Letter to Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Questioning Pensions and Bounty Money

Letter to Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Questioning Pensions and Bounty Money

Lost and Missing Warrants

Saint Louis, January 5, 1870. DEAR SIR: We shall send you by to-morrow’s mail second-bounty warrants to the amount of $5,758, which we had been instructed to send you by Judge Wright for collection. We also send you a list of the warrants, showing each one separately. You will please collect the amounts as soon

Marble Salt Works and Store

Cherokee Nation, May 1, 1866, Received of Joseph Starr his discharge as a private in Company I of the Eighty-third Regiment United States Colored Infantry, to collect bounty thereon, and to return March 1, 1866. JNO. W. WRIGHT. By JOHN B. WRIGHT. BARBARY ELLEN STAR, the mother. Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation. Marble Salt Works And

Drafts Issued, For Clapperton to Collect

March, 1870. In these following cases the drafts for $85 were issued today in the following cases: Names of soldiers. Co. Reg’t. Names of soldiers. Co. Reg’t. Wolf Downing H 3 Joseph Price I 3 Edward Bowfin I 3 Saw-Poor-Boy I 3 Warm I 3 John R. Goard I 3 John-nee B 1 Henry Margua

Indian Home Guard

Indian Home Guard

During the war of the rebellion a number of the residents of the Indian Territory, members of the various tribes therein located, were organized into regiments for military service in the armies of the United States, and were designated as the First, Second, and Third Regiments of Indian Home Guards. They were regularly mustered into the United States service, borne upon the rolls of the Army, and paid upon the monthly muster and pay rolls by paymasters of the Army. Numbers 1 and 2 of accompanying documents show that those troops were regularly recognized as in service.

Department of Interior Reports 1A – 5A

No. 1 A. FORT GIBSON. C. N., August, 1, 1865. DEAR SIR: I have, been here for a month attending to business for the Cherokees and Creeks, particularly for bark pay of deceased soldiers and pensions for widows. The three Indian regiments were mustered out the 31st of May, 1865, and each company had a

Letter, Department of the Interior

Department of the Interior, Washington D. C., April 30, 1872. SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the following resolution, adopted by the House of Representatives, December 11, 1871: Resolved, That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, directed to transmit to this House copies of all letters, telegrams,

Creek Indian Agent Letter

Creek Indian Agent Letter

Appointment of George C. Whiting

Appointment of George C. Whiting

Alleged Frauds Against Certain Indian Soldiers

June 8, 1872.—Laid on the table and ordered to he printed. Mr. BURDETT, from the Committee on Indian Affairs, made the following REPORT The Committee on Indian Affairs to whom were referred the sundry papers, documents, and memoranda appertaining to certain transactions of John W. Wright and others with members of the First, Second, and Third

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