1850 Census of Croydon New Hampshire

The 1850 census of Croydon, Sullivan County, NH was extracted by Dennis Partridge from 7 Jan 2010 through 14 March 2010. The extraction provides basic information such as the names, ages, sex, and occupation of each resident of Croydon. For space purposes and speed, I have chosen not to do a complete extraction, but may choose at a later date to add the full transcription. Every person enumerated in Croydon, however, is listed. For further verification of this census, researchers should view the original census records.

For purposes of search, I have taken the liberty of adding the surname of each person. In the actual record, only the first person of each families surname per page was listed, while the remaining individuals of that family name were listed as ” for their surname.

An extraction of a census is very much a work of art. The handwriting of Pliny Hall left many of the names indistinguishable, and often he spelled the name as it sounded, instead of as it actually occurred for the person in the records of the town, and in their family history. I have taken the liberty in my extraction of providing positive identity of each person enumerated – by this I mean I have used my knowledge of the residents of Croydon, NH at that time to identify each person, and used their proper spelling.

FamHouNameAgeSexRaceOcc.Birth Place
11Abijah Powers69mWFarmerNH
11Charlotte Powers56fWNH
22Parley Dodge62mWFarmerMA
22Helena Dodge58fWNH
22Mary Dodge32fWNY
33Elias Powers42mWFarmerNH
33Orpha E. Powers41fWNH
33Albina M. Powers15mWFarmerNH
33Mira Powers13fWNH
33Abijah Powers11mWNH
33Elias Powers6mWNH
33Wilber Powers1mWNH
44Moses Pillsbury78mWFarmerMA
44Hepsibah Pillsbury77fWNH
55Moses Pillsbury39mWFarmerNH
55Mary J. Pillsbury38fWNH
55Lucy Ann Pillsbury9fWNH
55Betsey Ann Pillsbury8fWNH
55Peter G. Pillsbury5mWNH
55Frances M. Pillsbury4fWNH
55Phebe J. Pillsbury1fWNH
66Lua Gilmore47fWNH
66Hannah Richardson76fWNH
77Coffren Patten46mWFarmerNH
77Ruth Patten40fWNH
77Catharine Patten22fWNH
77Emeline Patten20fWNH
77Lucy Patten18fWNH
77Sally Patten16fWNH
77Eliza Patten14fWNH
77John Patten11mWNH
77Adeline Patten9fWNH
77Amos Patten7mWNH
77Henry Patten4mWNH
77Ira Patten12-MaymWNH
88Rachel Partridge77fWMA
88Simeon Partridge10mWNH
88Lucy Partridge5fWNH
89Susan Steward72fWMA
910Welcome P. Partridge33mWFarmerNH
910Sarepta Partridge28fWNH
910Charles S. Partridge8mWNH
910William W. Partridge6mWNH
910Benjamin F. Partridge1mWNH
910Daphna Partridge11fWNH
1011Joseph Smart65mWFarmerNH
1011Daphna Smart53fWNH
1011Marenda Codman10fWNH
1011Sarah Codman7fWNH
1112Reuben Cooper, Jr.43mWFarmerNH
1112Cynthia Cooper27fWNH
1112Caroline E. Cooper8fWNH
1112John A. Cooper6mWNH
1112Orville M. Cooper1mWNH
1112Reuben Cooper65mWFarmerNH
1112Huldah Cooper66fWNH
1213Miriam Allen40mWFarmerNH
1213Martha E. Allen35fWVT
1213Alonzo Allen12mWNH
1213Edwin Allen10mWNH
1213Augusta Allen9fWNH
1213Oscar Allen7mWNH
1213Henry Codman53mWFarmerNH
1314Peter Hook40mWFarmerNH
1314Mercy M. Hook24fWNH
1314Ellen M. Hook2fWNH
1314Henry Marshall13mWNH
1415William W. Hall27mWFarmerNH
1415Eliza Hall28fWVT
1415Ednah Hall3fWNH
1415Emma Hall2fWNH
1516Dexter B. Putnam33mWNH
1516Abagail Putnam20fWNH
1516Edith E. Putnam2fWNH
1516William Farmington25mWFarmerNH
1516Martha Cooper37fWNH
1516Levi Barnard54mWFarmerNH
1516Hannah Barnard52fWNH
