North Powder Cemetery, Union County, North Powder Oregon

B Surname

Bainter, Brenda Michelle Still Born 2/25/1963-2/25/1963
Baker, Elden Removed
Baker, Elden
Barger, John W. 1871-1921
Barger, Sarah Lella 1885-11/5/1969
Barhyta, Clair Nettie 1868-1944
Barhyta, Jerry Elmer 1885-1948
Barrietua, Peter Joseph 9/8/1967-1/1/1970
Baty, John L. 5/13/1817-4/5/1894
Bauer, Everett F. 1914-1934
Bauer, Henry Franklin 1878-1915
Beaumont, Emaline 1861-1938
Beaumont, Thomas 1858-1935
Beck, Sharon Marie (Baby) 1946-1946
Belden, Horace W. 1898-1981
Belfield, Charles M. 1857-1927
Belfield, Oscar M. 1892-1923
Bell, Harold W. 1933-1943
Bell, Roger, Ollie 1908-1969
Betts, Norma Kathryn 4/12/1921-1/5/1994
Betts, Robert 1917-1982
Betts, Twylin (Smith) 1942-1992
Beveridge, Bros. Dave Unmarked Horseshoe
Beveridge, Dave Unmarked Horshshoe
Bidwell, Edith 1901-11/1977
Bidwell, F. Deane 1900-1973
Bingham, Jode Chase 5/19/1970-9/7/1980
Birchmier, Cora May 2/18/1900-10/15/1991
Birchmier, Homer Lee 1898-1972
Birchmier, Leo Francis 6/9/1916-9/15/1955
Blair, Benjaman S. 1887-1971
Blais, Dorothy 1894-1969
Blais, Helen Eora 2/19/1908-11/19/1995
Blevins, Alva C. 12/20/1900-11/6/1914
Blevins, Curtis M. 1875-1918
Blevins, Elbert S. 1868-1944
Blevins, Florence 1874-1939
Blevins, Nora May 8/11/1875-1/7/1934
Blodgett, Alice O’Bryant 1846-1938
Bohn, Axel P. 1881-1936
Bohn, Sada J. 1881-1975
Bolle, Jeanne Audley 1/7/1918-9/14/1969
Bowman, Albert f. 1889-1945
Bowman, Helen G. 1886-1946
Bowman, Ida E. 1885-1980
Bowman, James N. 11/7/1895-11/9/1895
Bowman, John W. 3/16/1890-4/3/1890
Bowman, Joseph E. 1882-1946
Bowman, Margaret 1860-1933
Bowman, N.B. 2/15/1847-11/26/07
Boyd, Jacob Arthur 11/4/81-1/4/82
Bozarth, Nina 5/6/1891-10/6/1870
Bradfield, Eleanor R. 1894-1975
Bradfield, Fred 1891-8/10/64
Brant (As Listed)
Brant, Charles 1880-1959
Brant, Dora 1889-1985
Brant, John 8/22/1849-7/5/1934
Brank, John Jr. 6/2/1889-6/14/1962
Brant, Leah 7/31/1857-4/13/25
Brant, Lela M. 9/18/1882-12/24/32
Brant, Uberta 11/10/10-9/7/12
Brant, William 1882-4/26/1905
Briggs, Jennie F. 1877-1959
Briggs, Robert W. 1877-1970
Brothers, Dick 1873-1933
Brothers, Enolia 1879-8/1961
Brown, Baby 4/19/1906-4/27/1906
Brown, Glen 1929-1988
Brown, Jimmie Wayne 4/13/1944-12/19/1991
Browne, G. Wayne 8/7/1939-10/30/1995
Browne, Mable Marie 5/23/1943-11/15/1994
Browne, Ralph Waldo 4/1/1910-8/7/1993
Burdette, Jessie N. 1900-1981
Burdette, Robert R. 7/14/1894-11/9/1980
Burns, Thomas 1856-1928
Burris, Hazel C. 1903-1946

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