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Skagit Indians

Skagit Indians. Significance unknown. Also called:

Skagit Connections. The Skagit belonged to the coastal division of the Salishan linguistic stock.

Skagit Location. On Skagit and Stillaguamish Rivers except about their mouths.

Skagit Subdivisions

From Smith, 1941

Skagit Population. The Skagit population is given by Mooney (1928) with the Swinomish and some other tribes, as 1,200 in 1780. Gibbs (1877) estimated there were 300 Skagit proper in 1853. The census of 1910 returned 56 under this name. In 1923 the United States Indian Office entered 221 “Swinomish” in their returns, including evidently the Skagit and some other tribes; in 1937 it gave an estimate of 200 Skagit.

Connection in which the Skagit Indians have become noted. Skagit River, which flows into Puget Sound, Skagit County, and a post hamlet preserve the name of the Skagit Indians.