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Colorado, Idaho, Kansas and Minnesota Indian Honored War Dead

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The following Honored War Dead, are listed by Name, Tribe and Location of death. The name under the photograph is the person shown.  No additional information was provided in the book.


  • Albert Bos, Ute, Leyte
  • Wilbur Washington, Ute, Italy
  • Elmer Lewis, Navajo


  • James Burt, Shoshone, Luzon
  • Howard Cutler, Shoshone, Atlantic
  • Stanley George, Shoshone, Europe
  • Matthew Honenah, Shoshone, Europe
  • Nelson Ingawanup, Shoshone, Europe
  • James Mosho, Jr., Shoshone, Europe
  • Adolph Alexie, Coeur D’Alene, Okinawa


  • William Lasley, Potawatomi, Italy
  • Herbert H. DeRain, Iowa, France
  • Paul G. Wamego, Potawatomi, Germany
  • Edgar H. Goslin, Kickapoo, Pacific


  • Daniel McKenzie, Chippewa, Holland
  • James L. Johnson, Chippewa, France
  • Jacob Anderson, Chippewa, France
  • Adolph King, Chippewa, France
  • Lewis E. Taylor, Chippewa, Germany
  • George Sheehy, Chippewa, Italy
  • Francis S. Bushman, Chippewa, Manchukuo
  • James L. Cook, Chippewa, Luzon
  • George Kelly, Chippewa, France
  • Peter Morgan, Chippewa, France
  • Vincent Zimmerman, Chippewa, Europe
  • John S. Mercer, Chippewa, Germany
  • Joseph Weaver, Chippewa, Belgium
  • Ralph Robinson, Chippewa, Germany
  • Richard Johnson, Chippewa, Africa
  • Jesse J. Tibbetts, Chippewa, English Channel
  • Sylvester Charboneau, Chippewa, At Sea
  • Lyman Tanner, Chippewa, Luzon
  • Richard Boshey, Chippewa, Belgium
  • Wesley Eagle, Chippewa, Pacific
  • William Potter, Chippewa, Italy
  • Robert TeJohn, Chippewa, Luzon
  • Hubert Williams, Chippewa, Belgium
  • Richard Sailor, Chippewa, France
  • Martin E. Simons, Chippewa, Pacific
  • Robert Belland, Chippewa, Italy
  • Eddie Brown, Chippewa, Italy
  • George Brunette, Chippewa, USA
  • Dominic Misquadace, Chippewa
  • Lawrence Carl, Chippewa, Luzon
  • Dean Ottershaw, Chippewa, Pacific
  • Clifford John Antell, Chippewa, Pacific

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