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Rabbit, kwit’-shad-ie.
Rain, snass.
Rattle, shugh.
Rattlesnake, shugho’-pools.
Razor fish, o’-na.
Reach, ko.
Red, pil.
Relate, to, yi’-em.
Return, to, kel’-i-pi.
Ribbon, le lo’-ba.
Rice, lice.
Rifle, cal’-li-peen.
Ring, a, kwéo-kwéo.
Ripe, pi’-ah.
River, chuck.
Road, way’-hut.
Roan colored, san’-de-lie.
Roast, mam’-ook la pel-lah’.
Rock, stone.
Rope, lope.
Rotten, poo’-lie.
Round, lo’-lo.
Rudder, boat o’-poots.
Rum, lum.

Sack, le sak.
Saddle, la sell.
Saddle housings, le pish’-e-mo.
Sail, sail.
Sailor, ship’-man.
Salmon, salmon.
Salt, salt.
Sand, po’-lal-lie.
Sash, la san-jel’.
Saw, la gwin; la scie.
Say, to, wau’-wau.
Scissors, le see’-zo.
Sea, salt-chuck.
Seal, ol’-hi-yu si’-wash co’-sho.
See, to, nan’-itsh.
Sell, to, máh-kook.
Seven, sin’-a-moxt.
Sew, to, mam’-ook tip’-shin.
Shake, to, to-to; hul’-lel.
Shame, shem.
Sharp, yáh-kis-ilt’h.
Sharpen, to, mam’-ook tsish.
She, her, yah-ka.
Sheep, le moo’-to.
Shell money (the small size), coop-coop; (the large), hy-kwa.
Shingle, le-báh-do.
Shining, to-wágh.
Ship, ship.
Shirt, shut.
Shoes, shoes.
Shoot, to, mam’-ook poo.
Short, yútes-kut.
Shot, shot; ten’-as le bal.
Shot pouch, ka-li-tan le-sac'; tsole’-pat.
Shout, to, hy’-as wau’-wau.
Shovel, la pell.
Shut, to, ik-poo’-ie.
Sick, sick.
Sift, to, to-to.
Silk, la sway.
Silver, t’kope chik’-a-min.
Similar, káh-kwa.
Since, kim-ta.
Sing, to, shan’-tie.
Sister, káhp-ho, if older than the speaker; ats, if younger.
Sit, to, mit’-lite.
Six, tógh-um.
Skin, skin.
Skunk, hum o’-poots; piu’-piu; skub’-e-you.
Sky, koo’-sagh.
Slave, e-li’-te; mist’-shi-mus.
Sleep, moo’-sum.
Slowly, kláh-wa.
Small, ten’-as.
Smell, a, humm.
Smoke, smoke.
Snake, o’-luk.
Snow, snow; cole snass.
Soap, soap.
Soft, klim’-min.
Sorrel colored, a sorrel horse, le blau.
Sorry, sick tum’-tum.
Sour, kwates.
Spade, la pell.
Speak, to, wau’-wau.
Spill, to, wagh.
Spirits, lum.
Split, tsugh.
Split, to, mam’-ook tsugh.
Spectacles, dol’-la se-ágh-ost, or lak-it se-agh-ost.
Spit, to, mam’-ook toh.
Split, to become, cháh-ko tsugh.
Spoon, spoon.
Spotted, le kye; tzum.
Spurs, le see’-blo.
Squirrel, skwis’-kwis.
Stab, to, klem’-a-hun.
Stand, to, mit’-whit.
Stars, tsil’-tsil.
Stay, to, mit’-lite.
Steal, to, kap-su-al-la.
Steam, smoke.
Steamer, pi’-ah ship.
Stick, a, stick.
Stink, a, piú-piú; humm.
Stirrup, sit’-lay.
Stockings, stock’-en; kush-is’.
Stone, stone.
Stop, to, ko-pet’.
Store, máh-kook house.
Story, eh-káh-nam.
Straight, de-láte, or de-let'; si’-pah.
Strawberries, a-mo’-te.
Strong, skoo’-kum.
Sturgeon, stutch’-un.
Sugar, le sook; shu’-gah; shu’-kwa.
Summer, waum il’-la-hie.
Sun, sun; óte-lagh.
Sunday, sunday.
Sunset, klip sun.
Suppose, spose.
Swan, káh-loke.
Sweep, to, mam’-ook bloom.
Sweet, tsee.
Swim, sit’-shum.

