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Hupa Indians

Hupa Indians. Derived from the Yurok name of the valley, Hupo. Also called:

Hupa Connections. The Hupa belonged to the Athapascan linguistic stock, forming one closely knit linguistic group with the Chilula and Whilkut.

Hupa Location. On the middle course of the Trinity River and its branches, particularly a beautiful stretch of 8 miles known as Hupa (or Hoopa) Valley, and on New River. C. H. Merriam (1926) treats these latter as a distinct tribe of Shastan affinities, but J. P. Harrington (personal information) states that they were Hupa.

Hupa Villages

Hupa Population. Kroeber (1925) places the number of Hupa at 1,000 in 1770; the census of 1910 returned 500. In 1937 the United States Office of Indian Affairs returned 575. (See Bear River Indians.)


Connection in which the Hupa have become noted. A village in Humboldt County, preserves the name of the Hupa.