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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 15th Regiment, Company I.

CAPTAINS: Koon, J.H., Derrick, J.A.

LIEUTENANT: Frick, R.W., Derrick, F.W., Lake, J.T., Fulmer, H., Monts, F.W., Davis, R., Wessinger, H.J., Lybrand, J.N., Keisler, Wade, Shealy, W.C.

SERGEANTS: Wiggers, H.J., Frick, A.J., Lindler, S.P., Eargle, J.A., Long, P.D., Derrick, J.F., Frick, S.J., Frick, L.A., Wessinger, W.F., Amick, H.L. COPORALS: Fulmer, C.N.G., Wessinger, N.J., Ballentine, C., Bowers, A.J.

Privates: Amick, J. Wesley, Amick, Joseph W., Amick, James J., Amick, S.D.W., Amick, E.L., Amick, V.E., Amick, G.H., Amick, D.I., Amick, L.J., Amick, J.L., Bickley, J.H., Bickley, D.W., Bickley, J.A., Bickley, J.I., Busby, W.T., Boland, S.B., Ballentine, W.P., Ballentine, J.W., Coogler, D., Crout, J., DeHart, D., DeHart, J., Derrick, D.I., Derrick, F., Derrick, J.A., Dreher, G.L., Epting, D.W., Eargle, G.E., Feagle, George, Fulmer, L.J., Fulmer, W.P., Fulmer, D.J., Frick, I.N., Griffith, A., Ham, D., Hodge, A., Holman, W.W., Jacobs, J.E., Keisler, J.J., Koon, G.E., Koon, J.B., Koon, H.M., Koon, S.D., Koon, S.W., Koon, W.F., Koon, J.F., Koon, John F., Koon, Walter W., Koon, Hamilton, Koon, J.D., Koon, J.F., Koon, H.W., Lindler, S.G., Lindler, Jacob, Lindler, John, Long G.J., Long, J.J., Long, J.W., Long, Jno. W., Lybrand, J., Monts, G.M., Mayer, A.G., Metz, O.P., Perkins, W.S., Risk, W.I., Risk, J.A., Sutton. J., Shealy, N.E., Shealy, M., Shealy, G.M., Shealy, G.W., Shealy, S., Shealy, J., Shealy, W.W., Smith, G.W., Talbert, J.W., Turner, C.B.; Wiley, E., Wheeler, J.W., Wheeler, L.G., Wessinger, H.J., Wessinger, J.A., Wyse, W.M., Wiggers, A., Wiggers, J.D.

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