1617Rodman Carroll22mWFarmerNH
1617Elisa Carroll18fWNH
1617James Carroll55mWCooperNH
1718Benjamin Barton68mWFarmerMA
1718Phebe Barton45fWVT
1718Wallace S. Stockwell5mWNH
1819Nathaniel E. Beers30mWFarmerNH
1819Sally Beers24fWNH
1920Daniel E. Carroll32mWFarmerNH
1920Sophronia Carroll23fWVT
1920Daniel E. Carroll Jr.3mWNH
1920Julia R. Carroll1fWNH
2021Sandford Carroll29mWCooperNH
2021Laura A. Carroll25fWNH
2021Melvina M. Carroll2fWNH
2021M. Carroll1fWNH
2122Moses Haven57mWFarmerNH
2122Elizabeth Haven56fWNH
2122Angelina Stockwell28fWNH
2122Marinda Stockwell8fWNY
2223Prosper L. Eastman25mWFarmerNH
2223Eleanor H. Eastman23fWNH
2223Lucy Eastman50fWNH
2223Hannah G. Stockwell29fWNH
2324Ira A. Johnson27mWFarmerNH
2324Lucy M. Johnson28fWNH
2425Solomon Clement62mWFarmerNH
2425Lucy Clement54fWNH
2425Mary F. Clement14fWNH
2425John A. Brown31mWFarmerNH
2526John Cooper45mWFarmerNH
2526Mary Cooper31fWNH
2526Eunice Cooper53fWNH
2526Polly Wakefield77fWMA
2627Susan Stockwell38fWNH
2627Winchester Stockwell16mWFarmerNH
2627Benjamin F. Stockwell14mWNH
2627Alice D. Stockwell11fWNH
2728Giles Stockwell63mWFarmerNH
2728Lucy Stockwell42fWNH
2728John Stockwell10mWNH
2728Henry Bartlett18mWFarmerNH
2829Kimball Loverin59mWFarmerNH
2829Mary Loverin57fWNH
2829Achsah J. Loverin18fWNH
2829Caleb K. Loverin13mWNH
2829Zimri P. Mitchell36mWFarmerNH
2930Levi Winter54mWFarmerNH
2930Hannah Winter52fWNH
2930Otis Winter22mWFarmerNH
3031Josiah Ide55mWFarmerNH
3031Eunice Ide51fWNH
3031Daniel Ide18mWNH
3031Betsey Ann Ide15fWNH
3132Ira Bragg59mWFarmerMA
3132Mercy Bragg61fWNH
3132Sarah Bragg19fWNH
3132Ira W. Bragg16mWFarmerNH
3132Elbridge A. Stockwell10mWNH
3132Joel Davis73mWClergyman C.MA
3133Isaiah Stearns80mWFarmerMA
3133Elizabeth Stearns73fWMA
3234Cassius Bartlett47mWFarmerMA
3234Margaret H. Bartlett42fWVT
3234Ann Bartlett17fWNH
3234Norman C. Bartlett12mWNH
3234Lucy A. Bartlett8fWNH
3234Daniel S. Bartlett6mWNH
3335James Pollard54mWBlacksmithNH
3335Mary Pollard54fWVT
3335Mary J. Pollard16fWVT
3335Charles Beers28mWFarmerVT
3335William Beers21mWShoe MakerNH
3436Joseph Crooker51mWFarmerMA
3436Maranda Crooker46fWNH
3436Harriet Crooker15fWNH
3436Alonzo Crooker8mWNH
3436Sally Bartlett86fWNH
3436Davis Kenisson50mWPeddlarMA
3436Hannah Kenisson24fWNH
3436Isabel Kenisson12-MarfWNH
3537Hial Flanders44mWFarmerNH
3537Mira Flanders40fWNH
3638George Stockwell33mWFarmerNH
3638Sophronia Stockwell29fWNH
3638Henry H. Stockwell9mWNH
3638Orian S. Stockwell5fWNH
3638George S. Stockwell3mWNH
3638Ellen E. Stockwell1fWNH
3739Ephraim Nelson43mWFarmerNH
3739Lydia Nelson30fWNH
3739Mira Ann Nelson5fWNH
3739Maryetta Nelson3fWNH
3739Hial F. Nelson2mWNH
3739John S. Nelson12-AprmWNH
3739Hannah Nelson71fWNH
3739Nathaniel Nelson42mWFarmerNH
3739Mary Nelson36fWNH
3739Sally Hardy81fWNH
3840Charles Carroll57mWFarmerMA
3840Siley Carroll52fWMA
3840Van Buren Carroll15mWFarmerNH
3840Prudence J. Carroll10fWNH
3840Follensbee Carroll80mWCooperMA
3941Marshall Putnam25mWFarmerNH
3941Mary M. Putnam20fWNH
3941Emeline E. Putnam1fWNH
3941Elizabeth Carroll49fWNH
4042Paul Jacobs40mWFarmerNH
4042Mary Jacobs35fWNH
4042George H. Jacobs7mWNH
4042John M. Jacobs5mWNH
4042Luther K. Jacobs1mWNH
4143Aaron S. White45mWFarmerNH
4143Prudence White31fWNH
4143Sarah White9fWNH
4143Hannah White7fWNH
4143Eveline White4fWNH
4143Viola White1fWNH
4244Caleb L. Barton35mWFarmerNH
4244Bethiahette Barton37fWMA
