The Case of the State Vs. Will

One of the most remarkable cases ever tried in the North Carolina courts was the case of The State vs. Will. It was the most important case on the subject of slavery and fixed a slave’s right to defend himself against the cruel and unjust punishment of a master. It was decided at the December

Biography of Bartholomew Figures Moore

Bartholomew Figures Moore was born near Fishing Creek, Halifax County, N. C., January 29, 1801. The first seventeen years of his life were spent on his father’s farm. In 1818 he entered the State University and was graduated from that institution in 1820. From 1820-23 he prepared himself for the practice of law, which he

Biography of Jacob Thompson

North Carolina has contributed much to the history of other States. Many of our promising youths have gone to add their lives and talents to increasing the honor rolls of other sections of the Union. Upon all such she looks with pride and pleasure. But she is not willing that all the honor coming from

Assassination of John Walter Stephens

The year 1870 is one of the years that will go down in history as one of great social and political significance, and it well marks the culmination and the decline of the Ku Klux organization. Never before, nor perhaps since, was there a time when prejudice and feeling, intermingled with crime, ran so rampant

Ku Klux Clan Parade at Pulaski

During the parade at Pulaski, as it was passing a corner where a Negro was standing, one of the horsemen, dressed in a hideous garb, dismounted and stretched out his bridal rein to the Negro as if he asked him to hold his horse. The frightened darky held out his hand to receive it, and,

The North Carolina Manumission Society

Perhaps it will be a matter of considerable surprise to many, in fact a majority of the citizens of the State, to know that the anti-slavery sentiment was ever strong enough here to take the form of organized protest and endeavor against the practice of slavery. And they would be still more surprised to know

Raleigh’s “New Fort in Virginia” 1585

Our many centennial celebrations within the past score of years, culminating in the glories of the 400th anniversary of the voyage of Columbus, have awakened a widespread interest in early American history, and in all the incidents connected with the Genesis of the United States. Patriotic associations, both of men and women, have sprung up

Fort Hamby on the Yadkin

In March 1865, General Stoneman left East Tennessee, moving by the turnpike leading from Taylorsville, Tenn., through Wautauga county to Deep Gap on the Blue Ridge. On the 26th of March, he entered Boone, N. C., and on the 27th the column was divided, one division under General Stoneman marching towards Wilkesboro, while the other,

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