Mississippi Choctaw Indians to whom Patents were Issued

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Patentee   Date of Patent   Remarks

Oak-la-yubbe, Dec. 11, 1845
Ogalaima, Sept. 8, 1846
Oglesta, Sept. 9, 1846
Ohoya, Jan. 20, 1888, (or Ohoyo Tom),
O-ka-in-cheek-mah, Sept. 2, 1846
Ok-is-tam-bee, Mar. 30, 1846
Ok-la-ho-ya, Jan. 13, 1846
Ok-lah-kah-ho-yo, Sept. 7, 1846
Oklanowah, Sept. 9, 1846
O-na-ham-be, Jan. 2, 1841
Ona-hain-taiah, Sept. 8, 1846
Oon-ah-tubbe, Dec. 5, 1845
Oun-tah-che-ah, Dec. 24, 1845
Oxberry, James, Mar. 24, 1841


Patentee   Date of Patent   Remarks

Pah-lubbe, Dec. 14, 1846
Paneebba, Sept. 3,1846
Paress, Antony or Anthony, Oct. 11,1843
Pa-sa-chubbe, Sept. 2, 1846
Pa-shah-ho-nah, Dec. 11, 1845
Pebworth, Henry, May 14,1842
Pe-his-tubbe, Jan. 20, 1846
Pe-tah-ah-mah, Aug. 18,1846
Pie-yah, Sept. 7, 1846
Pinson, Betsey, July 2, 1842
Pis-ah-ha-mah, Sept. 2,1846
Pish-tah-o-nah, Jan. 13,1846


Patentee   Date of Patent   Remarks

Riley, Patrick, Oct. 11, 1843
Robertson, Lewis, Sept. 28, 1842


Patentee   Date of Patent   Remarks

Sahoyo, Dec. 28,1846
Sa-lah-ma, Mar. 10,1843
Sampson, Dec. 28,1846
Shota, Sept. 3,1846
Sho-tubbe, Sept. 4,1846
Silas, Sept. 8,1846
Shallahohoka, Dec. 28,1846
Sock-a-to-nah, Jan. 20, 1846
Socke-tubbe, Jan. 13,1846
Sow-ah-tubbe, Dec. 24,1845
Stabohla,  Dec. 28, 1846, (alias Stapolelona).
Stanton, Allan, Dec. 28, 1846, And his 2 children under 10 years of age at date of treaty.
Su-Sa, Aug. 18,1846
Syllin, Sept. 8,1846


Patentee   Date of Patent   Remarks

Ta-ho-ba, Sept. 7,1846
Tah-ho-pe-ah, Dec. 4, 1845
Tah-lah-mo-tubbe, Sept. 8,1846
Tah-te-nah, Jan. 20, 1846
Tah-pa-nis-sto-nah-ho-nah, Nov. 23, 1846, In his own right and to Cun-nah-h0-yo-E-lah-no-ka, and Ona-tubbee, his children over 10 years of age, and to O-quah-ha-nah and Cun-nah-la-tub-bee, his children under 10 years of age at date of the treaty.
Tallawahomibbee, Feb. 3, 1847
Tanacubbee, Dec. 28,1846
Tilly, Sept. 9, 1846
Te-he-cubbee, Aug. 12, 1845, And to Hota-tubbee, his child over 10 years of age and Iota-tubbee and E-mo-konah, his children under 10 years of age at date of treaty.
To-bla-chubbe, Dec. 1, 1845
Toby (alias Tobba), James, Dec. 1, 1845
Tom, Jim, Feb. 26, 1841
Tom, Jack, Apr. 4, 1849, And to Sinai Tom, Sophia Tom, Levicy Tom and Hamah Tom, his 4 children under 10 years of age at date of treaty.
Tomahoka, Sept. 9, 1846
To-ne, Mar. 30, 1846
Took-lah-tubbe, Oct. 14, 1846
Turnbull, William, Oct. 11, 1843
Tus-ka-ah-tubbe, Oct. 14, 1846
Tuskiaha, Dec. 14, 1846
Tussaka, Dec. 28, 1846
Tu-wah-kee, Oct. 14, 1846
Tu-wa-tu-cha, Mar. 10, 1843, Patent surrendered and new patent issued July 14, 1848
Tu-wa-tu-cha, July 14, 1848

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MLA Source Citation:

Hurley, Patrick Jay. Choctaw Citizenship Litigation. 1916. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 11 December 2014. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/native/mississippi-choctaw-indians-to-whom-patents-were-issued.htm - Last updated on Jun 13th, 2013

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