4244Hubbard A. Barton8mWNH
4244Celinda Barton5fWNH
4345Peter Barton64mWFarmerNH
4345Rachel Barton53fWNH
4345George W. Barton28mWFarmerNH
4345Elisha Partridge42mWFarmerNH
4345Cynthia Partridge7fWNH
4345Arison A. Gilbert21mWFarmerNH
4345Ezra Howard35mWLaborerNH
4446Charles Stockwell72mWFarmerMA
4446Caroline Stockwell67fWMA
4446Gilman Stockwell36mWFarmerNH
4446Ann E. Stockwell11fWNH
4446Frances H. Stockwell10fWNH
4547Simon Ames22mWFarmerNH
4547Olivia Ames27fWNH
4648Washington Stockwell33mWFarmerNH
4648Philena Stockwell32fWNH
4648Mary Stockwell10fWNH
4648Charles Stockwell7mWNH
4648Harrison Stockwell5mWNH
4749Chester Walker27mWFarmerVT
4749Eveline Walker23fWNH
4749Charles E. Walker2mWNH
4749George H. Walker12-AugmWNH
4749Sylvester Walker14mWNH
4850Philip Walker55mWFarmerNH
4850Nancy Walker53fWMA
4850Dorothy Walker20fWNH
4850Ingals Heath22mWFarmerVT
4951John Barton66mWFarmerMA
4951Achsah Barton61fWNH
4951Kimball D. Barton26mWPeddlerNH
4951Albert P. Barton23mWFarmerNH
5052Amos Rawson42mWLaborerNH
5052Lydia D. Rawson29fWNH
5052Nathan A. Rawson6mWNH
5052Isaac P. Rawson4mWNH
5052Lucinda Rawson3fWNH
5052Cynthia M. Rawson1fWNH
5052John L. Rawson1 daymWNH
5153Libbius Heath56mWFarmerNH
5153Lucinda Heath51fWNH
5153Elvira L. Heath16fWNH
5153Augusta C. Heath14fWNH
5153David Fry82mWFarmerMA
5153Lucy Fry70fWMA
5153Livera Chase27fWNH
5153Abagail Chase2fWNH
5254Hannah Eastman49fWNH
5254Julia W. Eastman7fWNH
5355Edward H. Brown32mWFarmerNH
5355Lorinda Brown28fWNH
5355Henry W. Brown3mWNH
5355Lois L. Brown12-SepfWNH
5456Ezekiel Powers Jr.36mWFarmerNH
5456Hannah Powers37fWNH
5456Nancy Ann Powers12fWNH
5456Luther J. Powers2mWNH
5557William Putnam36mWFarmerNH
5557Melinda Putnam34fWNH
5557Asenith P. Putnam16fWNH
5557Ellen M. Putnam9fWNH
5658Horatio N. Lewis47mWFarmerVT
5658Eunice P. Lewis48fWMA
5658Wright D. Lewis13mWNH
5658Charles N. Lewis12mWNH
5658Edwin A. Lewis4fWNH
5759Alfred Ward43mWFarmerNH
5759Randelia Ward38fWNH
5759Mary E. Ward14fWNH
5759Sarah E. Ward6fWNH
5759Chloe Powers83fWMA
5759John S. Muzzy10mWNH
5759Ruel H. Fletcher21mWFarmerNH
5860Moses Metcalf57mWFarmerNH
5860Nancy Metcalf55fWNH
5860Adena A. Metcalf28fWNH
5860Louisa Metcalf26fWNH
5860Cyrenus Metcalf24fWFarmerNH
5860Obed Metcalf19mWFarmerNH
5860William Metcalf17mWFarmerNH
5860Ursula Metcalf14fWNH
5860Abagail Metcalf86fWMA
5860Julia A. Robinson34fWNH
5961Horatio Metcalf48mWFarmerNH
5961Phebe A. Metcalf47fWNH
5961Melita Metcalf24fWNH
5961Merilla Metcalf22fWNH
5961Orlando Metcalf20mWFarmerNH
5961Martha Ann Metcalf17fWNH
5961Melinda M. Metcalf14fWNH
6062Ezra Coburn77mWFarmerMA
6062Mary Coburn45fWMA
6062Hiram Coburn3mWNH
6163Elijah Jacobs27mWFarmerNH
6163Thomas Ames18mWFarmerNH
6163Melissa Lovell18fWNH
6264Silas Kempton48mWFarmerNH
6264Susan Kempton45fWMA
6264Jerusha Kempton19fWNH
6264William Kempton15mWFarmerNH
6264Charles Kempton11mWNH
6264Emily J. Kempton6fWNH
6264Esther Kempton82fWNH
6365Cyrus K. Fletcher37mWFarmerNH
6365Rachel S. Fletcher34fWNH
6365Aurora W. Fletcher14fWNH
6365Melvin Fletcher7mWNH
6365Eveline Fletcher12-OctfWNH
6466Nathaniel W. Brown30mWFarmerNH
6466Sarah J. Brown22fWNH
6567John G. Putnam41mWFarmerNH
6567Lydia Putnam35fWNH
6567Grovener Putnam11mWNH
6567Prescott Putnam9mWNH
6567Caleb Putnam32mWFarmerNH
6668Freemen Crosby52mWFarmerNH
6668Betsey Crosby48fWNH
6668James Crosby14mWNH
6668Mary E. Crosby12fWNH
6668Jane Crosby10fWNH