Table, la tahb.
Tail, o’-poots.
Take, to, is’-kum.
Take care! klose nan’-itsh.
Take off, or out, mam’-ook klak; mahsh.
Tale, or story, yi’-em; eh-káh-nam.
Talk, to, wau’-wau.
Tame, kwass.
Tea, tea.
Teach, to, mam’-ook kum’-tuks.
Tear, to, klugh.
Teeth, le táh.
Tell, to, wau’-wau.
Ten, táht-le-lum.
Testicles, stone.
Thank you, máh-sie.
That, o’-koke.
That way, yáh-wa.
There, yáh-wa; ko-páh.
They, klas’-ka.
Thick (as molasses), pit’-lilh.
Thin (as a board), p’chih; pe-what’-tie.
Thing, ik’-tah.
This, o’-koke.
This way, yuk’-wa.
Thou, thy, thine, mi’-ka.
Thread, kla-píte.
Three, klone.
Throw away, mahsh.
Tide, see chuck.
Tie, to, kow.
Tight, kwutl.
Tinware, ma-láh.
Tip, to, lagh.
Tired, till.
To, towards, ko’-pa.
Tobacco, ki’-nootl; ki’-noos.
To-morrow, to-mol’-la.
Tongue, la lang.
Trail, way’-hut.
Trap, la piége.
Tree, stick.
Tree, fallen, whim stick.
Trot, to, téh-teh.
Trowsers, sa-kol’-eks.
True, de-láte.
Truth, de-láte wau’-wau.
Tub, ta-mo’-litsh.
Twine, ten-as lope; kla-píte.
Two, twice, mokst.

Uncle, tot.
Under, kee’-kwil-lie.
Understand, to, kum’-tuks.
Unhappy, sick tum’-tum.
Untamed, le-mo’-lo.
Untie, to, mam’-ook stoh; mahsh kow.
Up, ságh-a-lie.
Upset, to, kel’-i-pi.
Us, ne-si’-ka.

Venereal, the, pi’-ah sick.
Venison, mow’-itsh.
Very, hy-as’.
Vessel, ship.
Vest, la west.
Vomit, to, wagh.

Wagon, tsik’-tsik; chik’-chik.
Wander, to, tso’-lo.
Want, to, tik-égh.
Warm, waum.
Wash, to, mam’-ook wash.
Watch, a, tik’-tik.
Water, chuck.
Waterfall, tum’-water.
We, ne-si’-ka.
Weigh, to, mam’-ook till.
Wet, pahtl chuck.
Whale, eh’-ko-lie; kwáh-nice, kwad’-dis.
What, ik’-tah.
Wheat, sap’-o-lill.
Wheel, tsik’-tsik; chik’-chik.
When, kan’-sih; kun-juk.
Where, kah.
Whip, le whet.
White, t’kope.
Who, klak’-sta.
Whole, lo’-lo.
Why, káh-ta.
Wicked, me-sáh-chie.
Wide, kluk-ulh’.
Wild, le mo’-lo.
Will, the, tum’-tum.
Willow, ee’-na stick.
Win, to, to’-lo.
Wind, wind.
Winter, cole il’-la-hie.
Wipe, to, klak’-wun.
Wire, chik’-a-min lope.
Wish, to, tik-égh.
With, ko’-pa.
Without, ha’-lo.
Wolf, le-loo’.
Woman, klootsh’-man.
Woman (old), lam’-mi-eh.
Wood, wooden, stick.
Work, to, mam’-ook.
Worn out, o’-le-man.
Worthless, cul’-tus.
Wound, to, klem’-a-hun.
Write, to, mam’-ook péh-pah; mam’-ook tzum.
Writing, tzum.

Year, ikt cole.
Yellow, kaw’-ka-wak.
Yes, áh-ha; e-éh.
Yes indeed, na-wit’-ka.
Yesterday, táhl-kie; táhl-kie sun.
You, your, yours, me-si’-ka.
Young, ten’-as.

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Gibbs, George. Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon or Trade Language of Oregon. New York: Cramoisy Press. 1853. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 23 January 2015. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/native/english-to-chinook-dictionary.htm - Last updated on Apr 27th, 2013

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