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Choctaw Nation Schools in 1904

Southeast Side School

This school had served the south Alabama Choctaws for one hundred years when it was photographed in 1935 by the Historic American Buildings Survey. (Courtesy of Library of Congress)

The following dataset is a list of students in the Choctaw Nation schools during the class year of 1904. It was compiled by Ruthie McLillan and provided to AccessGenealogy for publication.

A day school curriculum included subjects such as English, math, history, drawing and composition. Students would often produce a variety of weekly and monthly newspapers and other publications that were considered part of their “industrial training,” or preparing for work in the larger economy. These featured their artwork and writing. Students also learned trade and work skills, such as artisan and domestic crafts, which were considered useful at the time. The children attended school during the day and returned to their homes in the evening.

The concept behind day schools was simple. It was the white man’s continued attempt to force Native Americans to assimilate to the white culture.