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Genealogy of the Cherokee Downing Family

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5Flora Elvina Bryan. Joseph H. Bennett
6Rebecca Caroline Bryan. Clement Hayden
7Joella Bryan. Columbus Fair Walker
8Joel Mayes Bryan. Lydia Ida Dougherty and Margaret Jane Ross.
1142338415John R. Wright. Charlotte Whitmire
2Jennie Wright. Lewis Bolin and Robert Wofford
OK3Sallie Elizabeth Wright. Walter Adair West
4Cornelius Wright*
5Jesse Wright. Frances Wright and Sarah Finia Choate
6Anna Eliza Wright. John Gunter Harlin
7Alexander WrightMary Lunnie Duncan
8Mary Wright. Eli H. Whitmire
1142339415Sallie Daniel John Shepherd
2James W. Daniel. Catherine Wofford
OK3Caroline Daniel. Smith Thornton
4Carter Daniel. Catherine Benge
5Elizabeth Jane Daniel. Charles Sanders
6William Daniel. Catherine Brown
7Nannie Catherine Daniel. Anderson Springston Wilson and Henry Clay Barnes
8Eliza Daniel*
11423310415Martha J. Wright. James W. Alberty
2Nannie Wright*
OK3Caleb Powell Wright. Ruth Ann Collins
4Thomas Bolin Wright. Frances Wright. Jesse Wright
6Oscar Wright. Nancy Ellen Boydston
7Ellis Buffington Wright. Elizabeth Dougherty.
8William Walter Wright
1142431415Mary Frances Vann. Edwin Archer
2Clarinda Rebecca Vann. John Summers
OK3David Rowe Vann* Eliza Missouri Bushyhead.
4Louisa Jane Vann. Dr. Felix Hurd McNair
5Jennie Chinosa Vann. Eli West Dougherty
6Kiamitia Elizabeth Vann* Jackson Walker Drake
1142432415Susan Vann. Oliver Perry Ross
2Juliette Lewis Vann* Devereux Jarrette Bell and Samuel McDaniel Taylor
OK3Clement Neeley Vann. Isadora V. Mackey
4Nicholas Byers Vann*
5David Lucullus Vann*
6Mary Delilah Vann. George Washington Drew and Joel Bryan Mayes*
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