United Methodist Church Cemetery, Edgecombe County, North Carolina

This cemetery is located in Edgecombe County at Conetoe. Behind the United Methodist Church

Name Birth Death Comments County & State
Margie Vaughn 9.21.1919 1.14.1998 Wife of Frank Everett Edgecombe, NC
Frank Everett 12.1.1910 9.28.1975
Dewey Randolph Hoke 4.3.1911 4.16.1995 Father
Allene Plyler Hoke 5.13.1912 6.30.1987 Wife of D. R Hoke Mother
John David Hill 1.9.1935 1.7.1999
Larence Edward 4.27.1915 11.3.1921 Son of JO & FL Bunting
Betsy Ann Warren Bunting 12.10.1858 1.17.1934 Wife of Thomas C Bunting
Thomas Christopher Bunting 11.28.1858 10.18.1934
Mary E Jones 7.26.1909 8.16.2000
James Battle Bryant 11.23.1915 1.24.1997 WWII
Mary E Bullock 10.25.1923 Wife of James Battle Bryant
Ernest Albert 1.8.1917 11.28.1974
Dora James 11.10.1917 11.9.1998 Wife of Ernest Albert
Percy Leon Williamson 4.21.1924 2.12.1982
Thelma Weathersby 11.11.1927 Wife of Percy Leon Williamson
Thelma “Ann” Williamson 1.16.1944 6.12.2001
Ben C Sumerlin 11.19.1906 10.1.1973 All three of these Sumerlins were on one
Minnie H Sumerlin 6.4.1904 3.7.1992 Marker
Willie F Sumerlin 11.17.1901 12.21.1925
Nathel C Williamson 9.6.1918 11.27.1990
Fannie H 10.7.1920 Wife of Nathel C Williamson
James A Deal 11.21.1901 8.5.1982
Nellie D 9.11.1908 8.27.1984 Wife of James A Deal
Julian T Johnson 9.23.1925
Edna D 9.11.1928 Wife of Julian T Johnson
James Edward Harris 11.2.1893 4.24.1967
Bettie Edmondson 3.26.1908 7.17.1997 Wife of James Edward Harris
Marvin T Roberson 5.6.1930
William E Roberson 10.17.1885 10.17.1964
Effie B 10.4.1889 8.22.1971 Wife of William E Roberson
Josephine D Worsley 1933 2003 Metal marker
Charlie L Walters 6.9.1901 3.18.1978
Lossie H 10.20.1898 9.16.1981 Wife of Charlie L Waters
William Walter Roberson 12.1.1910 8.31.1994
Mabel M 9.28.1904 2.14.1989 Wife of William Walter Roberson
Fannie M Dennis 2.21.1910 4.4.1986
Gladys Roberson 6.11.1920 9.20.1990 Wife of Albert Van Oakly
Albert Van Oakly 10.29.1916 9.8.1990
C Landon James 10.27.1912 1.23.1976
Jessie R 11.13.1914 6.26.1989 Wife of C Landon James
Nancy Wier Carpenter 4.26.1938 Wife of Edward Lee Roberson
Edward Lee Roberson 6.10.1935
Whit R Roberson 11.10.1879 2.2.1948
Nora Harris 8.2.1888 7.29.1968 Wife of Whit R Roberson
Joseph E Everett 9.17.1915 3.29.1992
Glen H Bennett 3.10.1901 4.11.1975
Helen E 9.13.1908 Wife of Glen H Bennett
John A Walker 8.16.1881 2.27.1965
Maude R 7.18.1893 10.18.1968 Wife of John A Walker
Lydia R Bryant 7.28.1891 11.20.1969
Henry Milton Edmondson , Sr 4.15.1922 Wed 4.12.1941
Lydia Robinson 11.16.1921 Wife of Henry Milton Edmondson, Sr
William Ed Mayo 4.11.1931 10.11.1985
Robert Oscar Edmondson 9.7.1905 11.4.1973
John Oscar Edmondson 1.6.1876 2.3.1966
Julia Ward Batchelor 11.18.1959 5.8.1993
John Henry Everett 11.13.1919 8.31.2001
Ethel Summerlin 3.23.1928 1.13.1988 Wife of John Henry Everett
Anita Jean Everett 4.7.1960 4.17.1960 Dau of John Henry & Ethel Everett
Daniel Elijah Everett 4.26.1881 7.21.1964 Father
Lydia Harrell 7.26.1886 7.1.1958 Mother Wife of Daniel Elijah Everett
Dan, II 5.7.1904 8.13.1985 Son of Daniel & Lydia Everett
Percy C Everett 2.8.1909 10.11.1992
Robert Lane Roberson 4.14.1926
Jean K 5.11.1934 11.15.1998 Wife of Robert L Roberson
Joseph H Stallings 6.22.1891 1.6.1974
Lillian W 7.26.1906 11.23.1991 Wife of Joseph H Stallings
Earl Lynn Roberson 6.10.1935
Mamie Lee Bunting Roberson 9.25.1913 7.1.1985 Wife of John Edward Roberson
John Edward Roberson 6.13.1909 1.11.1978
Ronald Gillard, Jr Ellis This is on marker

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