Trouble with the Chicamaugas

Trouble with the Chicamaugas, Attack at Knoxville. Mussel Shoals Massacre, Removal to Arkansas, First Printed Laws. The first treaty between the United States and the Cherokees was made at Hopewell on the Keowee River on November 28, 1875, between “Benjamin Hawkins, Andrew Pickens, Joseph Martin and Lachlan McIntosh, Commissioners Plenipotentiary of the United States and

Treasurers of the Cherokee Nation

The office of treasurer was provided for by article four, section twenty one of the constitution, as follows: “The treasurer of the Cherokee Nation shall be chosen by a joint vote of both branches of the National Council for the term of four years.” The annual salary was fixed on October 4, 1839 at five

Supreme Court of the Cherokee Nation

The powers and prerogatives of the judiciary of the Cherokee Nation is given in the thirteen sections of article five of the constitution and “The Judges of the supreme court shall each be allowed three dollars per day, while in service in holding court.” 1839. John Martin, Chief Justice, Reverend Jesse Bushyhead and four other

Sheriffs of the Cherokee Nation

Sheriffs of Canadian District 1841 and 1843. James Mackey; James Ore 1845; Josiah Reese 1847; John Shepherd Vann 1849; James Starr 1851; Nelson Riley 1853; Joseph M. Reese 1855; John Porum Davis 1857; Charles Drew 1859; Unknown 1861; Charles Drew 1867; John Q. Hayes 1869 and 1871; Stand Watie Gray’ 1873; Thomas Jefferson Bean 1875

Senators of the Cherokee Nation

Senators from the Canadian District 1841. Captain William Dutch- and the other one unknown. 1843. Captain William Dutch and Joseph Tally. Both resigned. 1844. John Shepherd and Nelson Riley, vice Dutch and Talley, resigned. 1845. James Mackey and William Shorey Coody. The latter was elected President of the Senate. 1847. Captain William Dutch and William

Judges of the Cherokee Nation

Judges of Canadian District 1841. John Brewer; 1843. Robert G. Anderson; 1847. Nelson Riley; George Washington Campbell; 1849. William Reese. 1851. Lewis Riley; 1853. William Reese; 1855. Star Deer in the water; 1857. Dempsey Fields; 1859. William Doublehead; 1861. James Ore; 1867 and 1869. Joseph Martin Hildebrand; 1871, 1873, 1875, 1877, 1879 and 1881. Abraham

Councilors from the Cherokee Nation

Councilors from Canadian District 1841. Joseph Talley, Wind and Wrinklesides. 1843. Lightningbug Bowles, Dahlahseenee and Oosoody. Bowles would not qualify and Lewis Riley was elected. Dahlahseenee died October 26, 1844 and Oosoody died November 29, 1844. 1845. Lewis Riley, John Shepherd and Jefferson Nivens. 1847. Lightningbug Bowles, Jacob Thorne and William Doublehead. 1840. Leggings, David

Clerks of the Cherokee Nation

Clerks of the Council 1841. Rev. Jesse Bushyhead. 1843. Jonathan Mulkey. 1845. Rev. David McNair Foreman. 1847. Hercules T. Martin. 1849. Hercules T. Martin. 1851. Thomas B. Wolf. 1853. Thomas B. Wolf. 1855. Hercules T. Martin. 1857. Hercules T. Martin. 1859. Thomas B. Wolf. 1861. Thomas B. Wolf. 1867. Thomas B. Wolf. 1869. Clement Neeley

Solicitors of the Cherokee Nation

The following were the solicitors of the Canadian District Lewis Riley 1841 and 1842; David Boggs 1843 and 1844; Robert G. Anderson 1845 and 1846; David Boggs 1847 and 1848; George Washing-ton Campbell 1849; Unknown 1851; Star Deerinthewater 1853; John Porum Davis 1855; Charles R. Gourd 1857; Gah-luh-do-la-duh 1859; Levi Toney 1867; Charles Edwin Watie

Circuit Judges of the Cherokee Nation

Circuit Judges, Middle Circuit Timothy Meigs Walker 1867; Jacob Bushyhead 1871, Kinick Sixkiller appointed in 1872 to try Ezekial Proctor; Timothy Meigs Walker 1875; Stephen Teehee 1879; Cicero Leonidas Lynch 1883 and 1887; William Nicholls Littlejohn l891, he resigned August 26, 1895 and Benjamin Goss was appointed August 2 7, 1895; Martin Van Benge 1895,

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