Early Mills of Brown County, Nebraska

To pioneers the early mills are of great value. The fine running streams on the south side of the Niobrara offered ample water power which was early utilized for grinding grain and sawing lumber. On Pine creek were the Ritterbush mills for both flour and lumber, Richard Upstill, sawmill; Steve Kyner, flour mill. On Bone

History of Johnstown, Nebraska

A Methodist church was built in 1884. The United Brethern church was organized December 12, 1885, Rev. Campbell, minister. Among the very earliest ministers was John Calvert. Rev. Elias Frame and Jeremiah Frame filed on claims near Johnstown on April 7, 1880, the first filings made in what is now Brown county at the Valentine

Churches, Schools and Incorporation at Long Pine Nebraska

The Methodist church of Long Pine was the second church in Brown County. It was organized by Rev. I. H. Skinner, Cornelius B. Morefort, Charles R. Glover W. E. Davis, Joseph E. Dunn and Benjamin Elliott, November 30,1883. (contributed by Mrs. W. M. Ely). One of the earliest Methodist, pastors, Rev. W. W. Thomas, often

Items of Interest from Rock County, Nebraska

Delving into the original records of Rock county for information, one finds that the first entry in Record book A is a copy of the proceedings of the county board of Brown county on August 1, 1888. At this meeting M. E. Freeman and others filed with the county commissioners a petition asking for a

Memories Of Long Pine, Nebraska

In the fall of 1881 Long Pine was a hustling little frontier town only a few weeks old. It was headquarters for Berry Brothers stage line and all freight and supplies for Fort Niobrara and surrounding country. The Railroad eating house was operated by Mr. and Mrs. Rich. The Severns House was built shortly after

County Courthouse of Brown County, Nebraska

But all these matters faded into insignificance before two great questions, namely, county division, and the building of a courthouse. As early as October, 1883 residents of the eastern part of the county petitioned for an election to vote on county division, the new county to be called Elkhorn. A year later, October 14, 1884,

1883 Election in Brown County, Nebraska

At the general election of 1883 these special officers were re-elected with the following exceptions: Clerk, B. H. McGrew Treasurer, J. A. Plympton Sheriff, H. J. Simpson Coroner, J. H. Spafford J. F. Burns was appointed county attorney at a salary of $100 per year. In June it was found that the assessed valuation of

1893-1895 Drought Years in Brown County, Nebraska

“About one-half of each homestead was broken up by 1893. Crops had been good, and you would find lots of cattle south, with some north and west of town. In 1893 the drought started in July. It was dry and hot. Corn that year averaged about five to six bushel, small grain about fifteen bushel.

1890 Drought of Brown County, Nebraska

The progressive spirit of Brown County, Nebraska was very suddenly checked when crops began to fail for lack of rains. In 1890 many farmers failed to raise enough to feed their stock and family, and appealed to the county for relief. The county, in turn, appealed to the state. Small amounts of money received afforded some

Immigration in Brown County, Nebraska

For a few years, during the 80’s the tide if immigration flowed steadily until there was claim shanty on almost every quarter section of tillable land. The years 1884 and 1885 were marked by an unusual rush of newcomers. A few cattle ranches had been opened in the sand hill sections, but at that time

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