6769Levi Nelson43mWLaborerNH
6769Polly Nelson62fWNH
6769Lydia J. Kidder7fWNH
6769Fanny S. Kidder6fWNH
6769Orlando P. Kidder5mWNH
6870George Humphrey53mWFarmerNH
6870Clarissa Humphrey53fWNH
6870Noah Humphrey46mWStone MasonNH
6971Susan Humphrey59fWNH
7072Hermon Jacobs33mWMill WrightNH
7072Mary A. Jacobs26fWNH
7072Ella M. Jacobs12-SepfWNH
7173Orren Perry43mWShoe MakerNH
7173Susan Perry41fWNH
7173Betsey Ann Perry18fWNH
7173Lucy L. Perry14fWNH
7173Mary J. Perry12fWNH
7173Martha A. Perry9fWNH
7173Helen L. Perry6fWNH
7173Orren V. B. Perry4mWNH
7274Moses Humphrey43mWCooperMA
7274Lydia Humphrey43fWNH
7274Helen Humphrey17fWMA
7274Charles Bartlett44mWCooperNH
7274Albert H. Baker24mWCooperNH
7274Philemon Humphrey24mWCooperNH
7375John Jeffers63mWCooperNH
7375Dolly Jeffers63fWCooperNH
7476Jacob K. Jeffers35mWCooperNH
7476Catharin R. Jeffers26fWNH
7476Jennett A. Jeffers4fWNH
7476Dighton Jeffers2mWNH
7577Catharin Kempton67fWNH
7678Paul J. Wheeler29mWMerchantNH
7678Sarah M. Wheeler27fWNH
7779Denison Humphrey33mWBlack SmithNH
7779Lucinda Humphrey30fWNH
7779Charles Humphrey7mWNH
7779Rebecca M. Finch40fWNH
7880Daniel R. Hall47mWFarmerNH
7880Martha A. Hall33fWNH
7880Horace P. Hall22mWStudentNH
7880George Partridge20mWFarmerNH
7981Paul Jacobs66mWFarmerMA
7981Mary Jacobs34fWNH
8082Nathan Hall37mWSailorNH
8082Martha Hall30fWNH
8082James Hall8mWNH
8183Luke Paul63mWFarmerCT
8183Sally Paul63fWMA
8183Alvah Paul24mWFarmerNH
8183Gilmer Rowell21mWFarmerNH
8183Sophia Boynton17fWVT
8183Rhoena Paul10fWNH
8184Baldwin Humphrey26mWCooperNH
8184Selana Humphrey18fWNH
8285Hiram Clark49mWFarmerNH
8285Adeline Clark44fWMA
8285Melvina Clark11fWNH
8285Alfred Clark4mWNH
8386John Rider70mWFarmerNH
8386Louisa Rider64fWCT
8386Jane Merrill42fWNH
8487Darwin Whipple25mWFarmerNH
8487Eliza H. Whipple23fWVT
8487Joel N. Whipple3mWNH
8487Cordelia K. Whipple1fWNH
8588Americus Sargent28mWFarmerVT
8588Mary H. Sargent30fWNH
8588Van Buren Sargent5mWNH
8588George W. Sargent2mWNH
8588James W. Sargent2mWNH
8689Willard Rowell52mWFarmerNH
8689Lucy Rowell60fWNH
8689Eben Rowell20mWFarmerNH
8689Sylvester Rowell18mWFarmerNH
8689David Rowell11mWNH
8790Daniel Rider48mWFarmerNH
8790Sarah Rider48fWNH
8790Parmelia Rider19fWNH
8790Thankful Rider17fWNH
8790David Rider14mWNH
8790William Rider12mWNH
8790Charlotte Rider9fWNH
8790Sarah Rider8fWNH
8790Daniel Rider Jr.6mWNH
8790Mary George80fWNH
8790Lyman Rider30mWFarmerNH
8790Josiah Davis24mWFarmerNH
8891Sherburn B. Rowell62mWFarmerNH
8891Anna Rowell61fWNH
8891Edmund R. Rowell36mWFarmerNH
8891Lydia Rowell20fWNH
8891Sherburn B. Rowell Jr.25mWFarmerNH
8891Clementine Rowell18fWNH
8891Charles Rowell15mWFarmerNH
8992Wells H. Davis26mWFarmerNH
8992Sarah A. Davis20fWVT
8992Hilliard R. Davis12-JanmWNH
9093Edwin P. Stickney30mWFarmerNH
9093Harriet Stickney25fWNH
9194Adam Rand50mWFarmerNH
9295Moses Eastman47mWFarmerNH
9295Lois Eastman46fWNH
9295Sarah J. Eastman19fWNH
9295David K. Eastman15mWFarmerNH
9295Louisa Ann Eastman13fWNH
9295Harriet M. Eastman9fWNH
9295James C. Eastman7mWNH
9295George E. Eastman5mWNH
9295Lois Rider84fWMA
9396Alfred Cutting36mWFarmerNH
9396Laura C. Cutting31fWNH
9396Ellen F. Cutting3fWNH
9396Harriet K. Cutting1fWNH
9396Pierce Emerson74mWLaborerNH
9396John L. Gitchett15mWFarmerNH
9497James Eastman29mWFarmerNH
9497Sally Eastman71fWNH
9497Samuel Eastman44mWFarmerNH
9598Elkenah C. Hall36mWFarmerNH
9598Hannah Hall37fWNH
