Inquiry of Bounty for Vann, Clay, Webber, and Height

Indian Territory, February 8, 1871. SIR: We have been requested to inquire of you relative to the following claims for bounty, &c. Please advise us of the amounts paid, and to whom; also whether by check, or in current money: John Vann, late of Company A, Third Regiment Indian Home Guards; Joseph Vann father and

Clerks of the District Courts, July 1865, to July 1870.

Executive Department Of The Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, January 26, 1871. Gentlemen: Enclosed you will please find a list of the names of the districts, and also a list of the judges of the several districts up to present time. Also copies of the act in relation to marriage and estate, and the act in relation

Bounty Claim, Mrs. Eliza Bushyhead, mother of Jesse Bushyhead

United States Pension Agency, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, January 23, 1871. SIR: Will you please advise us of the condition of the claim for additional bounty of Mrs. Eliza Bushyhead, mother of the late Jesse Bushyhead, Company L, Third Regiment Indian Home Guards. This inquiry is made on behalf of the applicant, who says her

Pension John A. Foreman

Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, January 23, 1871. SIR: In response to request of John A. Foreman, late major of the Third Regiment Indian Home Guards, who has been notified that an application for pension under No. 101123, in his behalf, is pending at the office of the Commissioner of Pensions, we have to request that

Pension Mrs. Mary Ann Perryman, mother of Joseph K. Perryman

United States Pension Agency, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, January 12, 1871. SIR: We have been this day called upon by Mrs. Mary Ann Perryman, who desires information respecting her claim for additional bounty, as mother of Joseph K. Perryman, late of Company I, First Regiment Indian Home Guards. If you will advise us of the

Bounty Declaration of Sarah Chickasaw and Sarah Daugherty

United States Agency For Cherokees, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, July 25, 1870. SIR: I have the honor to state that a check, numbered 25467, in favor of Sarah Chickasaw, widow of Throw Chickasaw, Company K, Third Indian Home Guards, was obtained from me by a Cherokee woman named Sarah Dougherty under the following circumstances, and

Bounty Declaration of TILDA

Creek Agency, Creek Nation, March I1, 1870. Personally appeared before me, F. A. Field, Captain, United States Army, Indian agent Creek Nation, the undersigned, a Creek woman, and a widow of AR-HAR-LOC-YARHOLA, late of Company E, First Regiment Indian Home Guards, who testifies that she has received but $85 on account of the services of

Bounty Declaration of Sarah Jefferys

Creek Agency, December 30, 1869. SIR: I have the honor to report that Sarah Jefferys, widow of George Jefferys, Company G, Eighty-third Regiment, United States Colored Troops, and applied for her bounty, or the bounty her husband was entitled to for his services. She states that J. W. Wright took the discharge of her husband,

Seminole Revoke Power of Attorney

We-Wo-Ka, Seminole Nation, ss: Be it remembered that on this 14th day of September, A. D. 1567, before me, E. J. Brown, Acting United States agent for the Seminole Indians, personally came the persons mentioned below, who, being first by me duly sworn, and having the oath duly interpreted to them by Robert Johnson, United

Bounty Pay letter for Tef-fah

Creek Agency, September 1, 1869. Sin: I have the honor to enclose herewith discharge and other papers of a Creek subject named Tef-fah. He says that the account of his retained pay is correct, but he further states that he is entitled to bounty, and as he has not received it, he would like to

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