The Ogden Land Claim

The New York Indians And The Seneca Leases. We regard the Allegany and Cattaraugus reservations, in their so called “government by their own council for these last years, as a notorious instance of the corruption and misuse of funds by Indians, to which we have referred above. The reports of committees of Congress, of inspectors,

Report of the Purchasing Committee

Purchase And Shipping Of Supplies. The increase in promptness in purchasing and shipping supplies for the last two years has been noticeable. Members of the board were in attendance to assist at the opening of bids at Chicago, in April, 1901, and at New York in May, 1901; and one or more of the commissioners

Report of the Business Committee

Fifth session, Friday morning, October 18. The platform was presented by Dr. Lyman Abbott, chairman of the business committee. Platform. Report Of The Business Committee. The nineteenth annual session of the Lake Mohonk Indian Conference congratulates the country on the gratifying evidence of healthy progress and important results attendant upon efforts that have been put

The Relation of the New York Indians to the United States

The Relation of the New York Indians to the United States

Nineteenth Lake Mohonk Indian Conference

Proceedings Of The Board Of Indian Commissioners At The Nineteenth Lake Mohonk Indian Conference. [Addresses and proceedings which concern the Indians are included in this appendix.] First session, Wednesday. October 16, 1901. The Nineteenth Lake Mohonk Conference of Friends of the Indian was called to order after morning prayers, which were conducted by Rev. Dr.

Progress of the Year in Indian Affairs, Memoranda

Fourth session, Thursday night, October 17 Progress Of The Year In Indian Affairs. Memoranda. Finance, The appropriations for the Indian service for the current fiscal year aggregate $9,736,186.09, an increase of nearly $700,000 over last year. The increase is caused by payments for Indian land and the capitalization of annuity funds. Education. The need of

President Gates Opens last Session

Sixth session, Friday night, October 18. After the singing of a hymn by Mr. Frank Wright the last session of the conference was called to order at 8 o’clock. President Gates. In the words and the music of the beautiful Christian song to which we have just listened, fraught as they are with tender feeling,

List of Officers Connected with the United States Indian Service

List Of Officers Connected With The United States Indian Service, Including Agents, Superintendents, Inspectors, Special Agents, And Supervisors Of Indian Schools. [Corrected to February 20, 1902.] William A. Jones, Commissioner 1334 Vermont avenue A. Clarke Tonner, Assistant Commissioner 1916 Sixteenth street N W. Miss Estelle Reel, superintendent of Indian schools Arlington Hotel Chiefs Of Divisions.

Indian Territory Under the Curtis Act and Subsequent Legislation

Education. Under the Government supervision which has been exercised for three years great improvements have been made in the schools among the Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaws, and Chickasaws and the antagonism with which Government oversight was at first received is growing less. Normal schools and examinations have raised the grade of teachers, manual training has been

Indian Industries

Second session, Wednesday night, October 16, 1901. After the singing of some Scotch songs by Mrs. Hector Hall, the conference was called to order at 8 o’clock by the Chair. Mrs. F. N. Doubleday was introduced. Indian Industries. Mrs. F. N. Doubleday, New York. Let us begin where I left off last year, when I

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