9598Maria Hall7fWNH
9598Edward Hall4mWNH
9598Daniel R. Hall12-JunmWNH
9699David Whipple63mWFarmerNH
9699Sally Whipple69fWMA
9699Barnabas C. Whipple27mWFarmerNH
9699Sarah J. Whipple22fWNH
9699George E. Grath13mWMA
9699James Rogers14mWNH
97100Moses Whipple55mWFarmerNH
97100Heiress Whipple39fWNY
97100Gilman C. Whipple13mWNH
97100Dellason Whipple9mWNH
97100Lois M. Whipple6fWNH
97100Edwin M. Whipple3mWNH
97100Osborn Whipple21mWFarmerVT
97100Mary Ann Lane18fWNH
98101Francis Cutting55mWFarmerNH
98101Keziah Cutting59fWVT
98101Irena Cutting32fWNH
98101Francis M. Cutting24WFarmerNH
98101Philindra E. Cutting20fWNH
98101Shepherd H. Cutting22mWFarmerNH
98101Diantha S. Cutting16fWNH
98101Adison Cutting14mWNH
98101Patrick Rierdon18mWFarmerIreland
99102Nathan Kempton27mWFarmerNH
100103Calvin Kempton59mWFarmerNH
100103Rachel C. Kempton42fWNH
100103Gordon Kempton18mWNH
100103Franklin Kempton16mWNH
100103Rachel Kempton12fWNH
100103Willard Kempton10mWNH
100103Florinda Kempton9fWNH
100103Flavilla Kempton6fWNH
100103Harriet Buel50fWNH
101104John Humphrey55mWFarmerNH
101104Charity E. Humphrey54fWNH
101104Elvira Humphrey18fWNH
101104Stillman Humphrey16mWClerkNH
101104Harriet Humphrey14fWNH
102105Nathan Emery63mWFarmerNH
102105Esther Emery60fWNH
102105Emily M. Parish14fWNH
103106John C. Loverin41mWFarmerNH
103106Harriet Loverin33fWNH
103106John Loverin8mWNH
103106Sarah Ann Loverin7fWNH
103106Joseph Loverin4mWNH
103106Harriet Loverin1fWNH
103106Lyman Sawyer23mWFarmerNH
104107Hubbard Cooper31mWJoinerNH
104107Catharine Cooper26fWNH
104107Lucinda Cooper57fWNH
105108Samuel Morse66mWLawyerNH
105108Chloe Morse48fWNH
105108Hannah Morse19fWNH
105108Royal Morse56mWFarmerNH
106109Salmon W. Heath28mWCutlery MakerVT
106109Roseline Heath23fWVT
106109Francis Heath6mWVT
106109Wesley E. Heath1mWVT
106109Charles Caldwell24mWCutlery MakerMA
106109Albert Fiske18mWCutlery MakerMA
107110Jeremiah Crosby39mWCooperNH
107110Azubah Crosby28fWNH
107110Esther Crosby12fWNH
107110Hannah Crosby10fWNH
107110Lucinda Crosby7fWNH
107110Dexter Crosby5mWNH
107110Emma Crosby2fWNH
107110Bu? Crosby12-MarmWNH
108111Edward Kempton34mWCooperNH
108111Mary Kempton35fWNH
108111Willard H. Kempton8mWNH
108111Maryetta H. Kempton7fWNH
108111Edward Byron Kempton4mWNH
108111Arvilla Kempton2fWNH
109112Elisha Bascom51mWMillerNH
109112Temperance Bascom48fWNH
109112Ellen Bascom16fWNH
109112Marion Bascom13fWNH
109112Abby Bascom11fWNH
109112James Bascom9mWNH
109112Henry Bascom7mWNH
109112Emma Bascom4fWNH
110113Ebenezer Mitchell41mWShoe MakerVT
110113Mary Mitchell35fWNH
110113Helen Mitchell10fWNH
110113Arminda Mitchell9fWNH
110113Marion Mitchell6fWNH
110113Herbert Mitchell3mWNH
111114Freeman Durban37mWCabinet MakerNH
111114Hannah Durban30fWNH
111114Willis Durban12mWNH
111114Ellen Durban9fWNH
111114Emma Durban7fWNH
111114Francilla Durban12-JulfWNH
112115Ezekiel Powers79mWSawyerNH
112115Lois Powers56fWNH
113116Clement C. Thornton37mWLaborerNH
113116Elsa Thornton44fWVT
113116John Thornton15mWFarmerNH
113116Sarah S. Thornton13fWNH
113116Albert C. Thornton10mWNH
113116Stephen M. Thornton7mWNH
113116George H. Thornton4mWNH
113116Clement C. Thornton2mWNH
114117Willard Dunbar36mWTailorNH
114117Catharine Dunbar32fWNH
114117Orrill C. Dunbar10fWNH
114117Elizabeth F. Dunbar6fWNH
114117Nathan H. Dunbar3mWNH
114117Hannah Harding21fWNH
115118William Whipple76mWFarmerMA
115118Judith Whipple59fWNH
