Baptisms in the Village of Bergen in New Jersey 1680 – 1682

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No Date Child Parents Witness & Sponsors
73 bo. Jan. 1 Gerrit1 Adriaen Post  Catreyna Gerrits  
74 bo. Jan. 23 Pieter1 Helmigh Roelofse  Jannetje Pieters  
75 bo. Mar.
bp.11 Mar. 25
Cornelis Matheus Cornelisse Anna Lubi   Jacob Lubi, Catreyna Magielse
76 bp. Mar. 25 Johannes  Pieter Hesselse Elysabet Gerrits  Johannes Magielse, Y.M., Metje Derckse Braack, Y. W.
77   Marey  Sjarel Huysman Adriaentje Dirckse Davit de Maree Angenietje Streyckers
78 bp. Mar. 25 Willem  Tomas Tecxe Magrietje Tecx Jan Davitse, Margarietje Krets
79   Treyntje Walingh Jacobs  Catreyna Magielse Jacob Jacobse and his wife
80 bp. June 21 Jacob Jan Cornelise Bongert  Angenietje Stryckerz Jan Streycker, Cornelis Janse, Swaentje Jans
81 bp. June 21 Ragel Davit de Maree, the younger  Ragel Carson Pieter Cerson, Ragel Cerson
82 bp. Aug. 17
bo. Oct. 11
Annetje Sibi Epkese  Mareya Ariaense Sips Hans Diderickse and his wife
83 bo. Aug. 28 Roelof1 Tonis Roelofse  Treyntje Claes  
84 bp. Oct. 11 Magiel Tades magielse  Annetje Steynmets Johannes Steynmets, Catreyna Magielse
85   Susanna Niola Devouw  Marcy Csi? Davit De Maree and his wife
86 bp. Oct. 10
bo. Oct. 11
Jacob Claes Jansen  Annetje Cornelis Elyas Magielse  Treyntje Claes
87 bo. Dec. 21 Andries2 Hendrick Hoppe Marya Jans  
88 bo. Apr. 3  Dirck Hertman Magielse  Merritje Dircks Braack  

1 Baptized at New York
2 Born at Bergen


No Date Child Parents Witness & Sponsors
89 bp. June 13 Margrietje3 Hendrick Jorise  Claesje Cornelis Jan Cornelis Bongert  Angenietje Streyckers
90   Hendrick4 Johannes Spier Merreytje Franse Kersten de Schemaker Hillitje Jans
91 bp. July 28 bo. Aug. 21 Daniel Jacob Jacobse  Aeltje Daniels Walingh Jacobse, Annetje Ariaense Sips
92 bo. Aug. 5
bp. Aug. 21
Cristina Fredrick Tomase Catreyna Hoppe Cornelis Tomase Barentje Hendrickse
93 bp. Aug. 21 Andries Pieter Cornelise Hendrickje Aerts Matys Hoppe Minouw Pouluse
94 bp. Oct. 3 Davit Samuel De Mare Marey Druwen Jan de Mare, Marey De Maree, his mother
95 bo. Dec. 4 Claertje Adriaen Post  Catreyna Gerrits  
96  bo. Dec. 9 Reynier Cornelis Roelofse Reynier Maddaleena van Giesen  

3 The first baptized in the church
4 Also the first baptism in the church


No Date Child Parents Witness & Sponsors
97 bo. Mar. 3
bp. Apr. 18
 Elysabet Gerrit Gerritse Junior Niesje Pieters Pieter Metselisen Annetje Hermens
98 bo. Mar. 21
bp. Apr. 18
Cornelis Helmigh Roelofse  Jannetje Pieters Cornelis Roelofse, Pietertje Van de Voorst
99 bp. Apr. 18 Angenietje Hendrick Epkese  Mareya Lubberse Sibi Epkese and his wife
100 bp. Apr. 18 Elysabet Merselis Pieterse  Pietertje Van de Voorst Pieter Merselis,Hillitje Jans
101    Lea Jan de Maree  Jacomeyn Druwen Nicola der Pree Reychje Hermens
102 bp. Apr. 18 Jannctje Laurus Ackerman Geertje Egberts Gerrit Tysen Annetje Ackermans
103   Jannetje Jacob Leroe  Weybrecht Hendrickse Josias Marse and his wife
104   Pieter Lubbert Lubbertse, the younger Hillitje Poulus Roelof Lubbertse Mareya Lubbers
105   Zara Sjarel Macleen  Catreyna Tomas Hertman Magielse Annetje Jacobs
106  bp. Apr. 18 Achtje Cornelis Magielse  Metje Dirckse Dirck Claesen Braack Freytje Hertmans
107  bp. Apr. 18 Ragel Jan Cornelise Bongert Angenietje Streyckers Stoffel Kabasje Weyntje Cornelis
108   Johannis Symon Jacobse  Annetje Ariaense Sips Jan Ariaense Sips, Y. M. Aeltje Daniels
109 bo. between Apr.
23 & 24
Geertruyt Ariaen Pieterse Buys Treyntje Hendrickse  
110 bp. May 21 Geysbert Jan Lubbersen Maddaleentje Jans Jacob Janse van de Hilt  Catreyna Hoppe
111 bo. between June 7 & 8
bp. June 26
Margrietje Sibe Epkese Mareyte Ariaense Sips Hendrick Epkese Aeltje Danniels
112 bp. June 26 Jan Hendrick Hoppe Mareytje Jans Jan Lubberse and wife
113   Cristeyn Sjarel Huysman Ariaentje Dirckse Nicola de Vouw and wife
114 bo. Aug. 13 Annetje Tonis Roelofse Treyntje Claes  
115 bo. Sept. 14
bp. Oct. 2
Ragel Pieter Hesselse Eleysabet Gerrits Claes Arents Toers, Y.M., Claesje Dirckse Braack
116 bp. Oct. 2 Johannes Walingh Jacobse Catreyna Magielse Johannes Steynmets, Merritje Jacobs
117 bo. Oct. Jannetje Tades Magielse Anna Steynmets  
118 bo. Nov. 21 Jacob Matheus Cornelise Anna Lubi  
119 bo. Dec. 4 Hellegontje Claes Jansen  Annetje Cornelis  

MLA Source Citation:

The Holland Society. Year Books of the Holland Society of New York. New York: The Holland Society. 1913. Web. 30 January 2015. - Last updated on Sep 16th, 2012

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