New Jersey Indians – E Surnames

Echkamare, an Indian of Sussex county, cir. 1715-40. See Ambehoes. Edgaques, Etgaqui. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow. Egohohoun, Chief of the Muncies, Lapink, Nepeas, Mechekamee, Cockalalaman, Lawykaman, Tutalayo, Kanashalees, Homeyquoaw, Beoppo, Pemattase, Quaquenow, Awquawaton, Chief of the Opings or Pomptons, Wettanesseck, Wayweenhunt, and Quiasecament. Signed Homeyquoan, Beoppo, Pemattase, Quaquenow, Awquawaton, Wettanesseck, Wayqueenhunt, Ouiasecamont,

New Jersey Indians – P Surnames

Paakek (or Paakek Siekaak, or Paakli Sekaak), 230. Indian deed, June 6, 1695. See Taepgan. Indians of N. J.. 112. Pachem, “a crafty man” of the Hackensacks, who urged the Indians to a general massacre early in 1643. See Oratamy. N. Y. Col. Docs., IV., 8; Indians of N. J., 104. Pachtan. Indian deed, September

New Jersey Indians – O Surnames

Ockanickon. Indian sachem at Burlington, about 1680. Budd’s Good Order Established in Pennsilvania and New- Jersey in America, 1685, Gowans’s Reprint, New York, 1685, p. 64; Burrows Brothers Reprint. Cleveland, 1902, p. 67; Smith s N. J., 148. Oheloakhi. Indian deed, Nov. 28, 1701. See Wiequahila. Ohwsilopp, Indian Sachim, May 30, 1709. See Mahwtatatt. Okanickkon,

New Jersey Indians – S Surnames

Sacarois. Indian deed, 16th 9th mo., 1674. Apparently a contraction of Wassakorois, which see. Saccatorey, 559. Indian deed, Nov. 7, 1675. See Allowayes. Sackarois, Sackares, “Indian sachem and true owner of Mattitembe and several other parcels of land there unto adjacent.” Indian deed, December 10, 1674. Signed also with the mark of Sackarois son. An

New Jersey Indians – R Surnames

Raljolin, Ra Golen. Indian deed, Nov. 18, 1709. See Sherikham. Rapighcumen (in the text, but not a signer of the deed). Indian deed, 1714. See Papejeco. Rarawaken. Indian deed, Dec. 31, 1701. See Tapehou. Rawantagwaywoahg. Indian deed, Nov. 17, 1709. See Sherikham. Rawantaques (Rawantagwas). Indian deed, May 19, 1710. See Memerescum. Rawatones. Indian deed, July

New Jersey Indians – Q Surname

Quackpacktequa, Namerisko and Mataros, “the natural proprietors of a certain tract of land” at Wanaque, in 1729. Unrecorded deed, quoted in “The Early Days and Early Surveys of East New Jersey,” by William Roome, Morristown, 1883, p. 20. Quaghhum. Indian deed, Nov. 28, 1701. See Wiequahila. Quahick, Indian Sachem of Woomanasung. Indian deed, Aug. 12,

New Jersey Indians – T Surnames

Tachthochear. Indian deed, Dec. 10, 1737, to Jurian Thomase, of Bergen county, yeoman, and Adrian A. Post, of Essex County, baker, for the bottom of the River Passaic, a little piece above where the bridge formerly lay over the river. E. J. Deeds, Lib. 2, p. 158. Taepan or Taepgan, Oragnap, Mansiem, Wickwam, Rookham, Paakek,

New Jersey Indians – V Surnames

Veraggeppe. Indian deed, May i, 1701. See Tapgow. Vevenutting, 422. Indian deed, April 9, 1688. See Hoeham. Vorgaon. Indian deed, Aug. 18, 1713. See Menaukahickon. Vugahen. Indian deed, Nov. 10, 1701. See Machcopoikan.

New Jersey Indians – W & Y Surnames

Wachtaew. Indian deed, April 21, 1727. See Mowessawach. Waertsen of Hackingsack. Indian deed, July 10, 1657. See Taghkospemo. Wagakseni (Waghkseni in the text). Indian deed, Sept. 3, 1714. See Papejeco. Waiwemitting. Indian deed, June 4, 1687. See Mecoppy. Wakaghshum (not in body of deed, but signed). Indian deed, Aug. 13, 1708. See Taphaow. Wakitaroe. Indian

Personal Names of Indians of Pennsylvania

The following names of Delaware Indians are gleaned from the Pennsylvania Records, and the Pennsylvania Archives, First Series. Many of these Indians were formerly residents of New Jersey, and they all spoke the same language as the Indians living between the Delaware and the ocean. Akalawhanind, a Delaware Indian, 1758. See Teedyuscung. Aketawnikity, a Delaware

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