115118Darius Hall42mWLaborerNH
115118Matthew Farley27mWLaborerIreland
116119William Barton29mWPhysicianNH
116119Sabrina Barton29fWNH
116119Edgar V. N. Barton3mWNH
116120Alanson Barton25mWShoe MakerNH
116120Elvira Barton22fWVT
116120Clarence Barton12-JulmWNH
117121Ruel Durkee42mWMechanicNH
117121Polly Durkee41fWNH
117121Rufus Durkee73mWFarmerMA
117121Polly Durkee68fWNH
117121Philip E. Harding28mWFarmerNH
117121John Crooker18mWFarmerNH
117121Warren Bartlett15mWFarmerNH
118122Paine Durkee32mWFarmer`NH
118122Clarissa Durkee30fWNH
118122Lydia Allen60fWMA
118122Foster Hall29mWLaborerNH
118122Rosetta Hall19fWNH
119123Hial Dow35mWJoinerNH
119123Lura Dow27fWNH
119123Wallace Dow5mWNH
119123Wilbur A. Dow2mWNH
119123Lorenzo Dow23mWJoinerNH
119123Arial Howard23mWJoinerNH
119123Elias B. Bascom17mWJoinerNH
119123Peter Barton28mWJoinerNH
120124Levi Richard52mWFarmerNH
120124Lucy Richard38fWNH
120124Almira Allen35fWNH
120125William Allen68mWNoneNH
120125Betsey Allen68fWVT
121126Zebediah Dow69mWFarmerNH
121126Asenith Dow59fWNH
121126Lucinda Dow19fWNH
121126Alphonzo Dow14mWNH
122127Peter Putnam55mWFarmerNH
122127Martha Putnam51fWNH
122127Stillman Putnam15mWFarmerNH
122127Otis Putnam13mWNH
122127Sophia Putnam9fWNH
123128Lester Blanchard41mWFarmerNH
123128Lydia Blanchard40fWNH
123128George Blanchard17mWFarmerNH
123128Angenette Blanchard15fWNH
123128John Blanchard13mWNH
123128Walter Blanchard11mWNH
123128Emily Blanchard8fWNH
123128Sarah Blanchard5fWNH
123128Prentice Blanchard3mWNH
123128John Blanchard88mWFarmerCT
123128Chloe Wheeler20fWNH
124129Charles Putnam36mWFarmerNH
124129Esther Putnam27fWNH
124129Solomon Esther72mWFarmerMA
124129Elizabeth Fletcher18fWNH
124129Joseph Hilliard18mWFarmerNH
125130Martin Dodge25mWFarmerNH
125130Hannah Dodge50fWNH
125130Martha S. Dodge27fWNH
125130Anna Blanchard82fWCT
126131Oliver C. Forehand27mWFarmerNH
126131Charlotte E. Forehand21fWMA
126131Lloyd Forehand5mWNH
126131Leroy Forehand4mWNH
126131Elizabeth Forehand3fWNH
126131Charles Forehand12-NovmWNH
127132John Spiller30mWBlack SmithNH
127132Lucy Ann Spiller21fWNH
127132John L. Spiller5mWNH
127132Arthur Spiller1mWNH
127132John Young14mWNH
128133Timothy C. Eastman29mWFarmerNH
128133Lucy Eastman26fWNH
128133Ellen Eastman1fWNH
129134David W. Rawsom34mWPeddlerVT
129134Sarah S. Rawsom33fWNH
129134Carolina M. Rawsom6fWNH
129134Ednah A. Rawson3fWNH
129134John Harding23mWShoe MakerNH
130135David W. Fry35mWShoe MakerNH
130135Judith Fry30fWNH
130135Rebecca J. Fry11fWNH
130135Napoleon B. Fry8mWNH
130135Francis M. Fry7mWNH
130135Ellen M. Fry5fWNH
130135Nason B. Fry3mWNH
130135Ann A. Fry1fWNH
130135Charles Day58mWShoe MakerMA
131136Otis Cooper43mWFarmerNH
131136Hannah Cooper55fWNH
131136Augusta Cooper15fWNH
131136William C. Allen25mWShoe MakerNH
131136Julia Ann A. Allen19fWNH
131136Ira M. C. Barton10mWNH
131136Jonathen C. Winter20mWFarmerNH
132137Moses Barton41mWFarmerNH
132137Olive Ann Barton32fWNH
132137Alma Barton7fWNH
132137De Wit C. Barton5mWNH
132137Arthur B. Barton3mWNH
133138Nathaniel Humphrey57mWBrick MasonNH
133138Polly Humphrey52fWNH
133138Amarett Humphrey25fWNH
133138E. Darwin Comings23mWFarmerVT
133138Caroline Comings23fWNH
133138Rebecca Kinney62fWNH
134139Lydia Barton62fWNH
134139Melinda Barton37fWNH
135140Carlton Hall53mWFarmerVT
135140Catharine Hall58fWMA
135140Laura Hall20fWNH
135140Harriet C. Pillsbury27fWNH
