Mississippi Land Patents – Chickasaw Tribe

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NameDateDoc.#Accession #
A CAH TAH UMBY11/28/1840343MS2710__.408
A LA PAH HAH TUBBY10/14/184534MS2730__.121
A LA PAH HAH TUBBY10/14/184534MS2730__.122
A MISH AH11/28/1840244MS2720__.017
A WA CHE HO NAH10/14/184511MS2730__.090
A WA CHE HO NAH10/14/184511MS2730__.091
ABBI BIT TAH NO YEA10/6/1840284MS2690__.218
AH BA NA TUBBY11/28/1840241MS2710__.365
AH BA NA TUBBY10/6/1840820MS2690__.475
AH BAH MA HUBBY6/6/1845 MS2730__.040
AH BE UN11/28/1840373MS2710__.431
AH CHA PO TUBBY10/6/184049MS2690__.043
AH CHAH PO TUBBY10/6/1840571MS2700__.200
AH CHE AH HA CHA6/28/1842453MS2720__.245
AH CHE AH TUBBY6/28/1842416MS2720__.211
AH CHE LA TUBBY11/28/1840236MS2720__.015
AH CHE TO LE NAH6/28/1842399MS2720__.194
AH CHI UBBY10/6/18401019MS2700__.468
AH CHOCK A TUBBY10/6/184096MS2690__.090
AH CHOCK AH TUBBY11/28/1840201MS2710__.340
AH CHOCK AN TUBBY6/28/1842394MS2720__.073
AH CHOCK AN TUBBY10/6/1840917MS2700__.449
AH CHOCK IN TUBBY11/28/1840193MS2720__.001
AH CHOCK UN TUBBY11/9/1842574MS2720__.375
AH CO TA6/6/1845 MS2730__.030