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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 20th Vols., Company B.

CAPTAIN: McMichael, P.A.

LIEUTENANTS: Barton, B.H., Whetstone, N.C., Cox, J.R.

SERGEANTS: Inabinet, D.J., Way, A.H., Myers, D.D., McCorquodale, —-, Donald, J.A.

CORPORALS: Shuler, J.W., Murphy, J.C., Grambling, A.M., Buyck, F.J.

PRIVATES: Arant, J.T., Bair, J.S., Bair, S.H., Barber, W.E., Bars, W., Baxter, D.F., Bolin, J.E.A., Bolin, J.S., Boltin, J.H., Boltin, E.A., Bonnet, J.D., Bonnet, W.R.E., Bozard, D.B., Bozard, J.D., Bozard, C.F., Brantley, E.W., Brodie, J.W., Brodie, John W., Brodie, Judson, Brodie, J.R., Buyck, J.W., Clayton, W., Collier, L.P., Cook, J.M., Cox, A.M., Crum, J.W., Crum, A.F., Culalasieur, N.W., Dantzler, G.M., DeWhit, M., Dixon, W., Dixon, Henry, Dukes, T.C., Elbrooks, H., Fair, G.S., Fair, J.W., Felkel, J.R., Felkel, J.A., Friday, P.D., Grambling, F.H., Grambling, J.H., Grey, A., Haigler, J.A., Heiner, H.W., Herron, R.R., Holman, A.C., Horger, J.F., Houck, J.J., Houser, J.D., Hutchins, J.C., Hutchins, J.A., Huff, G.W., Hunkerpieler, T.N., Hunkerpella, L., Jackson, J.F., Jackson. J.C., Joyner, D.P., Judy, H., Judy, H.I., Keiser, W.J., Keiser, F.D., Leaird, H.D., Lyles, T., Mack, J., Metts, D.G., Metts, G.W., Metts, W.J., Murphy, H.H., Murphy, L., Murphy, H.B., Murphy, P., Noble, S., Patrick, J., Patrick, D.W., Patrick, E., Patrick, S.P., Patrick, V.V., Pearson, J.H., Pooser, F.N., Pooser, E.H., Rast, J.A., Rast, J.C., Rast, J.L., Rast, T.F., Rast, J.S., Rast, G.D., McReady, E., Reay, M., Riley, H.W., Riley, O.B., Rutlin, W.W., Rutland, A.E., Rutland, H., Seagler, J.E., Sellars, G.D., Shuler, J.W., Smoak, R.F., Smoak. A.B., Smoak, M.T., Smoak, G.W., Stellinger, T.W., Stellinger, F., Till, H.F., Till, T.J., Walsh, J.J., Wannamaker, H.C., Wannamaker, F.M., Way, R.F., Way, J.D., Wolf, W.S., Zeigler, H.H., Zimmerman, D., Bonnett, J.D., McMichael, O., Smoak, G.W., Knights, J.D., Huff, D.W., Wethers, M.L., Kennerly, L.D.S.

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