History of Creek Allotment Contest Cases

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Statement showing the disposition and present status of Creek allotment contest cases appealed from the decisions of the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes and Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes, and in which decisions on said appeals have been rendered, from July 1, 1904, to May 31, 1906, inclusive.

No.Title.Decided by Commission or Commissioner.Action of Commissioner of Indian Affairs.Action of Secretary of the Interior.Status on May 31, 1906.
131Jacob Beams, guardian of Mitchell Beams, v. Solomon Taylor, for himself and as guardian of Albert TaylorFeb. 29, 1904Affirmed 5/26/1904Affirmed 7/16/1904Case closed Aug. 8, 1904
203Millie A. Smith, guardian of Joseph B. Smith, jr., motion to v. Willis Cully.Sept. 28, 1900 motion to reopen denied May 5,1905Affirmed Oct.30, 1905Affirmed Dec.23, 1905Case closed Jan. 26, 1906
297Nancy Taborn, guardian of Susie Taborn, v. Robert Nero.Jan. 28, 1902Affirmed Mar.27, 1902Dismissed Oct. 4, 1905Case closed Oct. 18, 1905
360W. E. Gentry, guardian of Nora Lerblance v. Leona Graves.Oct. 3, 1902 motion to reform judgment denied Sept 29, 1904 motion to review denied Feb. 8, 1905Appeal dismissed Nov. 1, 1905Case closed Nov. 21,1905
597Moses Deer, for his wife, Ellen Deer, v. Polly Sawyer, as natural guardian of Amanda Sawyer, a minor.Feb. 29, 1904Affirmed AprilAffirmed July 14, 1904Case closed Aug. 8, 1904
605James Sapulpa, administrator of estate of Willie Nukmellee, deceased, v. Noah Frank, Jeff D.Walker, on behalf of his minor child, James Dutcher Walker, inter14-Jul-03Affirmed in part and relinquishment allowed as to remainder, Mar. 5, 1906Case closed Mar. 9, 1906 by waiver of right to further appeal
622Henry M. Harjo, for his minor daughter, Alice Harjo, v. Robert BrunerMar. 30, 1904Reversed July 25, 1904Affirmed Jan. 19, 1905; motion to review denied Mar. 30, 1905; motion to refer to Attorney-General denied July 1, 1905.Case closed July 24, 1905
700Cuffy Mclntosh v. Louis Ballard and Lucy Smith, as sole heirs of Mary Ballard, deceased.Apr. 22, 1904Affirmed June 2,1904Affirmed July 18, 1904Case closed Aug. 8, 1904
719Ross Hawkins v. Ellen HawkinsMar. 11, 1905Reversed Oct. 26, 1905Affirmed Mar. 24, 1906Case closed Apr. 7, 1906
722Peggy Woodward v. Susanna Wiley, nee Jackson24-May-04Affirmed Oct. 10, 1905Case closed Oct. 28, 1905
738Artra Snccd, father and natural guardian of Theodore Sneed, v. Eveline Duff, as representative of heirs of Edith J. Duff, deceased.Oct. 6, 1903Affirmed Apr. 15, 1904Affirmed June 7, 1904Case closed July 8, 1904
759Mary J. Burnette, mother and natural guardian of Myrtle Burnette, a minor, v. Josephine Berry and Adesta Berry, and J. H. Berry as father and natural guardian of Louisa Berry and Spire M. Berry, minors, as heirs of Frances Berry, deceased.25-May-04Affirmed July 26, 1904Affirmed Sept. 21, 1904; motion to reform final judgment denied Dec. 13,1904Closed Jan. 29, 1905
772Hagar Tiger v. Jacob GoodenDec. 7, 1904Contestants withdrawal allowed Oct. 9, 1905Closed Oct. 17. 1905
786John Barnwell, as guardian of Delia Logan, a minor, v. Thomas M. Smith, as natural guardian of Martin W. Smith, a minorAug. 23, 1904Appeal dismissed Oct. 18, 1904; motion to reconsider granted Nov. 25,1904; Commissioner affirmed Oct. 24, 1905; motion to reconsider denied Dec. 16, 1905Affirmed decision of Oct. 24, 1905, on Apr. 16, 1906.Closed May 14, 1906
803Fannie C. Trent, a minor, by Chancy Trent, her mother and natural guardian, v. Theney Watson, a minor, by Vina Watson, her mother and natural guardian14-Jun-05Affirmed Dec. 8, 1905Closed Jan. 15, 1906
808Robert Ponds v. Warrior RentieNov. 5, 1904Affirmed Oct. 5, 1905Affirmed Nov. 22, 1905Closed Dec. 15, 1905
832Mildred Porter, a minor, by her father and natural guardian, William A. Porter, v. Sissie Haikey, a minorDec. 21, 1905Affirmed Feb. 19, 1906; motion to review denied Mar. 30, 1906Closed Apr. 14, 1906

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