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Cathlamet Indians

Cathlamet Indians. Significance unknown. Also called:

Cathlamet Connections. The Cathlamet belonged to the Chinookan stock. The dialect to which they have given their name was spoken as far up the Columbia River as Ranier.

Cathlamet Location. On the south bank of Columbia River near its mouth, claiming the territory between Tongue Point and the neighborhood of Puget Island, and on the north bank from the mouth of Grays Bay to a little east of Oak Point.

Cathlamet Villages.

Cathlamet Population. Mooney (1928) estimated 450 Cathlamet in 1780. In 1805-6 Lewis and Clark gave 300. In 1849 Lane reported 58. They are now extinct as a separate group.

Connection in which the Cathlamet have become noted. The capital of Wahkiakum County, Washington, perpetuates the name of the Cathlamet.