General Customs and Peculiarities of North American Indians

It were far easier to foretell the period when the extinction of the Indian races must be consummated, and to explain the causes that must sooner or later terminate their national existence, than to trace back their early history. Even a succinct account of the various theories, with the arguments upon which they are based,

Important Dates in Indian History

Important Eras And Dates Interesting Events In Indian History 544-1863. A. D. 544 The Toltecs, according to ancient traditions, commenced their migration from the north to the vale of Anahuac, or Mexico. 648 The Toltecs arrived at Tollantzinco, in Anahuac. 982 Eirek the Red discovered Greenland, and planted a colony there. 985 Biarni Heriulfson discovered

Pontiac’s War

Map of Pontiacs War

Early in the eighteenth century the French had commenced extending their influence among the tribes who inhabited the country bordering on the great western lakes. Always more successful than the other European settlers in conciliating the affections of the savages among whom they lived, they had obtained the hearty good will of nations little known

The Iroquois or Six Nations

General Character of Six Nations or Iroquois

Aborigines of Mexico

Aztec Expansion

The kingdoms of New Spain, as Central America and the adjoining country were first called, presented a far different aspect, when first discovered by Europeans, from that of the vast and inhospitable wilderness at the North and East. Instead of an unbroken forest, thinly inhabited by roving savages, here were seen large and well-built cities,

The Florida Indians

De Soto and Vitachuco

The Florida Indians

Indians of Virginia

Baptism of Pocahontas

The most complete and veracious account of the manners, appearance, and history of the aboriginal inhabitants of Virginia, particularly those who dwelt in the eastern portion of that district, upon the rivers and the shores of Chesapeake Bay, is contained in the narrative of the re doubted Captain John Smith. This bold and energetic pioneer,


Noatak kaiaks

There is little, besides some analogies in language, to connect the uncouth race which forms the subject of this chapter with the inhabitants of the more genial climates of North America. The Esquimaux (Eskimos) are spread over a vast region at the north, dwelling principally upon the seacoast, and upon the numberless inlets and sounds

Indians of the Southern States

Early Location, Character, and Numbers of Indians of the Southern States

The Delaware Indians

Treaty of Penn with Indians

Associated with the early history of the Delawares are thoughts of William Penn, and of his peaceful intercourse with, and powerful influence over, the wild natives with whom he treated. At the first settlement of the country by Europeans, the tribes of this nation occupied no small portion of the present state of Pennsylvania, but

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