Letter From Senator Dawes

Third session, Thursday morning, October 17. The following letter from Hon. Henry L. Dawes, who was unable to attend the conference, was read by Dr. Foster: Pittsfield, Mass.., October 15, 1901. My Dear Mr. Smiley: I had anticipated much pleasure in meeting at another of your delightful conferences coworkers in the cause, and in renewing

Indian Agents and the Spoils System

Third session, Thursday morning, October 17. Hon. William Dudley Foulke was then introduced as the next speaker. Indian Agents And The Spoils System By Hon. William Dudley Foulke. I cannot conceive of any time more favorable for effective work than the present. There is now at the head of the Indian Bureau a man whom

Miss Constance G. Du Bois, Interested in the Mission Indians of California

The Mission Indians Of California. We regret that no satisfactory provision seems to be made for the pressing need of homes for the Mission Indians of California. Our inquiries lead us to the belief that the cessation of all attempts (some four or five years ago) to continue the work of surveying and allotting the

Address of Hon. James Sherman of New York

Chairman House Committee on Indian Affairs. Mr. Moderator, for there seems to be so much of the Christian spirit in this conference that I think I may address you as such, without meaning in the least to criticize what in legislative parlance we would call “the steering committee,” I desire to say that the position

Address of Hon. William A. Jones, Commissioner of Indian Affairs

I asked General Whittlesey to read to you the resume of the work done by the Indian Office during the last year, as he had already been furnished by the office with data bearing on the subject. However, upon listening to the reading of his paper I notice one important omission of what has been

Miss Frances Sparhawk and The Indian Industries League

Fourth session, Thursday night, October 17. After some singing by Rev. Frank Wright, the Conference was called to order by the Chair at 8 p. m. Miss Frances Sparhawk was invited to speak on Indian industries. The Indian Industries League. By Frances Sparhawk. The object of the league is to open individual opportunities of work

Dr. Lucien C. Warner, New York

Dr. Lucien C. Warner, New York. It has been my privilege to spend about two weeks in traveling through the Sioux Reservation, and I want to speak especially of the Standing Rock Agency, where there are about 4,000 Indians. It is a grazing country, where it is impossible to raise any crops. Grain and vegetables

Clothing and Other Goods Rejected at New York Warehouse

The failure of the Bay State Clothing Company, who had the contract for suits of clothing for the boys, to furnish garments equal in value to the samples submitted was an occasion of much difficulty at the New York warehouse, commencing in the month of September. The quality of the cloth used was, perhaps, up

Address, Colonel Pratt, Superintendent Carlisle School

I feel greatly honored by being allowed to speak after my chief. I shall not talk long. If I had prepared a paper to read here, as I had intended, after listening to what I have heard I would not read it. I invite the attention of the older members of the conference to the

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