135140Bub Pillsbury12-MarmWMA
136141Piam Humphrey50mWFarmerNH
136141Elvira A. Humphrey40fWNH
136141Henry Humphrey15mWFarmerNH
136141Marcia Humphrey8fWNH
137142Nathaniel P. Stevens37mWFarmerNH
137142Sally Stevens37fWNH
137142Helen Gillet10fWNH
137142Charlotte Perry63fWCT
138143John Putnam52mWNH
138143Almira Putnam49fWNH
138143Ellen Putnam23fWNH
138143John W. Putnam24mWFarmerNH
138143Franklin Putnam16mWFarmerNH
138143Nathaniel F. Putnam11mWNH
138143George F. Putnam8mWNH
138143Jeru Rawson53mWFarmerNH
138143Mary Chase11fWNH
139144Jonathan Wheeler Jr.43mWFarmerNH
139144Annie E. Wheeler43fWNH
139144Maryette Wheeler16fWNH
139144Hiram Wheeler9mWNH
139144William Sherman74mWFarmerMA
139144Polly Sherman70fWNH
139144Marshall Sherman14mWNH
139144Ezra Kempton22mWFarnerVT
139144Eliza Kempton18fWVT
139144Jason W. Sherman23mWFarmerNH
139144Luke N. Sherman21mWFarmerNH
140145Polly Sherman34fWNH
140145Anna B. Sherman16fWNH
140145Martin Sherman6mWNH
141146Briant Brown57mWFarmerMA
141146Abagail Brown55fWNH
141146Sullivan J. Brown23mWFarmerNH
141146Philenia Stockwell13fWNH
142147Hannah Shurtliff75fWNH
142147Lucia Freeman54fWNH
143148Dellanson D. Marsh42mWPhysicianNH
143148Sophia P. Marsh34fWNH
143148Sophia V. Marsh11fWNH
143148Stella V. Marsh8fWNH
143148Suella V. Marsh3fWNH
143148Hial Call20mWFarmerNH
143148Horace E. Woods20mWFarmerNH
144149Hiram C. Brown28mWFarmerNH
144149Abagail Brown28fWNH
144149Ednah E. Brown5fWNH
144149Adelaide A. Brown3fWNH
145150Amos Kelton40mWFarmerNH
145150Julia Kelton36fWNH
145150Alvan Goldthwait59mWFarmerNH
145150Polly Goldthwait59mWNH
145150Adelaide Eastman9fWNH
146151William Darling39mWCooperNH
146151Ann Darling39fWNH
146151William W. Darling15mWCooperNH
146151James Darling12mWNH
146151Betsey Darling10fWNH
146151Hiram Darling8mWNH
146151Warren Darling5mWNH
146151Walter P. Darling3mWNH
147152Samuel Chase51mWLaborerNH
147152Sally Chase54fWNH
147152Joel Chase14mWNH
148153Arial Hall51mWFarmerNH
148153Phebe Hall44fWVT
148153Martha S. Hall24fWNH
148153Melita Hall19fWNH
148153Annette Hall14fWNH
148153Cornelia Fulton11fWVT
148153Helen Fulton10fWVT
148153Charles Fulton20mWFarmerVT
149154Hiram Kempton30mWFarmerNH
149154Welthen Kempton32fWNH
149154Harriet W. Kempton2fWNH
149154Ephraim Kempton80mWFarmerMA
150155James Perkins64mWFarmerMA
150155Anna Perkins58fWNH
150155Marshall Perkins27mWPhysicianNH
151156Edward W. Collins36mWShoe MakerFrance
151156Delilah Collins31fWNH
151156Edward W. Collins Jr.11mWNH
151156Helen L. Collins8fWNH
151156Ella F. Collins3fWNH
151156Roxanna Forehand15fWNH
151156Sullivan Forehand18mWTailorNH
151156Obed Parmenter26mWCutlery MakerMA
151156Harrison Partridge21mWCooperNH
151156Joshua Codman20mWShoe MakerNH
152157Elihu C. Marvin25mWCutlery MakerVT
152157Sylvia Marvin29fWNH
152157Harriet Miller4fWNH
153158Samuel Fass73mWFarmerNH
153158Hannah Fass65fWNH
154159David Harding57mWFarmerMA
154159Polly Harding57fWNH
154159Lydia Harding31fWNH
154159Madison Harding15mWFarmerNH
154159Diantha Harding11fWNH
155160Moses S. Nutting45mWCutlery MakerNH
155160Elizabeth E. Nutting42fWVT
155160Stewart B. Nutting19mWCutlery MakerVT
155160Elizabeth Nutting14fWNY
155160Elwin T. Nutting6mWVT
156161Oscar F. Morrill29mWCutlery ManufacturerNH
156161Amanda Morrill30fWNH
156161Lewis W. Morrill56mWMachinistNH
156161Sophia Cilley22fWVT
156161Frances Eastman10fWNH
156161Lewis Bolten29mWCutlery MakerCanada E.
