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Genealogy of the Cherokee Downing Family

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4Isaac Woodall. Mary Carselowry nec Daniel
5Jacob Houston Woodall. Annie Woodall nee Daniel
6Lucinda Woodall. James Downing and Thompson Buzzard
7Abraham Woodall. Susannah Hendricks
8Celia Woodall. Andrew Emory and Joseph Cephas
9Thomas Woodall. Annie Daniel
11221732415Joshua Tadpole
2Eli Tadpole
3David Tadpole  Utiya Vann
4Susie Tadpole* Osccola Woodall
5John Tadpole  Lucinda _______
1142131415Nannie Pettit  Franklin Faulkner
2Charles Pettit  Charlotte Sixkiller nee Adair, Sarah Lovett
OK3Agnes Pettit  Patrick Lyman
4Delilah Pettit  William Lovett and John Griffin
5Thomas Pettit  Nannie E. Sanders, Sarah Swimmer nee Lee, Mary F. Walker, Caroline Timson and Nannie Sanders
6Benjamin Pettit. Mary Ann Phillips
1142133415Moses Pettit*
2Delilah Pettit*
3Sidney Pettit. Blackhaw Pettit
4Levi Pettit*
5Nannie Pettit
1142133415William Zion Pettit. Emily Cookson
2Mary Pettit. James C. Fooy, _____Perry and Frank Bethel
3Catherine Pettit
4Marcus Pettit*
5Pleasant Pettit*
6Charles Pettit* Elizabeth Krebs
7Samuel Worcester Pettit. Maria Choate
8Andrew Pettit*
9Ellen Pettit. John Hildebrand
10Julia Pettit. John Bean Johnson
1142135415Charlotte Wofford. James McCracken
2Catherine Wofford. James Daniel
OK3John Wofford. Eugenia Carpenter
4Robert Wofford. Jennie Bolen nee Wright
1142136415Joshua Robbins. Nannie Parris and Alzerine Post
2Tatnall Holt Post. Mary Reese and Elizabeth Bell nec Phillips
OK3Mary Arminda Post. Jackson Gladney
4John Marion Post*
1142136415Sallie Humphrey. Robert Mitchell
2Catherine Humphrey. Bigwood and Charles Pettit
3Joshua Humphrey. Catherine Bright and Rachel Thompson
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