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Gaine School

Boiling Spring School
Teacher: Robert E. Lee (fullblood Choctaw)
Local Trustee: Jackson James (fullblood Choctaw)

Dunlap School
Teacher: E.P. Sullivan (white)
Local Trustee: Lum Dunlap (intermarried white)

Featherston School
Teacher: May Featherston (white)
Local Trustee: L.C. Featherston (intermarried white)

Mountain Station School
Teacher: H.J. Sexton (fullblood Choctaw)
Local Trustee: Houston Nelson (fullblood Choctaw)

Vireton School
Teacher: R.H. Burrows (white)
Local Trustee: Osburn White (fullblood Choctaw)

White Oak School
Teacher: No Name Listed (white)
Local Trustee: Mike Hicks (fullblood Choctaw)

San Bois County

Bethel School
Teacher: Belle Green
Local Trustee: William Martin (fullblood Choctaw)

Brooken School
Teacher: Miss Ida Erwin (white)
Local Trustee: John Saunders (intermarried white)

Cartersville School
Teacher: M.M. Ryan (white)
Local Trustee: W.T. Ross (intermarried white)

Cedar School
Teacher: Simon Dwight (fullblood Choctaw Indian)
Local Trustee: Jonas Thompson (fullblood Choctaw Indian)

Enterprise School
Teacher: Lula Brown (white)
Local Trustee: James Rickle (intermarried white)

Lenox School
Teacher: Mrs. W.L. Jackson
Local Trustee: Isaac Garland

Longtown School
Teacher: Miss Mary Kennon
Local Trustee: Green Taylor ( intermarried white)

Mission School
Teacher: William H. Harrison ( Choctaw Indian)
Local Trustee: William Bond ( fullblood Choctaw)

Rock Creek School
Teacher: Mrs. Emma Hornidy
Local Trustee: Sampson McCurtain

San Bois School
Teacher: I.H. Windsor
Local Trustee: Rus Vance

Stigler School
Teacher: J.B. Holleman (white)
Local Trustee: S. Stigler (intermarried white)

Tamaha School
Teacher: Ella Walker (white)
Local Trustee: J.S. Forrest (half blood Choctaw)

Toloka School
Teacher: D.F. Jones (white)
Local Trustee: Arnold Folsom (3/4 blood Choctaw)

Whitefield School
Teacher: B. L. Phepps (white)
Local Trustee: W.S. Hall (intermarried white)

Skullyville County

Bokoshe School
Teacher: Katherine Albright (white)
Local Trustee: D.A. Moore (mixed blood)

Cameron School
Teacher: W.S. Lacy (white)
Local Trustee: J.R. Reynolds (intermarried white)

Milton School
Teacher: Theo. Belt (white)
Local Trustee: Albert Folsom (half blood Choctaw)

Oaklodge School
Teacher: Miss Lou McCurtain (Choctaw)
Local Trustee: R.J. Ward (half blood Choctaw)

Short Mountain School
Teacher: Miss Dora Overstreet (Choctaw)
Local Trustee: Thomas Overstreet (intermarried white)

Ward School
Teacher: Lizzie Moore (white)
Local Trustee: Jimpson Bell (fullblood Choctaw Indian)

Wolf Creek School
Teacher: Cyrus K. Oakly (white)
Local Trustee: C.B. Ward (fullblood Choctaw)

Sugarloaf County

Consor School
Teacher: Anna Hollard (white)
Local Trustee: Peter Consor (halfblood Choctaw)

Kennady School
Teacher: F.W. Carney (white)
Local Trustee: Polk McElvein (half blood Choctaw)

Poteau High School
Teacher: S.A. Hamilton (white)
Local Trustee: William Page (fullblood Choctaw)

Reichert School
Teacher: Miss Emmma McElroy (fullblood Choctaw)
Local Trustee: L.B. White (fullblood Choctaw)

Salem School
Teacher: L.B. Locke
Local Trustee: Howard Lewis (half blood Choctaw)

Spring Hill School
Teacher: Lizzie Miller (white)
Local Trustee: Samuel Wilson (intermarried white)

Summerfield School
Teacher: Gus Merryman (white)
Local Trustee: N.J. Holson (fullblood Choctaw)

Tobusky County

Canadian School
Teacher: E.C. Etar (white)
Local Trustee: R.F. Turner (mixblood Choctaw)

Frink School
Teacher: J.H. Lotts (white)
Local Trustee: F.E. Buck (intermarried white)

George Choate’s School
Teacher: Miss Lula Fordyce
No Local Trustee Named

Indianola School
Teacher: Miss Nellie Eubank (white)
Local Trustee: L.H. Perkins (fullblood Choctaw)

McAlester School
Teacher: S.P. Morris (white)
Local Trustee: N.B. Ainsworth (half blood Choctaw)

Oak Grove School
Teacher: Charles McDonald (white)
Local Trustee: C.C. White (intermarried white)

Savana School
Teacher: H. Clay Kingsberry (white)
Local Trustee: Soloman Mackey (half blood Choctaw)

MLA Source Citation:

McLillan, Ruthie Choctaw Nation Schools in 1904. Web. AccessGenealogy. 2007. Web. 31 January 2015. - Last updated on Feb 26th, 2013

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