156161Jasper Buck22mWCutlery MakerVT
156161Nathaniel Drury23mWCutlery MakerNY
156161Elias Sawyer20mWCutlery MakerNH
156161Nehemiah H. Wilson16mWCutlery MakerVT
156161George W. May20mWCutlery MakerNH
156161Pierce Burt20mWCutlery MakerVT
156161Albert H. Fisher34mWCutlery MakerNY
157162Isaac W. March30mWShoe MakerMA
157162Nancy A. March37fWNH
157162Adeline B. March6fWMA
157162Nathaniel O. March2mWMA
158163Nathan Clark Jr.54mWFarmerNH
158163Celinda Clark52fWNH
158163Nathan Clark84mWFarmerMA
158163Sabrina Clark83fWMA
158163Susan Fisher20fWNH
158163Ellen Fisher13fWNH
158163Martin E. Wood16mWFarmerNH
159164Amos Barton57mWFarmerNH
159164Betsey Barton51fWNH
159164Lydia Barton22fWNH
159164Baxter Barton20mWFarmerNH
159164Melinda Barton17fWNH
159164Henry Barton16mWFarmerNH
159164Mary Ann Barton14fWNH
159164William Barton11mWNH
159164Sanford Barton8mWNH
160165Timothy Winter79mWFarmerMA
160165Mehitable Winter70fWMA
161166Martin A. Barton36mWFarmerNH
161166Elizabeth Barton37fWNH
161166Charles W. Barton3mWNH
161166Franklin A. Barton12-OctmWNH
161166Sarah Smith70fWNH
162167William Dodge35mWShoe MakerNH
162167Lucinda Dodge35fWNH
162167Freeman C. Dodge10mWNH
162167Orlando H. Dodge10mWNH
162167Helen Dodge7fWNH
162167Clarissa B. Dodge5fWNH
162167George F. Dodge12-AprmWNH
163168Samuel Blanchard60mWFarmerCT
163168Polly Pool53fWNH
163168Reuben B. Murry9mWNH
163168Mary M. Murry8fWNH
163168John Thrusher66mWStone MasonNH
164169Warren M. Kempton35mWJoinerNH
164169Emily Kempton35fWNH
165170David G. Fowler21mWSawyerVT
165170Lucinda Fowler27fWNH
166171William Haskal29mMFarmerNH
166171Carolin M. Haskal22fMNH
166171James F. Haskal9mMNH
167172Nathan Hall35mWLandlordNH
167172Martha S. Hall36fWNH
167172William D. Brown14mWCanada W.
167172Pliny Hall32mWClerkNH
168173Lemuel P. Cooper46mWFarmerNH
168173Laura Cooper41fWNH
168173Sherman Cooper17mWFarmerNH
168173Mary P. Cooper15fWNH
168173Ellen Cooper9fWNH
168173Sherman Cooper89mWFarmerMA
168173Lucretia Powers51fWNH
168173James Barton25mWFarmerNH
169174Timothy G. Powers37mWTeamsterNH
169174Eliza Powers41fWNH
169174Adison A. Powers13mWNH
169174Walter R. Powers12mWNH
170175Isaac Goward67mWFarmerMA
170175Mehitable Goward49fWNH
170175Francis Goward42mWFarmerNH
170175Cynthia Ransom54fWNH
170175Mary Ann Downs7fWNH

MLA Source Citation:

Partridge, Dennis N. Croydon New Hampshire Genealogy. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 31 January 2015. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/new-hampshire/1850-census-of-croydon-new-hampshire.htm - Last updated on Sep 30th, 2013

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