, Henry, Loyd, T., Madden, D.C., Martin, J., Mason, A., May, J.P., Metts, M.B., McCawley, Martin, McCawley, James, McKnight, W.D., Milam, W.S., Munroe, W., Neal, A.T., Owens, J.H., Owens, L., Parks, A.R., Peas, Jno., Potter, Moses, Price, James, Ray, J.J., Rook, S., Rowland, A., Richardson, Jno., Shell, E.C., Shockley, J., Shockley, R., Simmonds, J., Starks, D., Spears, R.S., Spears, G.T., Speake, J.T., Speake, J.L., Stoddard, W., Taylor, A.S., Thomas, J.H., Tribble. E.E., Wesson, Thomas, West, S., Whitton, D.M., Winn, C., Wolff, W.Y., Harris, W.C.

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